Saturday, January 30, 2010

Deutsche Gruppe day out - EL-DE HAUS

Welcome to EL-DE HAUS

I've waited since last week for this day to arrive...My first Deutsche Gruppe day out..yay2...but2 it's not like hoorey2 jom gi zoo negara kind of thing..It was more like jom mengunjung sambil belajar, membuat assigment sambil bergembira kind of thing...yeah assignment again..

What? Where? When? Why? How?

Thursday, 28th January 2010 - We visited the EL-DE HAUS accompanied by our lecturer, Herr Mainka.We had class earlier till 11.45am before heading to the EL-DE HAUS which is about 15 minutes walk from CDC building, the place where I'm studying right now.

Tengok ar sapa jalan cepat sorung2...penat nak kejar..

First of all, let me enlighten you all with a bit of information on the EL-DE HAUS.The building was actually the headquaters of the Cologne Gestapo (secret state police) for almost 10 years.Leopold Dahmen was the guy who had it built and as such the building was named after his name.The job of the Gestapo was to keep the population under surveillance and to persecute the political and "racial" opponents of the Nazi regime.The Gestapo were responsible for the deportation and murder of thousands of people.The World War left the building largely unscathed.Then in December 1981, the Gestapo Prison Memorial was opened.In 1988,the Cologne's Documentation Centre on National Socialism moved into the building.

Today, the building is a permanent centre for various exhibitions,with extensive up-to-date database and also a specialise library that is available to the public.The centre devote itself in commemorating the victims of National Socialism and also to research and exhibit the history of Cologne under the Nazis to the public.

Once arrived at the EL-DE HAUS,we were given a brief tour and reviews by Herr Mainka on the different sections in the building, starting with the memorial Gestapo Prison in the basement.First floor is where the library and permanent exhibiton are located.On second floor are the special exhibitions located where we were then divided into groups of three to start our assignment and explore each room.

Explanation through pictures and the caption under them.Enjoy...

Basement - The Gestapo Prison Memorial...scary tempat small cell was occupied by about 36 people..imagine that...claustrophobic terus...

Our own unofficial tour guide...Herr Mainka..

 While listening to his explanation

Nazi's typewriter...kalau zoom in u can see a sign on the number 5

 Woh2..birthday sapa la tu..owh dulu on this date,semua orang german kena makan benda sama for that day which is Eintopf (Stew).

Our assignment was to choose a room given by our lecturer and we have to work in groups of three to explain to the others what's the room that we have chosen is all about....
 Starting with the room Jugend ( Young People). Presentation by Shun Ling, Rumitha and Ina

This is my group's topic - Cologne: between power politic and everyday lifestyle.

Sambil buat presentation sambil posing..

Room ni xde group..Herr Mainka yg explain...

Group Muádz, Hakeem and Zhafran talking about Rassenpolitik - Racial politics "eliminate and generate"

 Group Ciko, Chang Win and Faizal .Topic: Racial exclusion and persecution

 The Sinti and Roma

 The fate of jews - Record of those who were murdered

 Presentation by Ng, Goh and Edwin on the topic : During the War.

Letters, drawings and writings on the wall are the main attraction of the cell.They were drawn with pencil or chalk or in some cases with lipstick or which had been carved in the walls using nails,screws or even fingernails.They record not only pain and sorrow of the prisoners but also their anger and resolve.

Such a great experience that I've gained from visiting this historical building.Wish we would have more Group outings to other interesting places.I know it's kinda boring to read this post.Wait till you hear what I'm gonna write on the next post...

CHOCOLATE MUSEUM!!!!Yeah babeyh...esok nak gi Schokolade Museum...I can't wait...till the next post...Tschüss und mach's gut

Monday, January 25, 2010

Learning a new language made easy...

As easy as eating fries...

Learning a new foreign language is not that problematic..but mastering a new foreign language is extremely difficult and complicated.That takes up time, requires years and years of practice.Definitely.

To gain a new language today would be easier than doing it in the olden days due to the various learning methods that are available in the market..You name it...learning by going to language classes or through mediums like books, radios, television programmes, and not forgetting the most up-to-date learning medium, the Internet.So yeah..learning a new language made easy, don't you think?

There is a wide array of resources to learn languages on the web and the most important thing about these websites is that they offer quality structured lesson plans for free..I repeat for Nabeyl..I think they get what u mean..

Some of the good quality websites that offer language lessons for free...

