Sunday, October 25, 2009

All good things must come to an end....

Eskpresi muka nak "Huh,Kaw kenapa?" je...

Tsk2...I have to stop the saying goes..
"All good things must come to an end"

Yeah but no worries...It'll just be for a period of about 2 weeks.My final exam is coming around the corner in less than 10 days,starting from 3rd of Nov till 11 of Nov.After that I'm a free the birds flying in the sky...flapping their wings and flocking without boundaries...exploring and experiencing new things..yeah..that's what I'll do once I've finished my finals.

I don't think i have the time to update my blog like usual...cuz u know updating a blog will take time for idea to pour out,article to be typed out and pictures to be uploaded..yeah...

If i want to make the dream of furthering my studies in Germany becoming a reality,then i should be concentrating on my studies now..I'm doing AUSMAT(Australian Matriculation) and German language.Yeah2...I know..Why on earth am I doing Australian Matriculation when the destination of my tertiary education is in Germany...Well..Let me explain briefly.This is actually the shortest path for a Malaysian student to continue his or her studies in Germany.Instead of the normal 13 years of schooling according to Malaysian Education system,we save one year from taking up form 6 by doing AUSMAT as our preparation course.Got the idea?The benefit of it...we get to spend more time in Germany compared to the Intec students.Their course lasts for 2 and half years..ours,only one and half years..the downside of it, the study condition is extremely intensive...huhu..

Now back to the nostalgic SPM period of time where studying last minute does have it advantages.However i must say that the College life is totally different.Studying last minute is killing me..Dulu kala,kalau burn the midnite oil mmg berbaloi ar.Skang hampeh je..huhu..

Ceh2...spec hitam hawt,baju putih bername tag..muka tekun baca buku..mmg arh..

Gigih sebelum Spm....

Gigih sebelum Ausmat finals....

So jadila mata panda,muka selebet bajet chomeyl...

Owh kegigihan menghafal juga penting..

I miss the SPM moments where i would go with my circle of friends to do our study group at various places...Examples are like Baskin Robbins,A&W,Mcd,rumah sape2 yg free & tempat parking keta kat taipan yg kalau buat photoshoot sngt lawa dan terus gigih nak blaja dgn tekun.Yeah...rindu banget.

Kami sedondon di depan A&W...Hanis photographer yer..

Ni lar tempat parking keta itu...hebat kan..


Sila jangan jgn jadi geela camni.....ingatlah org yg tersayang.

Dan jagalah kesihatan anda agar x jadi camni gak...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How it all started...

What actually happened to Nabil Aizat bin Abdul Rahman who would be enthusiastic to go online years ago just for Neopets,who used to take his Tamagotchi pet to Tamatown to have fun,play games and earn more money,and who had the thought at that time that Myspace and Friendster are the coolest thing ever..Huhu..yeah.But now,I have a new obsession...that is with Blogging and also Facebook-ing.Both of which im addicted to have become like a phenomena right now.Like seriously..

Hawt Stuff dahulu kala semakin dilupakan..tsk2....rindu banget..

Nama pet Aeonaroxy skit arh.....

Chomeyl je kan semua..Dulu ada more than 3 pets...tapi account apa ntah lupa..zaman kanak2 ribena..

Gambar nak bagi effect gempak skit untuk tutup muka zaman kanak2 ribena...

Apabila anda ada benda di atas...bleh la bersuka-ria di website weih...x tipoe.

Ni pown sungguh adorable.....Tamagotchi...

Dengan Friendster la detik2 Nabeyl I-zatt dipopularkan...Sekarang tinggal Nabeyl je.

Dulu myspace la segalanya.Nama Nabeyl dikembangkan kat sini...Sayang kamoe Myspace..Skang x gigih sngt dah...

Jasa kamoe semua akan dikenang......selamanya....

How it all started?Wie fing es an?Bagaimanakah semua ini bermula?Haha..annoying kan nak translate tiga2 bahasa..oh well..

