Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Obsession

What is Nabeyl's new obsession? Cam-whoring? Shopping? Movie-marathon-ing?Bukan semua ni mmg dah lama obsessed ke.. Well frankly speaking, I think i'm starting to have an obsession towards muffler or widely known as scarf.I am urged to take a stab and to try something different while keeping up with the trend.A muffler or scarf is normally worn around the neck for warmth.However now it has become the "must have" thing for men in the fashion world.Men's scarves are omnipresent especially in European countries.European men are not afraid to express themselves and to manifest the fashion sense in them.Sangat mahu mencontohi...Howoe.

But why not? Fashion world is a non stop world.It is never-ending and will continue undergo evolution forever.I'm into fashion but due to my status now as a student,i can't really follow the fashion yeah..keep to what i can afford..

Coming back to the men' scarf.I find men scarves eye-catching, fashionable and stylish.Men do not have lots to accessorize themselves so using scarf is kind of a good idea.Schal(german) or Escharpe(french) can complete an outfit by injecting colours to your plain dressing , effortlessly tranforming yourself into a modish and sexy guy.Woh2...

If u can still picture the olden days when men only wear scarf by drapping it around their neck, how boring was that...Thanx to the tremendous fashion revolution, men nowadays are not afraid to be experimental and accessorizing themselves by knotting, wrapping, twisting and looping their scarves, totally changing their appearance into fabulousity.

Before showing the various ways to wear a scarf, let me enlighten you all with information on how to choose a suitable scarf...
  1. Make sure you find the scarf that suits the rest of ur outfit. The design must not clash with the outfit that u're wearing or it will just turns out ugly.
  2. Choose design that highlight ur personality.I personally don't find the normal checked design interesting because it is too common.Try to find something different and don't be afraid to express urself.
  3. Manifest the true colours in you by wearing colourful scarves and great design...But remember...less is sometimes more...Don't go too overboard with the design unless u're wearing plain tees..
  4. There are many types of scarf..Choose the one u like be it long, short, thin, triangle, square, soft and etc.
  5. Long scarf is good but super long scarf is a big no no...Make sure the scarf u're wearing is long enuff to enable u to wrap it around ur neck.
  6. Knots are sexy.The way you tie the knot can affect your overall look.
  7. Scarves look best when they are placed properly.So place your scarf properly depending on the top u're wearing.It will look best to tuck in tied scarf into a jacket and having a fat knot resting under ur chin.
I came across this one article on a website on how to wear a scarf.It gives an insight on the common traditional way to wrap a scarf around one's neck and 5 other modern styles.I personally have created my own style on wearing a scarf.Some of the styles u might find ridiculous & nonsense which honestly i have to agree but oh well we have to be experimental in everything we do and think out of the yeah..bedal je..First I'll show some of the pictures i got from googling the net on men's scarf and then i'll show u my own pose on very two different scarves and one special "scarf" inspired by Nabeyl himself.Haha..Maloe..Owh for the two was bought for the MTV world stage and the other one i got as a farewell gift from Rumitha..we made a promise to give each other a farewell i've got mine..yeay2...

To get a clearer explanation on how should men wear a scarf, press here.

The moment of truth..pic time...Warning!!!the following pictures might cause nausea or disgust to the reader especially to those suffering from depression. Browser discretion is advised.Humma2...Nama scarf adalah rekaan semata-mata & tidak mempunyai kaitan dengan yang hidup atau mati.

Long and Rectangular shaped scarf

Dual tone and stripe scarf


Classic Flip

Shorty meets Longy

European style

Lai Lai Tie

Loose double flip

Tight double flip

Loosie Loop




Round the world in 365 days


Blankita..nie dah howoe..sila abaikan...

Square shaped scarf


Double Normoderno

Buleete moderno

Nomio Ami

Mexicana Bosanova





Effect baru dan muka baru penting...

Infinity scarf
Some of u guys might have never seen these kind of scarves.It is called infinity scarf a.k.a loops or circles.These never ending wonders are the perfect way to give u an instant style.If i'm not mistaken the scarf is originated from France.Cool huh?
Hawt sngt kot...

