Sunday, July 25, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire....

You don't wanna be a billionaire? You're lying!!!

I wanna be a billionaire
So freakin' bad
Buy all of the things I never had 

Roermond...Here we come!!!

 Muka sorunk2 teruja nak gi shopping

 Transit in Venlo...wohoo...we're in Holland!!! 

From Left : Nabil, Ina, Tony, Kay dan bayang2 asing yg tidak ketahuan asal-usulnye

The Designer Outlet Centre in Roermond is a shopping paradise to all shopaholics around the world.More than 170 top brands can be found here.The fact that the branded stuffs are reduced by 30 -70 % from the retailed price is just awesome.

Some of the well-known brands

- Adidas
- Armani
- Billabong
- Bruno Banani
- Burberry
- Calvin Klein Jeans
- Diesel
- Dolce & Gabbana
- Fossils
- Fred Perry
- Gucci
- Hugo Boss
- Joop!
- Levi's
- Marc O'Polo
- Nike
- Polo Ralph Lauren
- Prada
- Puma
- Reebok
- Timberland
- Tommy Hilfiger
- Triumph
- Vans
- Zegna

Those are just some of the brands that you can find there...Expensive, luxurious brands..but not all...some are also affordable...X pergi la shopping kalau ada Armani dan Prada dan yg sekutu dengannnye je kan..
 I'm ready...are you? let's shop till you drop...

 The views of the Roermond Outlet Centre

 Makan dulu...nak charge battery sebelum and chips dia mmg terbaek ar...

 Siapa ntah semangat bawak beg trolley bajet barang berat x mampu nak angkat balik..heee

Terasa ke-hawtness-an la plak gambar ni..
Crepés with Kinder Bueno....nikmat terasa yáll..

It's time to say goodbye...

Yeah who doesn't wanna be a billionaire right? Still ingat time kecik2 tulis karangan "If I were a Billionaire, I would.....".Yeah..those were the days...Whatever it is, we should be grateful for what we have..Always remember one thing...there are people out there who are not so fortunate as we are.Sila bersyukur ye adik2..yeah..Tschüss und mach's gut !!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What a wonderful world - Kölner Lichter

I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

One of the many beautiful songs that was used to synchronised the fireworks event...kewl huh?

Awwwww, waaaaaa...woowwwww....geil..geil..geil...those were the words that came out of my mouth the moment I saw the Kölner Lichter fireworks...Seriously Awesome...

Before viewing the pictures, let me enlighten you guys with a lil info on Kölner Lichter.
It took place in Cologne, on the 17th of July 2010. It is the largest fireworks display with synchronised music in Cologne's history.In Cologne's bars, hotels and restaurants, free candles are being distributed to visitors to be ignited once the fireworks started. Behind the scene : Around 40 pyrotechnist and helpers from the WECO company  produced the fireworks from 6 till 8 July before getting them burned and ready on the 9th of July.The music synchronized fireworks display between the main bastion and dancing fountain consisted of approximately 4.7 tons of fireworks, and about 1.3 tons of fireworks were added for small fireworks along the Rhine.Overall, an estimation of more than 20,000 rounds fireworks were being released that night....There were two rounds of fireworks being released.The first one at 10.30,lasted for 15 mins. The 2nd one being shot at 11.30 and lasted for 30 mins. Amazing..truly amazing...

 See the sign "we were here"...we were really there...hee...

 Tempat best...pukul 7 dah ramai ok...

 Birthday boy (Ciko) best je...ada fireworks plak...

 We had picnic while waiting for the sun to set down and moon to rise...

Juniors meeting Seniors meeting Super Seniors meeting Super Super Seniors meeting Superman...okay x lawak.

  Can you see that big ship? Fireworks were released from there....

 Ber-background-kan fireworks skit arh...

 Nak bawak balik simpan je bunga api tu untuk raya...tapi dah habis main..sigh

 View of the Kölner Lichter...sumpah lawa...lagi2 bler semua bakar sparklers...Whoaaa

Ambik kaw nak balik terus traffic jam ke hape entah...

 That was it...Koelner awe-inspiring event that will be etched in my mind forever and ever...
Till the next post...Tschuess und mach's gut!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4 Languages, 3 Girls, 2 Guys and 1 delicious dinner...

English , Bahasa Melayu, German, and Swahili...the languages that were spoken during the delicious dinner..3 girls comprising of Ina, Kak Mima and her friend, Linda. 2 Guys - Nabil and Kay and the dinner was at Jaipur, an Indian Muslim restaurant near the Kölner Dom.

Kak Mima and Linda dropped by in Köln before heading back to Munich...they were on their way from Bruessel, Belgium...Kay came by to visit Köln and had in plan on exploring Düsseldorf on the next day...Nabil and Ina were just being the great welcoming host...hee...

Like "jejak kasih" it was meeting Kak Mima again after 4 - 5 years of not seeing her...We met when I was on a holiday with my family in New Zealand in 2006....Howoe...I was really happy on seeing Kay again...and it was a great pleasure to get to know Linda...

Differences in terms of race, culture, religion, language just to name a few were not a problem for us to sit and eat together,chatted, and simply having fun...Skang ni bukan satu Malaysia je...Satu Dunia plak kan...eceh...

Pics are courtesy of Adlina...

 Group pic in the Jaipur Restaurant...

 Linda,Ina and Kak Mima

 Nabil and Kay

 Tiga jenis nasi beriyani skit arh...Lamb, Chicken and Prawn Beriyani...nikmat terasa...

 The decoration of the restaurant...serious lawa...terasa kat taj mahal ke hape entah..

Till the next post....Mach's gut tschuess!!!