Friday, November 28, 2008

Besuch der Firma Airfoil ( A visit to the Airfoil firm/company)

Imagine this in 6 years to come...whoa..

Integration....future engineers

engineer wannabe

The turbine

Thanx rumy for the pictures..

Zul and Ina mmg sker enterframe..

Airfoil Company under MTU and Lufthansa (both are German companies)

Preparation for the visit:
1 . We have to know a little bit about what the firm is all about,what they do...where is it....when it is established etc.

2. My German teacher sempat bagi the firm's website to us so that we read everything about the firm.

3.Because the visit will take a long time and reduce our time for german studies,we had to come early on that day at 8.30am..Sehr Frueh!!

4. Like usual,before a visit,we get some questions ready....

5. Finding transport.....20 people cannot fit in the college another car is needed...luckily my roommate's driver is available...Gluecklicherweise!!

9.45 was the time when we began our trip to the company.It is not that far from our college,estimation of 15 minutes. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Joachim, consultant from Germany who is also my teacher's friend. He is a very nice guy,aged 70, and has been working in Malaysia for about 2 years.He brought us around the working area, where the process of repairing the turbine's blades is being carried out.Kewl.Wir haben viel Informationen bekommen und das hat uns sehr gut gefreut!! The processes are kinda complicated. New terms like ceramic peening, Advanced Recontouring Process (ARP), ionisation and polishing of ceramic stones were gler skit ar..Ich konnte nicht alles verstehen,weil damals der Lärm sehr laut war..Seufz..Ok...that'll be all...please read the history when u have time....

History about Airfoil

Airfoil was setup in 1991, with an agreement between MAS and MTU to set up a common jet engine airfoil repair facility in Malaysia. The operations started in 1993 with CF6-50 Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) Blades repair.

MTU then decides to lead the new shareholder structure and in 2000, MTU set up a “Center of Excellence” for High Pressure Compressor (HPC) and Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) airfoil repairs.

In 2002, Airfoil was 100% owned by MTU, and later decided to split the joint venture with Lufthansa Technik in 2003 by 50/50 joint venture. By 2003, we already have repair capability for CF6-50, CF6-80 & V2500 for HPC.

Friday, November 21, 2008

European Film Festival

European Film Festival 2008

19 films for fans of international cinema from November 13-23 at GSC Mid Valley, 1 Utama & Pavilion. Only RM 5 per ticket!

European Film Festival 2008
7 Nov - The European Union Film Festival is back with its 9th edition in Kuala Lumpur from 13-23 November, providing another great opportunity for aficionados of international films to discover Europe's best latest productions as well as other recent award-winning movies.
The movies will be screened at three locations in Kuala Lumpur: GSC Mid Valley, GSC 1 Utama and GSC Pavilion. Last year nearly 4,000 tickets were purchased, making EUFF one of the highlights on the cultural calendar in Kuala Lumpur.
As France took over the presidency of the Council of the European Union on 1 July 2008, the Embassy of France in Kuala Lumpur is leading the organisation of the EUFF. This year's selection will showcase 19 films from 14 European countries, covering most genres.
Some of the movies this year are "After The Wedding" from Denmark (nominated for the Best Foreign Film at the Oscars in 2007), "Get Away From Me" from Spain", "Paris" from France, "9 And A Half Dates" from Hungary, "La Febbre", from Italy, "A Chicken Is No Dog" from Belgium, "Arabian Nights" from Luxembourg and many more.
Speaking at a press conference recently at GSC Mid Valley, French Ambassador to Malaysia H.E. Mr Marc Barety said: "Contrary to Hollywood's model, which is globally based upon commercial efficiency and entertainment, the European cinema shows another side of the world. It offers a more balanced, a more human-centred view, which is a good introduction to European traditions, and rich in historical and cultural context."
Head of the Delegation of the European Commission H.E. Vincent Piket added: "2008 has been declared the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue and the Film Festival is very much in that spirit. It is a modest but meaningful, artistic contribution to creating greater intercultural understanding throughout the world."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deutsche Botschafter Besuch...(A visit to German-Malaysian Ambassador's residence)

Herr Botschafter in between Rumitha and I

Nie mmg chomeyl...nak gak cangkung bagi sama tinggi

Haha..luckily im tall enuff to stand next to him

Jpa Officer

Nabeyl and Susanne

Hallo. Yesterday was one of the best days since my college life started. We (german students from KBU) were invited to the German Ambassador's residence in Kuala Lumpur. Such an honour!!!I had to prepare a speech in German language and also some questions to ask him.whoa...nervous gler...We created some bombastic questions...memang gempak skit arh....

So at about 2pm 2 of the KBU vans took us to the destination. Not only the students and my German teacher were there, but also the big2 boss from KBU and the principal of KBU as well....On the way, we had fun teasing each other...INA- si ELEPHANTE...GOH- GORILLA...SHUN LING- SCHWEIN LING..chomeyl la gak...we even talked in perfect BM with good intonation and ke-BAKU-an.