I have to give credit to Miss Hanis Zalikha who introduced the world of blogging to me and persuaded me on creating my own blog.I had a rough start.Tulis main sedap hati jer.yela..kanak2 baru belajar kalau salah tolong tunjukkan..Hanis helped me a lot in the beginning...jadi mentor sejati plak...Salute2...Without Hanis Zalikha,there'll be no "Nabeyl" blog trademark picture and the nickname Abe Jimmy...geli2 dong...Thanx Hanis for making me realized what I've been missing all this while..

What has actually triggered me to write this post is the article that I have to memorize for my German oral test coming up next week on Thursday...We get to prepare an article to talk in front of the invigilator during the oral test.Even though we have the opportunity to prepare earlier,it doesn't mean that the test will be simple and easy cuz questions will be asked spontaneously regarding the topic we've chosen.The German oral test also consist of many yeah..takot..Huhu..I have chosen the theme," Mein wunderbares Blog" which means "My wonderful Blog"..Haha..x bley blah kan bagi title tu..wonderful ke?

Here is the article...buat2 paham jerla...Hanis kaw x paham pown bleh jumpa nama kaw kat dalam article ni..sila kembang hidung skang..howoe.

Ich habe das Thema „Mein wunderbares Blog“ fuer Sie vorbereitet. Ein Blog ist auch bekannt als ein Online-Tagebuch.Was ist ein Blog eigentlich?Lassen Sie mich erklären.

Ein Blog ist ein auf einer Website geführtes und damit – meist öffentlich – einsehbares Tagebuch oder Journal.Es gibt viele verschiedene Blogs.Zum Beispiel Funblogs für Humor und Witze,Edublogs für Lehren,Lernen und Bildung und auch Artblogs über Kunst und Kultur.Ich habe auch mein eigenes Blog.Der Titel meines ersten Blogs heißt Nabil Aizat bin Abdul Rahman. Ja genau was Sie denken.Das ist mein Name (vollstaendiger Name).

Eigentlich war das ganze nicht meine Idee, sondern meine Kollegin Hanis Zalikha,die eine Herausgeberin ist, hatt mich überredet, ein Blog zu kreieren. Hauptsächlich schreibe ich meinen Artikel auf Englisch.Manchmal benutze ich auch Malaiisch oder Deutsch.Nicht zu vergessen ist, dass ich auch ein deutsches Blog kreiert habe, weil ich mehr auf Deutsch schreiben möchte damit ich meine Deutschkentnisse viel verbessern kann. Ich schreibe ueber alles : meine Meinungen, persoenliche Erfahrungen, etwas ueber das Studium, z.B. Maerchen,Sagen oder Geschichten.Einfach gesagt,alles was mir einfach einfällt.

Jetzt möchte ich ueber etwas Besonderes sprechen, und zwar ueber Geld verdienen durch Meinungen schreiben.Es klingt fast schon unglaublich, aber man kann in der Tat Geld verdienen, indem man seine Meinung zu einem Thema im Internet veröffentlicht.Es ist ein bisschen kompliziert, diese Art des Geldverdienens zu erklären.

Einfach gesagt, man muss ein kleines Programm von einem Anbieter installieren, durch welches die Werbung angezeigt wird und schon kann man Geld durch Meinungen schreiben verdienen.In Malaysia gibt es eine Internet-Organisation, die Nuffnang heißt, die sich durch Werbung finanziert.

Ich schreibe einfach zu bestimmten Produkten und Themen meine Meinungen und Erfahrungen und schon kann das Geldverdienen losgehen. Je öfter dann meine Berichte gelesen werden, desto mehr Geld wird mir auf meinem Konto gut geschrieben.

Sabar jerla kan..To be frank, I have created my Facebook account long time ago before actually using it intensely.Haha...dengar orang ada Facebook je terus nak sibuk buat gak..skali x reti guna think starting from last year or the year before I began to become active on Facebook...Hanis I think was the biggest influence...Hanis lagi xde kawan lain nak influence untuk benda cool spt ini...maloe.

So that was pretty much of it....How Nabil got himself into blogging and facebook-ing....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Disaster Dish on a Date!!!

Well2...this should be an interesting post...I read about this article entitled "Don't Order That!" in the newspaper,Malaysian Today like ages ago.I've been wanting to write on this post for quite sometime but didn't get the opportunity to do so...Huhu..So here it comes...