I can't find this kind of scarf anywhere here.So i came up with my own innovation to create this scarf.Yeah2...I took my Sarong a.k.a Kain Pelikat and made it into a easy as that...Sila pinjam kain pelikat bapak kalau xde ye...

Kain Pelikat serbaguna...


One sided Gomeyl

Gomeyl squared

Gomeyl Kampung Boy

Pretzel style

Double scarf ( Combination of the two- Blue and Purple)

Double Ollie

Loopie Moppie



Wearing a scarf has become so popular, it is making its way towards the celebrities

Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman

These are some of the BIG NO NOs on wearing a scarf...Harap maklum...

How it all happened?
Pictures courtesy from Zalikha Aliah ( My sister who's aspiring to become a professional photographer)...Thanx Ika.

Till the next post...Tschuess und mach's gut!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reminiscenes of KBU...

"What does KBU stands for? Where is KBU? Do you mean KDU?" were some of the questions that people would bombarded me with when I said that i'm currently studying in KBU. It's kinda annoying cuz i have to explain every time i mention the word KBU.Sigh.I can't blame it on KBU though..I have to agree that KBU is not as popular as KDU and that the college is still quite new compared to KDU which was founded in 1983.Having said that, I believe that despite its young age, KBU has lots to offer and is making a great progress from time to time.I'm happy that I got the chance to study here and to explore and experience the wonderful things it has to offer.I can still remember the first time I arrived at this KBU INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE.I was like "Woh...xtaw pown ada kolej kat sini".Haha..yeah.

If i were to tell you guys about the great things that i've experienced here, the list will just never ends.. So i would just post about some of the things that i would miss, especially my beloved lecturers and my friends and not forgetting about the two important events that happened during my last few days in KBU.tsk2...

Lecturers - will be dearly missed
Mr Lee - Calculus
Ms Say - Physics
Ms Kong - Applicable Maths
Ms Jaclyn - Chemistry
Frau Tan(Christine Rausch) - German
Miss Chan - English
and also to other lecturers who taught me last year like Mr Al, Mrs Lee, Madam Yong, Frau Pfeiffer, Herr Lambert and not forgetting lecturers who didn't teach me but were kinda close to me like Ms Effa and Mr Derick.

Friends, xyah ckp la kan...Australian, New Zealand and German bounded students, A-levels, foreigners...I will surely miss u guys..I've gain a lot from getting to know all these people, communicating with people from all walks of life, being sociable and gaining new friends are priceless experiences that i will cherish my whole life...

I would just post some of the pictures that were taken during the certificate presenting ceremony and also during the GALA NIGHT ( Senior farewell).

Photos during the Certificate presenting ceremony

Gala Nite - Senior's Farewell

A night of changing seasons....

Matilda, Shikin, Rumitha and Nabil

Some of the performances

Best performance of the night...gempak kot

Gelang glow in the dark tu penting..

With the juniors....

With those going to Australia...

Here comes Germanism...

German Class batch 5 (2008/09)

German Juniors and Seniors

Imran won the award for the most helpful person..he really is...thanx imran..

Rumitha and I with the couple of the year...sweet sngt pija malam tu..

Last pix in front of KBU International College

Going down the memory lane....

Gala Nite 2008

At Mr Al's open hse....

German Class of 2008

Ausmat Students

German Students with KBU staffs

Let's hope that everyone can fly...Amin...

I wish we could have more time with each other...but as the saying goes "All good things must come to an end...In german plak "Nichts dauert ewig" or "Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei"...I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me a lot during my ups and downs for the past 1 and half years i spent in KBU. It is my absolute privilege to have known all of you and I'm pretty sure we'll keep in touch with each other.Ich hoffe,dass wir uns nicht aus den Augen verlieren.The world is too small for this to be a farewell...We'll meet again someday...Insyaallah...Wish you all the best in your future endeavours and thanx again for all the laughs...
Goodbye is not forever
It is definitely not the end
It simply means I'll miss you
until we meet again....