Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kuzens' trip to Singapore!!!

My cousins and I are very close to each other. Since we were young, we love spending quality times together such as watching movies, swimming, karaoke-ing, enjoying ourselves at theme parks or simply just staying at home and create our own version of having fun. Oh and not forgetting the best activity which is travelling. Some of the places that we've been to are Taiping, Melaka, Bagan Lalang, Genting Highlands just to name a few. And this time, we made our way to Singapore!!!

We planned our trip to Singapore right after I got back from Germany. It all started when I asked Nadira if we could plan a trip to either Singapore or Krabi. Since the flight to Krabi was a bit expensive, we decided to go to Singapore instead. Passport checked!! Flight tickets checked!! Hostel checked!! Weeeee....

From left : Ika, Sabrina, Anas, Azeem, Nad and I

Universal Studios Singapore

We bought our tickets earlier through It's recommended to buy it online because you'll get it cheaper at 68 sgd and along with the ticket, you'll receive a 10 dollar meal voucher and a 5 dollar retail voucher.

Group pic in front of the Universal Studios globe

Universal Express wristband. It's expensive as an add-on to ur USS ticket but really worth every cent if you're there on the weekends. I don't mind paying more to avoid the 2-hours queue on every ride.

Shrek's crib

The best view in USS at Far Far Away...

Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother..

Posing sakan dengan Cleopatra...

With the Scorpion King

Transformer is one of the most amazing rides everrrrr

Bettlejuice pon ada

Such a lovely picture with Woody Woodpecker and his girlfriend

We had our lunch at Goldilocks..Halal chicken cooked with a homemade recipe of 7 spices..
Njam njam!

Monster Rock!!!

With the cast of Waterworld. 
They did a very good job..Amahzzing!

Remember Ardeth Bay from The Mummy Returns?

Sadly both of the Battlestar Galactica's rides were closed...howoe..

We went on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure ride twice..Didn't mind on getting wet...

Bila dah selesa sangat dalam dry pod tu mula la nak posing model bagai..hoho..

At Moni Gallery Hostel

On our second day in Singapore..Nak ronda2 explore the city..

The view of Marina Bay Sands from below

Went to have ice-cream before exploring further..

The Kuzens in front of the world renowned Marina Bay Sands

Art Science Museum, a lotus-inspired building

Sesi mengeringkan peluh ala2 Marilyn Monroe gitu..

You got nowhere to run..

The decoration at one of the malls that we went to

Nasi Lemak at Lucky Plaza

The most amahzing thing at Changi Airport..

While waiting to get on board...

We had a very good time in Singapore. Although it was a short 2 days 1 night trip, we managed to plan our trip well and were able to cover the places that we intended to go. I personally would love to visit Singapore again soon. Insyaallah...

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!