Have you ever wonder when suddenly in the middle of a date, your date looks at you and gives you this lovely sweet smile(You think she's giving you a sign that she loves you), or she chuckles(You think she thinks you're cute) or when she gives you the goofy look(you think she's just fooling around to get your attention). Boy oh boy,you might be getting the wrong message here...

In reality,she is disgusted by covering it up with a smirk.Turns out to be,you have a chili on your teeth.Howoe, how embarrassing...You know guys, on a date,the girl will be taking notice of everything, our dressing, how much hair gel we put on,our facial appearance(clean shaved or rugged look) and not forgetting what kind of food we eat and how we eat it.Girls girls...always focusing on the most inconspicuous details.Sigh...

I won't be talking generally on what a guy should or should not do for an ideal date.Instead, I would like to focus on what a guy should not order on a date..What a person order on a date can determine whether the date will end in a catastrophe or a success.Like seriously....

So sit back and relax...let me enlighten you all with the TOP 10 food faux pas you all might have never imagined.These food faux pas might give off negative impressions of being a cheapskate, a braggart, a person without proper etiquette or just simply of disgusting habits...

Countdown jom!!!

10. Food coming out from Mcd's kitchen
You have got to be kidding me to even think of going on a date at Mcd.Please don't get urself tagged with the word cheapskate and not romantic.Not only that,the food we eat at mcd is not healthy,plus eating 'silly' food from mcd will make us look silly.huhu...

9. Never, ever order anything from the kid’s menu. answer will be no..You want to send a signal to your date that she's involved with a man-child,no right?Milk is also another thing u should not be ordering on a date.It's like screaming out "Mummy2, can you read me a story book tonight?".You're a grown man...So please eat like one!!

8. Simple and boring dessert...
Take vanilla ice-cream for an example...There's nothing wrong with eating vanilla ice-cream on a date..but you're giving the sign that you are boring, simple, cheap, poor and playing safe.So yeah..Eating corn on a date...simple and cheap...and without u noticing,the skin of a corn kernel got stuck between your teeth..nasty...You should indulge urself with something good, take risks and enjoy the finer things in life.Yeah babeyh!!!

7. Deep fried "fatty" or boiled processed food
Don't we all just love nuggets and sausages..But please...please..don't order these on ur date.. Fish sticks,nuggets and sausages are the weapon of a mother with a finicky child.You're not one are u?So do order proper food instead.

6. "Battle of the exoskeleton bones" kind of food
Food namely lobster,crabs and prawns are the kind of food you should avoid when it comes to dating.You'll have high chance of looking like a loser if you can’t crack the food open.If u have to fight a food just to get the taste of it,u better do it some other time."Please don't try this on a date, guys".An important message from the Love tertibe.Always go for something that is easier to eat.You'll go out leaving the restaurant clean,stainless and neat.

5. Food that make multitasking during a meal impossible.
Subway sandwiches for example...try holding and eating the sandwich without dropping a lettuce,tomato,olives,cucumber just to name a few.That was just talking about vegies,wut about sauces..Omg.How are u going to create a conversation with your date when you are focusing too much on your food..Nak control macho xnak jatuhkan makanan and comotkan mulut.Or when you're eating satay,you'll be extra careful not to poke urself with the satay stick..Your eye will be on the satay,not on ur date...dah x eye to eye...hish...

4. Food with smell that won't go off even after numerous mouthwash
Food with onions, garlic, stinky cheese and chilli are the kind of food u might wanna leave out from ur date menu. Any dish prepared with onion and garlic is a complete big no-no on a date.Bad breath can put off anybody..You would not want to blast your date with a smelly-dragon breath,do you?

3. The normal three course dinner is never enuff...Appetiser...Main Course..Main Course...Main Course again...Dessert...fuh...bloated
Don't order more than what you can eat..Even if you could,don't order more than your date.It is just awkward.How can your eat unawkwardly when your date is staring at you blindly while you're eating.Don't be greedy..don't show off..just don't order too much..U don't want to gain 3 kg in one night right?In my case..I want..I want..underweight kot...