Seriously i have to say i was so looking forward for this day once we arrived,everyone greeted each other...Guten Tag!!Freut mich Sehr!!!Halo!!sngtlah bnyk kali dikatakan..As i was giving my speech,my hand was shaking slightly...maloe skit...but luckily nobody saw that except for Rumitha who was standing next to me at that time..hurm..

The german ambassador(Dr Gruber) was so friendly....He even acted how people ski in Germany...omg...chomeyl...He doesnt act his age at all...Wir haben ueber vielen Thema mit ihm gesprochen....sehr interessant!!There was this one german lady, Susanne, who is in charged of the expenses for the german ambassador..i think...She was also very friendly and approachable.Owh before i forget, there was this one tall guy, Andreas(if im not mistaken)....gler tinggi...serious..his voice mmg mesmerizing but u can hardly understand any words he's saying.Schade..

The food was nice especially the chocolate brownies...yummy..sehr lecker!!At about 5pm, we said goodbye (Tschuess,Ciou,Servus,Moin Moin)semua nie maksudnye bye2..We didnt get back to our hostel, instead we went str8 to OU.Now is the European film festival and yesterday it was showing the movie titled One Day in the movie very much...chomeyl sngt..I would like to watch another movie if i have the time...

What a day....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What A Nite!!!!

Because i had nothing to wear for the gala nite, so i just mix and match the clothes i wore for my MPT5( form 5 farewell party). sedey kan...

6.00 pm: I got everything ready...I was supposed to fetch my cousin and sister form the KTM but
they got stranded at KL SENTRAL until 6.45....x sempat plak...

7.15 pm : Get out from the hse heading to my hostel to pick up my friends..

7.45 pm : Sempat lagi ambik gambar group photos plak..

8.00 pm : Moment of Truth....haha...Siap buat entrance ngan my german lecturer lagi..semua
berpakaian serba ke-gempak-an..Wunderbar gak la...

11.00 pm : We had our photography session. After sending my german lecturer to her apartment and my friends to their hostel, i went back to Subang Jaya alone....I war sehr muede....Ein schoener TAG!!!

What a day...

On Saturday was the farewell party for Seniors also known as the Gala Nite. I had to wake up early that morning cuz kononnye everyone have to help to decorate the main hall and arrange the tables and chairs.Owh btw we were told to come at 9 am sharp...i repeat SHARP 9 o'clock...skali dtg kul 9 nobody was there....MENSCH!!!So ein Mist!!Dah la tunggu cam budak bodoe yang sngt baik dan rajin serta ikhlas nak tolong..eceh..aber das macht nichts...ich war froh,weil ich seniors sehen konnte. All the seniors dressed up formally and were looking great..jeles skit arh...dorunk ada prize/certs giving ceremony...besh nye...looking forward for that next year...x dpt hadiah pown gi je dah cukup best...erm wut else...owh kul 9.20 cam2 baru la ada budak lain dtg.

9.20am : Arrival of Pekerja2 sambilan yang rajin membantu..

10.00 am: Kerja men-chanteq-kan dewan dimulaka..

11.00 am : Setelah kepenatan skit, pegi ke cafe untuk breakfast.

11.15 am : Melarikan diri untuk balik ke hostel bersiap2 ke The Curve

11.40 pm : Arrive at The Curve - Nabil, Jennifer, Ina and Shikin

We were actually there to look for wut we can wear on that nite. Susah skit ar nak pikir ape nak pakai. Seufzen...

BEST gler Padini Concept Store buat Grand Sale...70% i bought myself a shirt.murah...tahniah la...but that shirt was nt for the gala suche ich die Kleidung weiter...

12.30 pm : Ina thought of going to OU instead...she didnt find any dress to wear here(THE
CURVE).Shikin found one but decided not to buy cuz it lookd so simple...Ich war ihre

2.00 pm : I just drop Jennifer, Shikin and Ina at OU cuz I have to get back to Subang...Lot of
things to be done..

3.00 pm : I need to change my wireless headset cable that i bought last 2 weeks...something is
wrong with the cable...So I went to SS15 to look for the Shoplot but unfortunately I
couldnt find it...gemein betul...

3.30 pm : Lepak2 kat umah layan Internet

to be continued....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Erste......Was soll ich schreiben? (What should I write?)(Apa yang patut saya tulis)

First time as a blogger really makes me nervous...i mean, i've never thought that i would become one...hurm.First and foremost, i bet u all wanna noe why i chose Humma2 as my blog name.Well,the story is quite long but let me make it short...the word humma2 is a normal thing that i would say whenever i talk.Its kinda weird, i noe...but oh well. I got the word Humma2 from my girl friend, Hanis which i think she got it from That's So Raven-HMMPHA.haha..other words that i always use are like baeklah,konon je,kaw memang,hoho,omg,tahniah,sabar la weih und so weiter.The list just gets going...erm..I think i will use three languages to write this blog which are English, Malay and German...So, i hope u all will enjoy reading my blog....humma2...

Best Greeting / Viele Gruesse / Selamat bagus je..