Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mood Exam...Noktah

 Muka Nabeyl nak exam...howoe

Woh2...Next week at the same time this post is published, I'll be getting ready to go to Fachhochschule(University of Applied Science) to take my first final exam paper, GERMAN.I have four papers namely Deutsch(German), Mathematik (Mathematics), Physik(Physics) and Technisches Zeichnen (Technical Drawing).

Kinda in a bit of a surprise cuz I tot the exam will be in the middle of June...Skali next week..yeah..The Feststellungsprüfung(Assessment test for international students) will be going on from 29th of May until 5th of June.This exam is really important as it determines whether I can still continue studying in Germany or not...Huhu

Hopefully everything will be fine...Insyaallah..So I'll stop blogging for the next couple of weeks to concentrate on my finals.Doakan I berjaya k...Wish me Luck...thank you in advance...

Mach's gut und Tschüss!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to the world, Mariah

A wonderful news to be told and shared..A new member in the family has finally arrived.A lovely princess, so cute and tiny, lighting up our lives with the tender love she brings.Awwwww.

I was extremely excited when I got the happy news from my family.Alhamdullillah that everything went on well and there was no complication in the delivery of the newborn baby...Thank you for all the prays and best wishes...I am a little bit sad cause i didn't have the chance to meet her right after her birth but all I can say is that Ayah Beyl send his love from Germany to you dear princess...and to my beloved kiss my darling niece on my behalf okay...

Mariah is the first name of the newborn baby.The second name has not yet been confirmed. I've actually written a poem to Mariah in welcoming her to this world...I've also created a video dedicated especially to Abang Danial, Kak Meen and to my lovely niece, Mariah.The poem is inside this video...Enjoy!!!!

That is just the beginning of a wonderful journey full of love and joyfulness..keep in touch to see how Mariah grows up into becoming a beautiful girl...Haha..bajet blog ni kekal 10 to 20 years from now kan...insyaallah..
Tschüss und mach's gut!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's not to love about babies...

I love Babies!!!These teeny-weeny adorable creatures with tiny cute little fingers and toes amazed me every moment I lay my eyes on them.Awwww, So cute, Chomeylnye, Alooo buchuk2..Chak Chak..would be some of the words I would say to a baby when I meet one..Chak Chak paling popular okie..siap buat ngan tangan pastu bila bukak tangan buat muka chomeyl pastu tengok expression baby gelak chomeyl2 pastu terasa diri dan baby sangat nabeyl..sila deyam skang.

My brother and my sister-in-law are expecting their first baby...I can hardly wait to be called uncle or ayah Nabil/nabeyl/beyl/bil?woh2..sapa x teruja dapat anak buah kan...heee.They've checked the gender of the baby twice and the doctor said it would be a girl...awwwww...but my brother is still hoping for a baby boy..haha..he said "You can never really be sure until the baby is safely delivered right".My advice to my brother..there'll be another chance next year..hee..

Owh how I wish I would be there went the baby is delivered.tsk2.and to make things worst, I won't go back to  Malaysia until next year during Raya Celebration...hurm....Skype jom, baby...

I hope that everything will be super fine and the delivery of the baby will go on smoothly...Amin...

I found these amazing facts on newborn babies that I would like to share with all of you..
Source: Various websites on the internet...
  • Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adult we have only 206 in our bodies. Why? Some bones fuse together later.
  • Children born in the month of May are on the average 200 grams heavier at birth than children born in any other month. ( niece/nephew is said to be born in this month) 
  • A newborn baby's head accounts for about one-quarter of it's entire weight.
  • According to researchers at the University of Texas, babies like pretty faces better than plain ones.(Sila main chak2 selalu and buat muka chomeyl je sentiasa ye) .
  • Newborn babies spend between 15 and 20 hours a day sleeping - in bouts of sleep lasting 20 minutes to 5 hours

    Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop,
    When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
    When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
    And down will come baby, cradle and all.

