Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alhamdullillah syukur2

I've never came out of the examination hall feeling satisfied with whatever paper I've done.The phrases like "Omg, I didn't study enough"."Matila weih".."teruk geela aku buat".."Karangan tulis cam budak darjah enam kot".."x sempat habis semua"."banyak kot careless mistakes".Paling popular time spm "(fail lah)2".Yeah..Nabeyl mmg ada low self-esteem...betul sangat.

If Samer, Izzah and Rumitha read this,they will definitely say.."SO TRUE".Yeah..Korunkla teman sejati dengar aku cakap semua phrases di atas.Yang lain yang penah dengar rintihan hati ini juga..trima kasih banget.I dunno why, but whenever I say I'll do turns out the other way round..I'll do great.haha.It is annoying,I know..but i couldn't help it.It's like hard for me to believe in myself or to be satisfied with whatever I do.

The first few times were understandable.But after a while...I got "yelah2".and rolling eyes especially from Samer.Hehe...Funny2.Thanx you guys for putting up with me.

I dunno whether I'll stop being annoying/exasperating/obnoxious/irksome or still having doubts about myself..wokeyh..we'll see how I will develop myself in the future...

Same thing goes for my final exam in Ausmat Program.After finishing the paper, I had slight doubts whether I've done my best or did I do a good revision or was I being too playful and didn't really strive my best in the examination.Sigh...

But2...yesterday I got the chance to view my result online...Owh gosh terketar2 ke hape nak bukak website tu...Alhamdullillah syukur syukur...lepas the cut off point required by means im going off to Germany to further my studies..omg..omg..gelabah nak cari beg skang...excited and terrified at the same time...wish me luck k...

Motif gambar?haha..nak tunjuk rasa takut dan excited...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Allahaısmarladık : To Istanbul with love

Now I'm back in my home sweet home in Malaysia, drinking Turkish tea and eating Turkish delight that I've bought from the Spice bazaar, Grand bazaar and Arasta bazaar.yeah..semua bazaar nak pegi kan.

I thought of posting this while I was in Istanbul but (un)fortunately I was having too much fun and didn't have much time to edit the pictures and write on this post.Arrived in Malaysia on the 27th but still was having much fun sleeping and yeah..Today, it will be finally published..yeay!!

“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.”
Alphonse de Lamartine quotes (French Poet, Writer and Statesman, 1790-1869)

I had tremendous fun in Istanbul.Being able to learn the people's cultures and customs,to get to know about places and ways of life in Istanbul are just amazing.Wunderbar!!!
The great things about Istanbul would be the food, the people, historical sites, architecture design and culture.Istanbul is suitable for everyone,as it caters the taste and travelling fancies of the young and also the not so young people.You want historical places..You got it..You want luxurious shopping complex.Ka-ching..You got it.So yeah.Istanbul is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.Benar banget.

Pictures...Continue from Part 1 - Merhaba : From Istanbul with love

Going on Plan Tours.Pakai sticker skit arh...The tour guy mmg semangat pink ke haper kan..specs pink,handphone pink and mp4 pink..

The journey started with a bus tour at the Golden Horn( A natural harbour of the historical peninsula).Got to see the traces of history of Balat,viewing Metal Church and City Walls.

Heading to the Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

Here we are...the Spice Bazaar where the air here is filled with the enticing aromas of numerous spices(cinnamon,saffron,mint,thyme and more).Souvenirs are also sold here.

Meriah kan Spice Bazaar ni...

Before going on the Bosphorus Cruise

Cruise trip on the Bosphorus(Amazing cruise through the waterway between the two continents, Europe and Asia)

Amazing sight from the cruise

Ingatkan teh ni complimentary..skali kena 3tl each lor..mahal.

Along the Bosphorus waterway...Marble palaces,ancient wooden villas of Ottoman architecture,modern houses and luxurious apartments.

Posing atas cruise penting.

The Bosphorus Bridge..such a magnificent view...

Time ni kesejukan teramat..angin bertiup sepoi2 bahasa dah jadi bertiup ganas2 terseksa..hidung ala2 ronald mcdonald.

Lari gi belakang cruise...Photoshoot dulu.

Superb views of the cruises,boats and yachts

Rumeli Fortress - from the sea (Historical armament built by Mehmet the Conquer prior to the conquest of Istanbul to control and protect Bosphorus.The Rumeli Fortress,completed in only 4 months,is a unique example of the military architecture.

This lady from Spain was being so friendly with us that she allowed us to take video and photos of her huh?

Alongside the waterway,we could see ferries and local people fishing.

Fashion Show at TOL & AR

After this fashion show,we were invited to their showroom to view at their interesting collections.

Pakai leather jacket sebab dipaksa...harga xnak "murah" lagi kan...

We had our lunch at Sehir Restaurant....lunch is included in the Plan Tours.

Didn't enjoy the food that much...dessert je paling sedap..gemoe..yeah i know.

Dolmabache Palace( Recent residence for Ottoman Sultans built by two Ottoman architects on a 110.000 metre square area.The palace is divided into three sections, Selamik(allocated for state issues),Harem (Private space for Sultan and his family) and the Muayede Salonu(Ceremonial Hall)

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the palace.Tsk2.Seriously for those of you who have the chance to visit Istanbul,do come to the palace.I was speechless when I see the interior of this palace.You can clearly see how luxurious the lifestyle of the Sultans in the olden days.

