Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Harimau Malaya vs Manchester City...

Woot woot...The event that took place at Bukit Jalil stadium yesterday, 30th July 2012 was a friendly match between Harimau Malaya & Manchester City.

I tweeted last night that I got a call from my friend, Samer saying that he got free VIP seats to watch a friendly match between Manchester City and Malaysia. Oh i repeat, VIP seats!!! Teruja ok..
I was so thrilled because of two main reasons : First is because of the VIP seats and secondly because it's been ages since I met Samer. So this is a great chance for us to have a chit chat along the way to the stadium. :) Oh and we were gonna meet Izzah at the stadium...tambah another reason to be thrilled about.. :p

Before anything, I would like to say thank you to Auntie Hafizah for the tickets. She got free tickets and decided to give them to Samer and his mum. So thanks to them, I got the chance to watch the match live yesterday.. :)

 First time ni dapat ticket VIP....

 Benji, Izzah and Samer...

Now we switch places ye Samer..

The three stooges...I miss hanging out with these two...

Hehe..kitorunk masuk lambat...By that time, it was already 1 - 0..Man City scored.

Eh eh tengok bola ke posing ambik gambar.. Howoe..

 Suasana stadium...

During Half-time.

Time Khairul Fahmi masuk terus semangat pemain Malaysia berkobar-kobar kan..

And they finally scored one goal against Man City. It was a really nice shot..Bangga!!!

Aunty Hafizah, Aunty Zakiah and I...

Auntie Hafizah with Samer and his mum.

Bangga seh sokong Harimau Malaya! 
Even though we lost 3 to 1, I'm still proud of the Malaysian team. Malaysia Boleh!

Okay pemain-pemain nak balik dah...jom kita balik sekali...

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Tschüss und mach's gut!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Potluck Iftar 2012

Yesterday, we had a family gathering a.k.a Family Potluck Iftar, an event that I've been looking forward to once I got back from Germany. I miss hanging out with my family and relatives, so it was a great chance for me to meet up with them and get myself updated with their latest infos and gossips.. :p

I simply love gatherings, meeting up with relatives, chatting around, laughing our lungs out and eating together. Talking about eating, we had a variety of dishes prepared for the Iftar. The table was full of mouth-watering delicacies.I had a hard time choosing the one that I should dig in first.. :p

The ones that I was really looking forward to meet on that day would be my nieces, Mariah and Maisarah. It's been a while since I talked to them in person.I miss them so much. Here are the pictures that I took yesterday starting with their pictures. Enjoy!!!

Meet Maisarah! 
She's such a dearie..Quiet but very observant..And her eyes are so round and lovely..gerammm!

Meet Mariah
Omg she still remembers me.Now she calls me Ayah Beyl instead of "abe" like she used to the first time I met her. She's very smart and a fast learner. She talks a lot too.. :)

Alo tomei tomei...

Ayah Non, Abang Danial and Maisarah...

Abang Amin grilling lamb and chicken...

Bibik tolong cuci pinggan ye.. :p Nadira and Amira..

Preparing the table for Iftar...

Here comes the food!

Nasi Beriani with kurma ayam and kuzi kambing...meleleh seh...

Kebab and mint sauce...

Grilled chicken

Grilled lamb

Grilled Prawns

 Desserts...oh tambah tiramisu lagi satu dalam fridge.. :)

Air sirap campur 100 plus..Ayah I punya kerja la ni.. ;)

Emirates Dates..x sah la xde kurma kan...

Kan dah cakap meja penuh...Oh lupa nak cakap mee kari terbaek pon ada...

Makan time!!!

Liyana, Mariah, Kak Azza, Maisarah and Amira..

Solat berjemaah sekali... :)

Gambar chomeyl kena letak last ye.. :p

Yesterday's event was a blast. I had so much fun hanging out with my family. Thank you so much to my beloved family and dearest relatives who have prepared all the wonderful delicacies for the Iftar and on special request by me.. Heee..

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Tschüss und mach's gut!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Alhamdullillah, after about more than 17 hours of flight, I've safely arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) yesterday afternoon. The routes started from Düsseldorf to Kuala Lumpur with a transit in Dubai. I travelled alone this year.Some of my friends have gone back earlier or planned to go back later.Others have decided not to go back this time.So yeah..

I was actually lucky to be accompanied by Darwin and Ainul from my house to Düsseldorf airport. Hee..Darwin kan orang kuat Krefeld..He helped me to carry my luggage which turned out to weigh about 32 kgs. :p Thank you Darwin and Ainul. Oh and I had to take out some of the things from my hand luggage cuz it was "slightly" overweight..Slightly la sangat kannn.. :p

Ok now proceeding to the flights that I took. From Düsseldorf to Dubai, the journey was with a Boeing 777 aircraft.As usual the entertainment service on Emirates is amazing. I got a window seat.I had a wonderful time sitting next to a senior couple from Australia. They were very nice. And I also took lots of pictures of the view outside.Wanna take a look at some of the pictures I took?

Preparing to take off...

ICE - Information Communication and Entertainment...terbaek...

Moving towards getting full speed to take off...

Up up and awayyyy.... Taken at 4.02pm

After three hours of flight...6.26pm.

As the sun sets...at 8.12pm

When the sun has completely set...Taken at about 8.26pm

At 9.36pm, I got this magnificent view.

Reaching Dubai at almost 12 pm Dubai time.

The transit in Dubai lasted over 4 hours. Dubai airport was pretty packed even though it was on a Monday night. Howoe..After finished praying, I went to Burger King to get a take away for Sahur. Tried to get connected to the free wifi but was having a hard time doing so. Sigh...so I checked in earlier at the gate and somehow the wifi connection there was much better.Hmphh...saja kannn...

The journey from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur took about 7 hours plus.The best part of this journey was that I got the chance to experience flying with an Airbus 380.Teruja, terjakun, terharu semualah.. :p The aircraft is really huge and the seating area is bigger and much more comfortable. Due to that, most of the time on the flight was spent in the dreamland, dreaming of the things I'll do once I'm back in Malaysia.. :p

As I was sitting at the aisle seat, i didn't manage to take many pictures. I'm just gonna share a picture of the entertainment facilities in the airbus.

 Lagi gempak with more buttons to be explored and more screen to be touched. :p 
Oh dalam Airbus ni ada wifi service but my phone buat hal plak xnak connect..T.T 

Overall it was a pleasant flight and the most important thing is that I've arrived safely to a place I'm proud to call home, Malaysia. :)

Oh nak share gambar camwhore satu. Humma2
Bajet perantau di ufuk barat sangat... :p

Till the next post..
Tschüss und mach's gut!