Wonderful Things That Newborn Babies Can Do

At birth or within the first weeks, healthy newborns usually:
  • See objects 8-12 inches away (the distance from breast or  mom’s or dad’s face).Smile often and pose yeah..
  • Can hear and may move their heads and eyes to hear or see something of interest, or turn their heads if their breathing is blocked (but sometimes not enough to prevent suffocation).
  • Can recognize their parents’ voices.Sing to the babies. Choice of songs : Rasa sayang,Rock-a-bye baby, hush-a-by baby etc..
  • Can taste and smell and have shown preferences for their own mother’s milk and dislikes for strong, offensive odors.
  • Can yawn and sneeze. ( Awwww squared skit arh) 
  • Have a rooting reflex in which touching the baby’s lips gets him or her to open its mouth for feeding, perhaps smacking lips, sucking and breathing excitedly.
  • Have a startle reflex in which the arms and legs may shoot out or their body may stiffen when startled by a loud noise or other stimulation.
  • Have a protective reflex in which their tongues push out any object in their mouths (such as pacifiers). This reflex is designed to protect them against choking.
  • Have a stepping reflex if held upright and a crawling reflex in which they appear to sort-of crawl when placed on their stomach.
  • Have a grasping reflex in which they tighten their little hands around a finger or other object.(This is my favourite baby reflex...sangat teruja kalau baby pegang jari kan...
  • Get a big kick out of faces, their own or other people’s, and may be able to imitate expressions a few days after birth.
  •  Prefer the contrast of black-and-white patterns, especially the edges and in the shapes of bulls-eyes, diagonal stripes, faces or checkerboards. ( Artistic okay baby2 semua)
How fast time flies...It seems like only yesterday they got married and now the journey of starting a family has begun..
Congratulation Abang Danial and Kak Meen!!!
I guess that'll be all for today..I'm hoping to hear some good news from my family..My sister-in-law is in the hospital right now...Doakan everything will be alright k...insha'allah.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Confession of a "homesick" karaoke singer....


I love to sing..I really do..and the fact that I have a voice like a frog does not prevent me from doing something that I like..Hee..actually I wrote this post cuz i miss all the wonderful moments in Malaysia when I went karaoke-ing with my family and friends...If you have the time, feel free to check out my older posts on the awesome karaoke sessions my family members and I had...Click here and also here..

Tempat popular untuk Karaoke...Red Box and Blue Sea at KDE...

I got to know that my sister and my cousins went for a karaoke session last week..tsk2...How I wished I could have joined them...hurm..Whatever it is...I found an alternative way to keep myself happy and free from stress or getting bored...or being "homesick" with the karaoke moments in Malaysia.

How, you might ask? Well I just simply express myself by singing karaoke online..i repeat, karaoke online..yeah..kewl huh..Haha..I bet some of you guys already knew about this...X kisah nak share jugak...Actually I've been singing online for quite some time...started when I was still in Malaysia... Karaoke-ing with my sister of course...X bleh blah melalak dalam bilik dua2 orang...It is really fun cuz there's this one website called Karaoke Party which offers a great variety of song choices and not forgetting that there's also this one application that can help you to sing and stay in tune...In Germany, the famous website for Karaoke online would be . can even record your karaoke session and share it with your friends and fans...humma2..

 Karaoke Party...awesome..

Talentrun...Your place to sing online...

"Marilah kita menyumbangkan suara yang sumbang kepada Industri Muzik Tanah Air"

Yeah babeyh...Till the next post....Mach's gut und Tschüss!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love you, Mak

I would like to take this opportunity on the coming Mother's Day to express my love to my wonderful mother...I miss you dearly mum...

This poem is written and dedicated to you, Mak..

Mother, in every moment I think of you
The sweet sense of relief comforts me
With warm, tender love you embrace me
Never leading this son of yours astray and vilely

You are always there when I need you the most
No matter in sadness or in happiness
Supporting and helping me to do my best
Guiding my way to the edge of success

My care and love for you, Mother
Endless and undying, It will ever be
I admire you, I respect you, I love you
With a simple poem I express my feelings to you

I have created a video with pictures of my mum, my family and myself...enjoy...

On this lovely Mother’s day, I would like to wish Happy Mother’s Day to every mother in this whole wide world...From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Zalikha Aliah...Hanis Zalikha....nama memainkan peranan kah?

Apa I merepek ni kan?Oh well...I bet you guys are familiar with the name Hanis Zalikha...A talented blogger, a gorgeous model and not forgetting a rising star in the celebrity world.Owh2...And Zalikha...If you guys could remember her from any of my older post, you would know that she's actually my lovely sister....But2..what do these two people have in common?hurm...

I can still recall the first time I introduced Hanis to my sis or could it be the other way round..x kisah la kan..They were like very excited with the fact that they share the name Zalikha..I googled the meaning of the name Zalikha and managed to find this website on Islamic Names...It turns out that the name "Zalikha" means Charming Beauty in arabic.Woh2..newonder la Hanis Zalikha sangat charming dan beautiful kan..hee..nak cakap my sis pown the same la kan...xde..sila modest zalikha...

