Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tak, bapa saya bukan bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang buat rombongan pergi London itu.

Howoe...semangat kemerdekaan terlebey...

Laungan kemerdekaan berkumandang di udara memecah suasana sunyi,menaikkan semangat jiwa bangsa dan negara setiap kali tibanya Hari Kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos.

On August 31st every year Hari Kemerdekaan (Independence Day of Malaysia) will be celebrated in commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule.

Thanx to Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia,we the future generation are able to live in harmony and peace together with everyone regardless of the race, language, origin or any other status. Tunku Abdul Rahman was very determined and eager in his untiring effort to ensure Malaysia gain its independence. He, who led the delegation of ministers and political leaders of Malaya in negotiations with the British in London for Merdeka, or independence along with the first president of the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) Tun Dato Sir Tan Cheng Lock and fifth President of Malaysian Indian Congress Tun V.T. Sambanthan, is someone who I fully respect and look up to. I admire his courage and willpower to get what he wanted no matter how impossible the thing may seem. yes..

Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim( My dad) was born on the 1st Sept 1957,exactly one day after the first time Malaysia celebrated its Independence Day.He can be considered as "Anak Merdeka".Bangga2...It was a celebration for his parents because not only they celebrated Malaysia's Independence Day but also the arrival of their new 11th child in the "small" family.

This is what he has to say about Merdeka....
Merdeka means not having to experience the hardship encountered by my parents...being able to share their life in harmony..being able to love and care for the family peacefully and being able to harness family values in an open environment.The greatest thing about Merdeka to my children is the spirit of togetherness that cross boundaries of race and religion socially and spiritually.

What is Merdeka in Nabeyl's eyes
Merdeka to me is the privilege of living in this country in harmony and peace with people from all walks of life without the feeling of insecure or timid.Having the freedom to decide what is best for us,what is right and what is wrong,the freedom of expressing oneself and to have the indulgence of loving someone and being loved,to be free in deciding anything without being influenced by anyone.That is Merdeka to Nabeyl!!!

I am proud to be Malaysian

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Imagination gone wild - Ancient versus Modern Architecture

Yeah babeyh...Behold the arrival of a new version of the post "Imagination gone wild"...Haha..melampau x...i noe rite.

My German lecturer asked us to check out this art exhibition being held in KBU that display the chronology of Ancient art until the modern edifice.

The exhibition provides us with an insight into the history of architecture in the Western and Eastern world, from prehistoric megaliths to modernist skyscrapers.Bear in mind that architecture is a fluid art. Architectural styles do not start and stop at precise times,it keeps on evolving,becoming much better with regards to its structure,design and building strength.

The best part about this exhibition is that the buildings are being put on view in a three dimensional effect.It is amazing when you imagine the hard work and precious time the students have put in making the exhibition more lively.

850 BC to 476 AD From the rise of ancient Greece until the fall of the Roman empire, great buildings were constructed according to precise rules.

Sibuk gak nak buat muka "Nabeyl" kan...

3,050 BC to 900 BC In ancient Egypt, powerful rulers constructed monumental pyramids, temples, and shrines.

Chronology of Asian Architecture

373 to 500 AD. European architecture moved from the rectangular basilica forms to the classically inspired Byzantine style.

500 to 1200 AD As Rome spread across Europe, heavier, stocky Romanesque architecture with rounded arches emerged.

1400 to 1600 AD A return to classical ideas ushered an "age of "awakening" in Italy, France, and England.This is the rise of the Renaissance Architecture

1730 to 1925 AD A renewed interest in ideas of Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio inspired a return of classical shapes in Europe, Great Britain and the United States.

1900 to Present. The century has seen dramatic changes and astonishing diversity. Twentieth century trends include Art Moderne and the Bauhaus school coined by Walter Gropius, Deconstructivism, Formalism, Modernism, Structuralism, and Postmodernism.

Brilliant Architects that design amazing buildings...

Some examples of the modern-design houses..

Sekali tgk cam keretapi pown ada...

Triangle house

I love the roof of this kewl..

This house is kinda illogic as it is built under water with build-in swimming pool inside...but we might never know...maybe someday this house will become a reality..

This is another bizzare looking house...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Deutsches Lied - Cassandra Steen - Stadt

I'm deeply in love with this song...The beat..the lyric...everything about it..for those of you who don't understand the lyric...bear with me k...enjoy the music that it has to song...