2. Green Stuff...Salad..Salad...just simply Salad... offence to the vegetarian...but just salad?Truly awkward,definitely spells out boring,simple,cheap and poor.Konon on diet la if!!!Your date is munching away lamb chop and you're sitting there pathetically eating salad...sigh...

1. Food that eats most of your weekly allowance...a big chunk of ur allowance...huhu
"I would like to order Lobster Bisque with pommes de terre au caviar for dessert"Kaw hengat kaw kaya...Nak sebut pown dah terbelit lidah.Expensive ingredients such as truffles,lobster and caviar are such a waste of money and giving out the wrong message...Either you're trying to show off and being a braggart or you're just plain stupid..If you're ordering these kind of food for a date, you better be dating royalty.These delicacies are damn expensive.Cekik darah kata orang melayu. Konon expensive food depicts a luxurious lifestyle,a man of a good taste who enjoys the finer things in life and go for quality things...You're totally wrong!!!

So now that you've known the ten top things you should not order on a date,take my advise...plan ur date well...think carefully before making a decision...You are what you eat..Don't give out bad impressions...Last but not least...just go with the flow...remember this and u'll be fine...Hamalaimalaimalai...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another tick on my "Dream On" list

'A date with Hanis Zalikha' crossed out on my Dream On checklist.This is one of the many things I would like to do before i go to Germany to further my studies...Yeah,finally i got the chance to do so..Haha..well it wasn't really a date..A Birthday Dinner to be exact.Hanis has just turned 19 last Friday.So I've made plan earlier to take her out for a nice dinner treat.Initially I wanted to take her to Delicious in Bangsar Village.But we ended up going to Outback instead due to Delicious being yeah.

Teruja campur sedey tgk gambar ni...memory sngt

Gambar x cukup nmpk tua..bagus.

Gambar Hanis "crazy right now" juga kelehatan fabulous

Howoe..being with a hawt girl for a dinner really makes me nervous..I kept on telling myself..It is not a date..It is not a date.Stop controlling urself Nabil..Hanis is just one of my best friends..nothing more than that..harap maklum.It was like a dream come true..Oh well, I got the chance that most of the guys out there would dream of...Sila jealous skang.hoho..^;^.

Ayu je dah x dalam traffic jam

Outback Steakhouse Bangsar...My maiden attempt on Australian cuisine..teruja.

Yeah2...Semua sedap menjilat jari skit arh...Bushrooms I miss you guys...

Hanis control ayu malam tu xmo habiskan makanan nak bagi aku gemok konon...

Ye seperti anda kelehatan kegemoekan melanda.

Ni memang happy...x berpura2 ye Hanis..

Despite the fact that she's a model and now having acted in a local movie , from the way I see her,Hanis has not totally changed,she is still the same awesome girl I used to hang out with...She is down-to-earth,vivacious,hilariously funny and not forgetting caring.That night,the short time we spent together was mainly to catch up with the things happening in our life, to get each other updated with the new gossips and to just take a slow walk down the memory lane.

Owh..I forgot to mention that this weekend I spent most of my time with Hanis Zalikha binti Zainal Rashid.We hung out with each other for three consecutive days.Teruja ke?Haha..

Starting on
Friday : Birthday Dinner with Hanis Zalikha.
Saturday : Invited to Xberry Party. Went there with Hanis Zalikha...
Sunday : Riang Raya at Hanis Zalikha's house.

What a weekend!!!On Saturday night,I went to the Xberry Party with Hanis as she got two invites from the Nuffnang manager, Nicholas.I was kinda surprise that she chose me to accompany her to that event..Oh well..rezeki kan..By the way, it was my first time going to that kind of yeah..Such an awesome experience!!!The best part would be getting the look from other people...I assume it was a positive look.I asked Hanis.."Am I like too over in this jacket..Semua orang tgk kot"..Hanis replied simply by saying " Jacket kaw hawt"..yeah right.Like duh Nabil...U're walking next to a beautiful model..what do u expect?

Hanis got herself a new phone,Blackbery curve 8520.She persuaded me on buying the same phone...I actually wanted the new blackberry phone but after making a wise thought, thinking of the things I am still lack of to bring to Germany such as a new laptop and a new hard disk,I had to turn down my desire.Tsk2..