Why did I write this post, you might ask? Actually my sister entered this on-line modelling competition for scarf/tudung/ was just for fun initially until she got the news that she's also one of the top 11 finalists...haha...terkezut sebentar...I just got the news today...and dengan perasaan agak teruja, I feel like writing this blog and promote my sister sekejup...Howoe...

 Yang penting jacket tu..hee..sapa la yang bagi kan...

So if you guys have the time and want to take this opportunity to be a good Samaritan (x bleh blah kan),do check out this website and vote for my sis...Zalikha finalist no 8...Howoe2...I'm not sure whether you guys would like the picture in the competition cuz she looked kinda serious in the

Here are some of her nice pictures that might change you mind..humma2...

Harap baju putih bukan model sampingan ye...

       Some of her pictures that I find interesting and worth to look at...     

Till the next post...Nabeyl says Tschuess und mach's gut!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chocolate Obsession...

The love for chocolates goes beyond the call of their sweetness, aromas and delicious textures.
Just imagine how great my love and cravings toward chocolates are, that I even had a dream on chocolates two days ago...Haha..Sungguh x bley blah kan.. I woke up that morning feeling strange but chocolatey...I must say that the dream I had wasn't exactly like what I ever imagine...I think it has a deep meaning into it..

This is how the dream looks like as I could remember it....I went into a huge building full of chocolates ala ala Chocolate Factory."Rambang Mata" I was in the Chocolate Paradise..Couldn't really decide on what kind of chocolates I would like to buy...I went to every section of the building just to take a glimpse at what it had to offer...And turned out to be, I took the most expensive, most appealing, most delicious chocolate I could find...I took two packets by the way..And it was like 30 Euro each..Geela 30 Euro for a packet of chocolate..but yeah..I insisted on buying the chocolates to satisfy my desire and simply indulging myself...However, after eating the chocolate , I got a sense of regret in myself..and then out of blue, I woke up from that wonderful but yet bizarre dream...Hurm...

What is the meaning of this dream really? Am I forking out too much money to indulge myself with chocolates and tasty desserts? Am I buying things recklessly without thinking of the effect afterwards? or am I simply just being myself...
Chocolate has always been my favourite kind of dessert....
Can't live with you,Can't live without you .

I love chocolates..I really really do...and the availability of various types of chocolates in Germany is just making my craving towards them becoming worst...humma2..

(Infos taken from Obsessed with chocolates? )
Chocolates do have their benefits..On the plus side, chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins, natural body hormones that generate feelings of pleasure and well-being. Chocolate also contains tryptophan - a substance that the brain uses to make a nerve chemical called serotonin. High levels of serotonin can also produce feelings of happiness and peacefulness. Another chocolate chemical called phenylethylamine helps to boost energy and excitement by stimulating the brain's pleasure centres.

However, chocolates seem to have more negative effects rather than positive..
First and foremost is regarding its high fat content, that will never allow you to maintain you ideal weight. Because of its high sugar and caffeine content, chocolate can cause hypoglycaemia. Ever felt shaky, weak, nauseous, or starving about an hour after eating chocolate? If so, then you have had a low blood sugar attack (hypoglycaemia) due to chocolate. Because of its caffeine content, chocolate can also cause insomnia. To make things worse, because of its high fat and sugar content, chocolate may be a factor in a variety of skin conditions from acne and pimples through to eczema and boils.

I seriously have to control my desire towards chocolates or else I'll get chubby and be unhealthy..I wouldn't want that, do I?

Made in Germany skit arh....

 Kinder Schokolade...kalau kat Malaysia yang popular Kinder Bueno kan..

Ritter Sport xyah cakap la kan..Just look at how many flavours they offer here in Germany...

Schokokuss is very popular in Germany...Chocolate coated treats with filling made of sweetened egg foam

Milka - famous chocolate brand in Germany..Actually Milka is originated from Switzerland...Adik beradik Ritter Sport la jugak...

Ferrero Rocher made in Italy...simply wonderful....

 Home-baked cookies and muffins...Secret Recipe's cakes...awww..I miss u all dearly...

 Brownies...Cookies...Chocolates...Muffins...Tempting sangat...

 Nabeyl ngan pipi tembam says "Tschüss und mach's gut!!!"