Es ist so viel soviel zu viel
Überall Reklame
Zuviel Brot und zuviel Spiel
Das Glück hat keinen Namen

Alle Straßen sind befahren
In den Herzen kalte Bilder
Keiner kann Gedanken lesen
Das Klima wird milder


Ich bau ne Stadt für dich
Aus Glas und Gold und Stein
Und jede Straße die hinausführt
Führt auch wieder rein
Ich bau eine Stadt für dich - und für mich

Keiner weiß mehr wie er aussieht - oder wie er heißt
Alle sind hier auf der Flucht - die Tränen sind aus Eis

Es muss doch auch anders gehen - so geht das nicht weiter
Wo find ich Halt, wo find ich Schutz - der Himmel ist aus Blei hier

Ich geb keine Antwort mehr - auf die falschen Fragen
Die Zeit ist rasend schnell verspielt - und das Glück muss man jagen

Refrain: 2x (beim 2. Adel)

- Ich bau ne Stadt für dich
- Yeah
- führt auch wieder rein
- und für mich


Cassandra: Eine Stadt in der es keine Angst gibt nur Vertrauen
Adel: Wo wir die Mauern aus Gier und Verächtlichkeit abbauen
Cassandra: Wo das Licht nicht erlischt
Adel: Das Wasser hellt
Cassandra: Und jedes Morgen grauen
Adel: Und der Traum sich lohnt
Cassandra: Und wo jeder Blick durch Zeit und Raum in unsere Herzen fließt

Refrain: 2x

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV WORLD STAGE - What an awesome night!!!

Wohoo...Thanx NAD for the pass

Macam gi clubbing plak nak cop2 tangan

"Oh my god!!!Gempak geela..wohoooo!!!.That was the expression i gave to Nad the moment she told me that she had won 4 tickets instead of initially 2 tickets to MTV WORLD STAGE...It was like a dream come true...I've been waiting for this moment all my life..eceh.konon kan..Oh btw it was my maiden visit to a yeah..teruja terlebey skit arh.

Enlighten yourself with the facts on MTV World Stage

August 15th, 2009 – MTV World Stage made its debut in Malaysia; an unprecedented 1st in Asia! Bangga x...yes2..

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is the ultimate music experience of 2009,hosted outdoors at Sunway Lagoon Resort,a spanking cool venue at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Witness the world’s largest man-made Surf Beach drained completely dry to welcome 15,000 of Asia’s finest partygoers!

Mind blowing performances by Kasabian, The All-American Rejects, Estranged, Hoobastank, Pixie Lott, Boys Like Girls and Raygun will be premiered over 150 countries...viewed by over 550 million households around the world.How cool is that!!!

So don't forget to tune in to the premier of MTV World Stage this Friday midnight(Malaysia).

The chronology of the astonishing event through pictures....

Posing in the locker itu penting...

Hangat2 tahi ayam je kot pakai mask...walaupun tahu penting..

Thanx MTV wet wear....paling sayang logo

The Show must go on - Rain or Shine

Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams

Alolo...chomeyl faces at red spot...

Iklan gigi and lip balm skit arh

Nad syg sngt kipas smpi xnak bukak plastik....yer..itulah nad

From Left: VJs Andy (MTV China), Denise, Utt, Taya, Sean (MTV Korea)

Opening act by our own local band,ESTRANGED

Different concept on the dressing code by estranged

Boys Like Girls rawks

Love this song...jom sing along

Raygun...I love this band and their single...JUST BECAUSE

This exuberant new British quartet really got me grooving


You're so adorable....

I love you Pixie Lott...So close but yet so far away...

Hoobastank was the cutest band that nite...

This should be the part when he said "you guys are ridiculous" after singing GHOST BUSTER OST

Unbelievable performance..two thumbs up

Tyson seemed kinda retarded..but in an awesome way...Yeah....Yeah...


Kewl performance by the Kasabian

Yes2..seludup masuk camera....

I love this pic...nampak mata shexy..

To the the right...

What a concert without free stuffs...

Cam-whoring moment with goodies

I got a feeling,that tonight's gonna be a good night

Nabil Aizat ________ ( fill in the blank)