Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pergamon Museum - Ancient Near East and Islamic Art

Now it's time to gaze on the rest of the collections from Pergamon Museum.I've written about the Collection of Classical Antiquities, which leaves us with 2 more collections called Museum of the Ancient Near East and Museum of Islamic Art.Both of these collections offer a great variety of masterpiece that will give you an awe-inspiring moments.

Museum of the Ancient Near East 

The Vorderasiatisches Museum (Museum of Ancient Near East) 
holds artifacts from 6000 years of cultural history, mainly from Mesopotamia, Syria and Anatolia.There are about 270,000 objects that you can find in this collection which mostly originate from the findings by German excavations in babylon, Assur, Uruk and Habuba Kabira. (source : pergamonmuseum)

Map of the Ancient Near East

The reconstruction of the famous Ishtar Gate of Babylon

 The Ishtar Gate was the eight gate to the inner city of Babylon

The gate was constructed from a rare blue stone called lapis lazuli.The Ishtar gate was decorated with glazed brick reliefs, in tiers, of dragons(mušḫuššu) and young bulls(aurochs).

In front of the Ishtar Gate, which was dedicated by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon to the goddess Ishtar.

Audio guide ni siap ada video plak...woh2

Processional Way of Babylon
Through the gate ran a stone-and brick-paved avenue, the so-called Processional Way, which is believed to be over a length of more than half a mile. The walls of the Processional Way of Babylon are covered with lions and flowers on glazed bricks.

The Sphinx from Hattuscha

Stelae from Assur

Rock cut reliefs from Yazilikaya

Walls that hold water for various usage

The carving stones of ancient art

Neo-Assyrian Sphinx
Sculptures from the castle of Samal

Urartian Statues

Archeological findings from Uruk and Habuba Kabira

Summerian monuments,access to tombs of Assyrian Kings

Some of the great archeological findings for you to gaze on in this museum.

Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum für Islamische Kunst (Islamic Art) contains one of the most amazing collections of Islamic art outside the Islamic world.You'll not only get to explore masterpiece of decorative arts and archaeological artifacts from the Muslim people, but also those from the Christian and Jewish groups living among them.The artifacts show diversity of architectural works, ranging from 8th to 19th century.

Spanish carpets

I think this cool artifact is called Astrolabe and served as mechanical maps of the Universe in the olden days

Islamic art of stone and wood carving

Artifacts water container

Artifacts made out of animal bones

 Islamic art made out of marble stones

Islamic altar

High quality islamic masterpiece

Alhambra Dome

Tiles from the islamic art

The world-reowned Mshatta Facade

Keir Collection - Edmund de Unger

Islamic book art containing Surat from the Qur'an

Sasanian art

Aleppo Room

There are so many things that you can find in this museum, ranging from the artifacts and monuments from 3 different eras.For those who are not really into museum like me could still have fun and be amazed by the magnificent reconstructions of the famous structures and the artifacts found from all parts of the world.I had a great time in this museum.I've learnt a lot of new things about the cultural history and great architecture of each era.I definitely recommend you guys to visit this museum when you're in Berlin.

I assure you'll not regret the experience!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pergamon Museum - Collection of Classical Antiquities

I have to confess something. I'm not really the museum kind of guy. I don't like spending my time in the museum, reading descriptions of the antiques bla bla bla.Before going to Berlin, I asked my friend about the places that I should visit when I'm there.He mentioned about the Pergamon Museum saying that it's really worth visiting .And I'm gonna say this...The Pergamon museum has got to be the best museum I've visited so far.

There are so many things for you to gaze on here.Interesting artifacts, reconstructions of  archaeological  ensembles, magnificent artworks just to name a few.. The Pergamon museum houses three important collections of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin namely Collection of Classical Antiquities, Museum of the Ancient Near East and Museum of Islamic Art.I spent about 3 hours plus in the museum just by going around, exploring these three great collections and I wasn't really reading much on the descriptions.Instead, I was having fun taking photos most of the time and listening to the audio guide as I walked from one room to another.You'll be amazed by the things you'll see here.It's beyond your expectations!

I'm gonna write at least two posts on the Pergamon Museum.I'll start by writing about the first collection which is called the Collection of Classical Antiquities.This collection mainly display the Greek and Roman architectural structures.The main attractions in this collection would be the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus. Here are the pictures to show what this collection has to offer.. Enjoy!!!

A map showing the location of the ancient Greek city, Pergamon

Entering the hall you'll  be amazed by the structures of Greek gods displayed on the walls
I'm gonna write a special post on the Greek gods later on.. :)

Say hi to Neno

and me!

The famous Pergamon Altar 

Museum model of the presumed form of the altar in antiquity

The reconstructed Pergamon Altar in Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Comparison between the Model and Reconstruction

 We were mesmerized by the beauty of the Pergamon Altar...such a magnificent structure...

Greek ancient statues
Paintings of the Olympic gods and the creatures they defeated

Telephos Hall

Will the real Nabil Aizat please stand up? :p

Reconstructed entranceway to the Pergamene Athena temple

The sanctuary of Athena, the sophisticated goddess of Wisdom and Arts

The entrance to the Market Gate of Miletus

The glorious Market Gate of Miletus

Oh just look at the details on these structures..very impressive!

Tak sah la kalau xde gambar posing2 depan ni kan...

Mosaics in front of the Miletus Gate

Mosaic of an Alexandrine parakeet from Pergamon

Balcony - Market Gate from Miletus

Carved stones and structure at the Market Gate of Miletus

Model town of the Market Gate of Melitus

Ancient Roman artifacts - carved stones and sculptures

 That'll be all for now.
I'll write about the other two magnificent collections in the upcoming post...
Stay tuned! 
Tschüss und mach's gut!