Gambar setengah menjadi kegemaran skang sebab kurangkan jerawat.haha.

While waiting to be entertained...

VVIP skit arh...VIP tag dpt masa beli Blackberry diketepikan.

Huhu..penat rotate nak bagi mata sama level

Ye Hanis,mmg lawa kaw ambik.

Teruja tgk gambar ni...suka banget

Here y'all...Hanis Zalikha's hand writing..

Sesi memerah otak untuk ingat cara nak guna Blackberry..Hanis siap suruh ambik video plak..tetapi saya sedang sibuk beratur untuk freebies..huhu

Kejealousan melanda..

Sesi jejak kasih MDG...

Sesi bertemu peminat...

Pilihan Hanis untuk skin Blackberry...x striking sngt...x crowded sangat..chomeyl and just nice..

Sapa cakap gambar ni lawa angkat tangan skang..

Sapa cakap gambar ni lawa masuk meminang terlebey sudah..
Hanis kaw mmg gifted ambik gambar aku kelehatan tampan tanpa buat muka blog "Nabeyl"

One of the performances that night

Muka serious menjadi pose terbaru yer..harap maklum

Free Drinks semua alcoholic...terpaksa beli fresh orange yg "xnak mahal lagi ke harga"..Nasib sedap x terhingga.

Thanx to the bartender yg pandang2 dari tadi teringin tolong kitorunk ambik gambar sebab byk dah gambar camwhore nabil muka besar.

Mami Jarum skit arh ngan Blackberry baru..yg penting first pic gambar gwe..

To sum up the jumpa adik dan kazens kat padang tengah main mercun..join sekaki.

The next day,  at about 11am, Hanis messaged me asking for confirmation on whether we're coming to her house for raya celebration or not.We decided to make a move at about 1pm.We reached Hanis's house at about 1.30pm.Woh2..Makin lawa okie rumah dia..She had her kitchen renovated.I personally love the entrance to the kitchen..terus mintak ambik gambar ke hape ntah..

Gambar depan cermin kemestian ye..

Tyn kalau dah puji Saloma mmg nak get into character yer..

Atas permintaan Tyn and Marlisa...terpaksa ambik gambar sedondon ngan carpet...

I sker pose marlisa...nampak ayu sngt..

Asalkan gambar hawt,baju basah percikkan fountain diabaikan...

Hanis and Marlisa

Hanis and Tyn

Hanis and Nabil...dapat gak bergambar depan pintu dapur rodeo...yeahaww

We hang around at her house till 5.30pm.Bukan sebab muka x maloe nak duduk beraya rumah orang lelame..But it was Hanis who insisted on us to stay on...Hanis was slowly familiarizing herself to the her new Blackberry phone..Jealous kot.During the 4 hours period at her house,we ate Liyana's very own Bihun Goreng Udang,"very Udang-ish" commented by Tyn.Sangat sedap okie.There were also rendang, nasi himpit, kuah lodeh and Trifle as dessert.

Dah penat bergambar terus ikat rambut masuk dapur...

Tangan vibrate menandakan bukan lakonan semata2 ye sweet

Gambar Riang Raya favourite kami berdua...

We got bloated after eating and chatting, Tyn and Marlisa dgn selambanyer took a short nap on the sofa.So, there I was, accompanying Hanis, answering her questions on Blackberry, as if i know anything...I've learnt from Hanis on how to use her fav photo-editing software which I am also in love with right now.Kinda blur at first but I'm getting the hang of it. Still macam budak baru belajar,jolok galah tolong ambilkan.

Nabil and Tyn...dah ckp gambar setengah menjadi pojaan hati..

Sweet kan.

While watching tv

Bihun Goreng Udang terbaek...

Trifle dua kali terbaek...Kalau xde tetamu lain datang...sila menjamu dgn lebey gigih..

Suka pose ni...x nmpk kurus sngt...

Gambar photoshoot majalah wanita penting ye...dimana lelaki tidak perlu memandang kamera

Hanis Zalikha binti Zainal Rashid, thanx a lot for the wonderful weekend we've spent together..I had a great time.Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to experience these kind of activities again someday....Im counting on it!!Howoe...