BBC Languages
The perfect website to learn a new foreign language.It offers “Quick Fix Phrases” in 36 languages to aid travelers mainly, those who only need to have a basic knowledge of the language spoken in order to stay in a foreign country. However, BBC languages also offers a total of six 12-week courses for those who are keen to learn a foreign language namely French, Spanish, German, or Italian.

Free Online Languages
You'll find list of links according to the language you wish to learn.How convenient is that!!!There are so many links that you can choose from.So you should have no reason not to explore and click on the links to enlighten yourself with something new.

Live Mocha
Live Mocha is one of the most complete featured language learning sites on the web.It doesn't just offer structured lessons for over twenty languages, but it also links you with other users all over the globe who are learning, or already fluent in the language you are learning. A great website where you would be able to learn a new language through interactions with quizzes and also people from other countries.

I have actually found the best way of learning a new language..That is by interacting with the native speaker of the language itself.How to do so, you might ask?Well finding a native speaker of a certain foreign language in ur own country might be such a troublesome.Don't worry...E-tandem is here to the rescue!!!Yay2.Wait..E-tandem wut?

In E-Tandem, you will work together with a language learning partner from another country - by telephone, e-mail or other media. From your partner, you will learn his or her language while he or she learns your native language.You'll definitely gain positive outcomes from this e-tandem program.I have enrolled myself in this program and I must say that it has helped me a lot in my journey of learning the German language.The mediums of conversation that I'm using are E-mail, Messenger, Skype and also Facebook.Easy ways to communicate huh?exactly...

To get started, click here.Then register by clicking here.
After verifying ur email, you'll just have to wait.Please be patient: If there are not enough eTandem partners available for this language or if many people are looking for a partner with the same profile, this may take weeks or even months.Take my advice if you want to get an E-tandem partner earlier,within two or three days.Put your native language as English and for sure you'll find your partner within less than a week.But make sure you have good command of English yeah...

That should be all for today...I hope that you guys have gained something from this post and will take this opportunity to better yourself for the future world.Till next post..Tschüss und mach's gut!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Berjalan-jalan di kota lama

We were given an assignment by our lecturer, Herr Mainka to go for a stroll in the old city of Cologne. "Ein ALTSTADTSPAZIERGANG" in German.The task was to get all the answers to the questions given and at the same time to explore the city of Cologne and get to know more about what it has to offer.Kill two birds with one stone.Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen.Woh2...nak gak bagi peribahasa melayu..Sambil menyelam minum air.Wokeyh.

Enthusiastic I was when I heard about this task.Seriously I like the way Herr Mainka create his teaching material, giving us tasks where all the important elements in the German language is made use of.We were required to think and respond by understanding the tasks given and also by asking the people around Köln...good huh?Practice to speak in german and squeeze our brain out to solve the riddle...

There are so many tasks given by Herr Mainka which I find interesting and exciting..I would just explain one of them in this post.Explanation thru pics of course...Before heading to the pictures, I would like say thank you to the seniors who came all the way from their respective universities to meet us on the weekends.Terharu and Teruja!!!!Thanx yeah...Insyaallah ada masa kitorunk plak pergi tempat yáll plak..

Meeting up with Seniors...Went to the Shaban restaurant, a place where Seniors traditionally take the juniors to have a gathering

Xde makanan x sah la kan....


Process pembahagian group kepada 3

Woh2...ada peta..ada gambar...ada soalan...

But..but..where to start?

Ni starting point lepas sesat gi south sedangkan patut gi north..nabil kan..sesat kat mana2 pown..hmphh..

Trauernde Eltern..

Teruja nampak mamat2 pakai kostum ngan pegang alat musik..

Kat museum ni ada seorang mak cik yg sngt helpful..sayang mak cik..


Pening cari clue kat sini..

Archäologische Zone

Bawah ni tempat mandi ritual zaman dulu kala

Bler lagi nak berlagak tourist kan?


2 questions about the rathaus couldn't be answered...rathaus tutup la plak..

Tertibe ramai polis..ntah pesal...harapan police ramai sebab Heidi Klum nak datang hanyalah tinggal harapan semata-mata..hmphh..

Classroom activity
We had to create our own restaurant that has to meet the requirements given.Class was divided into three groups...and these were the products..

Team Shun Ling and Ina buat ni...

Team sapa yang nak gempak je kan..hehe..Rumitha's team consisted of Hakeem,Chang Win,Zhafran and me.

KFC kat sini halal.ayam disembelih.woh2..dapat makan ayam gak.yum3

Nabeyl..muka tu penting..

That's all for today....Till the next post..Tschüss und mach's gut!!!!