The exterior view of the palace..owh half of the palace was under construction.

Dolma means filled....bache means garden.

Dolmabache means filled garden.hehe..xde idea untuk caption ke hape kan.

I just love this "Harry Potter" kind of sink

Back on the bus tour...Beşiktaş İnönü Stadium is the home of the football club Beşiktaş J.K. in Istanbul, Turkey.

Bosphorus Bridge ( A unique chance to step from one continent(Europe) to another(Asia) in 10mins or less.

Camlica Hill / Yeditepe ( The highest point in Istanbul, exposing the panoramic view of Istanbul and Bosphorus from the beautiful gardens,landscaped in traditional style.

Bridge Restaurant

Enjoying the magnificent view

We were here...yeay!!!

Dinner at Sultana's

Starting the dinner with appetizers

Then salads(two choice of salads..The Sultan's salad or the gardener's salad)

Main Course...yummilicious

Desserts and one main course sesat.

Shows at Sultana's ( Turkish restaurant with a stage full of Turkish dancing, belly dancing and cultural shows)

Bapak kena panggil naik pentas.Ada competition plak.He won and became a temporary Sultan.That was seriously funny.

Photoshoot at Sultana's

Wonderful Dinner (We had Dinner and then sat together drinking tea with foreigners from Australia and Germany)

Here was the part when I met this lovely and friendly German couple(Peter und Heidi).They invited me to their house in Nuenberg once im in Germany..Insyaallah...

Blue Mosque ( Interior)


Jenjalan petang2

We went to Sultan's Tomb

Topkapi Palace(Exterior)...Interior x sempat masuk...

Archeological Museum

Topkapi Palace's garden

Lunch at Semazen Restaurant

I take you to the candy shop...I'll let you lick the lollipop..turkish delight and many more...geram woh

Last day at Fehmibey Hotel..tsk2

Gambar2 kenangan dengan owner and workers

Hasbi,favourite guy at Fehmibey.Sangat friendly.Gigih nak serve kitorunk tea and potong2 sayur sedangkan dah pukul brape entah..Owh I practiced speaking turkish with this guy..hehe.

Kedai Kaya..bukan sebab dia kaya..memang nama dia kaya.dan dia mungkin akan jadi kaya jugak sebab ada kedai nama kaya.okie nabeyl sila deyam skang.

Yerebatan Sarnici(Outstanding historical construction of Istanbul, is called "The sinking palace" by the public owing to the great number of marble columns arising put of the water).

Great example of the Roman Age art sculptures...

Medusa(who had the head of snakes and power of transforming people into stones)

The history of Medusa is really interesting.In a rumor, Medusa is said to be in love with Perseus,the son of Zeus.Goddess Athene who was then in love with him got jealous of seeing them together.For that reason,she turned Medusa's beautiful hair into a shape of snakes.Whoever looked at Medusa will become a stone.Then,Perseus cut the head of Medusa and defeated many enemies by benefiting from her power and turning them into stones.There's another rumor says that Medusa looked into a mirror and turned herself into a stone.The stone is erected upside down and sideways to prevent people from turning into stones by looking into her eyes.Howoe...Menarik sangat..

Modelling la kan...

Beydagi Buefe( Our own favourite restaurant here in Istanbul...Sangat sedap menjilat jari dan kuku)

Rice Pudding is our favourite turkish dessert...must try..must try...

A must try

Turkish Tea...Chocolate spread..Nougat..Bagel with cheese spread..Ulala..

Karper cheese spread.Turca chips..Where to get these things for cheaper price?DIA supermarket!!!!

X digalakkan...Public toilet in Istanbul is freaking expensive(1 tl equivalent to rm 2 per entry).Sila pergi ke tandas di hotel anda di mana percuma ye.Cola Turka is extremely gaseous.Bleh terbang lepas minum..terbang ke mana..tandas.lagi skali..pilih yang percuma ye.Aryan is the traditional drink for turkish people.Sangat pedas x terhingga.Sehat kot minum air ni tapi x tahan.Apple candy pown x digalakkan cuz apple coated candy ni kadang2 dah busuk and x macam candy dah.

Yay2 nak balik dah...But there was a serious problem...Mas flight was overbooked by 20 seats.OMG..camne nak balik woh.To make things worst..the next flight will be on Monday...two days to terus...we arrived at the airport at 11.45am and had to wait until 2pm ++.We got the bombshell at 2.10pm,Mas flight was fully booked and we wont be able to fly with MAS airlines.But2...luckily we got transfered to Emirates Airlines...Teruja sebab dapat gi Dubai,walaupown tunggu dalam airport je.

Another tick on the how many countries have Nabeyl visited.Yeay2.

Dubai International...Connecting the World

Kejakunan dan keterujaan terserlah.

Photoshoot penting la kan

Shops at Dubai International Airport

Because our transit was more than 4 hours,we were lavished with free food..yumm2..gemoe lagi

NABILAIZAT skit arh...

Emirates sngt best due to the entertainment services that are provided.Movies sangat banyak,games sangat best,choice of songs sangat woh2.Okay.paling teruja ada forward and downward camera that allow us to view the external environment....paling keterujaan melampau time departing and landing la kan.hoho.

That should be about it.Our amazing family trip to Istanbul.....Can't wait to visit Istanbul again in the future..insyaallah...till next post...Allahaismarladik!