Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paint Your Imagination Goes 3D

Hallo again..welcome to another session of painting your imagination..hehe..Can you recall the last time i posted on Paint Your Imagination?This time I'll show another piece of art created by the art/architecture students of KBU International College.I just love art...any form of it.say painting,sculpture,mural,carving..und und und...I get excited every time i lay my eyes on them...

A picture can say a thousand words...a piece of art can say more...millions maybe..hehe.Enjoy!!

Release your innovations..

Tido mesti happy...

Chomeyl guna cardboard...

Lawa kan...sapa kata x sila tutup mata skang...

Easter eggs painting

Telur berwarna-warni

Teringat time kat tadika pecah kan telur pastu kaler2...chomeyl..

Architecture Dept

Caption untuk semua gambar kat bawah nie....CHOMEYL!!!okie..tu jer..dah penat nak pikir satu2 gambar

Sunday, April 26, 2009

ABC kat Shah Alam ada ommph!!!

Haha...nampak sngt dah xde idea nak tulis blog kan...seriously im out of ideas on what i should write in my blog...I don't have much time to write im kinda busy with my assignments and test and homework..and camping..and...and...mostly everything..SIGH with a capital S.I.G.H.

Owh regarding the ABC..u can find it at the new food court in Shah Alam located in the vicinity of Uitm Shah Alam.The place offers variety of delicacies..ranging from roti canai to nasi lemak to western food to bla3....but a must try would be the ABC...

ABC which is also known as Air Batu Campur or Ais Kacang is a popular dessert served in most of the hawker stalls as well as 5 stars hotel in Malaysia. It is sweet-tasting and is primarily ice served with sweet flavoured syrup and jelly. Today, ice kacang generally comes in bright colours, and with different fruit cocktails and dressings. Several varieties have also been introduced which contain aloe vera in some form or another, such as in jelly form(Nata de coco). Often, a large serving of attap chee (palm seed), red beans, sweetcorn, grass jelly, cubes of agar agar and cendol form the base. Evaporated milk is drizzled over the mountain of ice.Mouth-watering...

The food court stalls in Shah Alam really try their best to cater the appetite of Malaysian especially teenagers...

The stalls introduced novelty toppings like fruity syrup, chocolate syrup,chocolate wafer and ice cream.Kacang nak lebey yer..tu mesti...chocolate syrup juga...Owh..nikmat terasa kot...

The first time I went to get a taste of this ABC was with Tyn.I went to fetch her at Melati hostel after i got my replacement IC at Plaza Masalam...She took me to the new food court and we had Abc together..gitoela citernyer...

Last Saturday,I took my family and relatives to that place after we had our family gathering at my cousins place in Shah Alam.So saja gedik nak tulis post ini...yer...

Warning: Air liur akan meleleh sedikit ketika anda melehat gambar di bawah.

Meleleh x...mungkin x sangat

Meleleh skit kan....

Kualiti gambar x bagus for sure dah meleleh time gambar nie...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Ohana means family, family means no one is left behind or forgotten"

An authentic family fight and make up, argue and agree to disagree and love unconditionally...that's how I see the deep meaning of a family... There is no friendship,no love like that between your own family and yourself. It goes beyond rituals...

I dunno wut came into my mind..but i just had the feeling that urge myself to write about family in my next post...maybe it was because of the German test i had three weeks ago.I chose to write an essay titled " Die eigene Familie ist am wichtigsten".Translation: The own family is most sounds kinda weird when translated directly..but owh well..u noe wut it means right...

There is a song titled Family First by Whitney Houston...The lyrics are just mesmerizing and have really deep meanings, the phrases that would come to my mind the moment i think of my family...

Nothing's better than family,
For the ones who love you so
Be a shoulder to cry on when you are in need
They will never leave you alone
when your friends bring you down
And they drag you through the dirt
And nobody is around
They will carry you through the hurt

Just remember that family comes first
where you gonna run to? when no one is around
Do you think how dare they will love you.
When your face is on the ground?
When you feel your strength is almost gone
And When your heart is getting weak
And you don't think you can keep holding on
And they stand for your feet (just remember)
Family comes first

I can see you crying - someone broke your heart,
Instead of being with those who love you,
you spend time apart, It's because you think
they won't understand
The pain you're going through, So you don't reach out your hand for them,
'til they'll pull and reach for you.

Don't you be ashamed of your family, put you into this earth,
and that what its worth unconditionally, sometimes you may
disagree and wont see eye to eye
Don't you run away they will be right by your side

Where you gonna run to? when no one is around
Do you think how dare they will love you.
When your face is on the ground?
When you feel your strength is almost gone
And When your heart is getting weak
And you don't think you can keep holding on
And they stand for your feet (just remember)
Family comes first
Comes first

This part is dedicated specially to my German group,teachers and whoever who understands German...Bangga skit dpt compliment from Frau Tan..bukan senang taw..haha..

Im Allgemeinen gibt es einen Spruch ,,Familie kommt erst, dann die Arbeit und Geld''.Das finde ich sehr wichtig und ich bin ganz sicher, dass das wichtigste für mich meine Familie ist.Sie liegt allem voran.Aus welchem Grund sage ich das? Glückhaben heißt nicht nur Geld zu verdienen, sondern auch mit Familie eine gute Beziehung haben. Ich weiß wohl, dass wir mit Geld viele Dinge anschaffen können, die wir haben möchten. Aber können wir alle Probleme, unter denen wir leiden, lösen, nur mit Geld? Einfach gesagt, Nein! Nur mit meiner Familie kann ich über all Probleme sprechen.

Meine Familie, besonders meine Mutter, die mir sehr nahe ist, ist immer da, wenn ich sie brauche. Sie hilft mir sehr und sie hört alles gern was ich zu sagen habe.Einmal habe ich etwas gemacht, und danach hatte ich ein schlechtes Gewissen. Ich bemerkte meinen Irrtum erst, als es bereits zu spät war.Meine Familie hat sich über mich geärgert.Damals hatte ich den Gedanken, dass meine Familie mir nicht verzeihen würde.Aber meine Mutter sagte, was in der Vergangenheit ist, daran soll ich nicht mehr denken. Was es in der Zukunft gibt, muss ich jetzt planen.Ich habe das im Gedächtnis behalten und seitdem versuche ich, alles so gut wie möglich zu machen, damit meine Familie stolz auf mich sein kann.

Schon seit langem lebe ich mit meiner Familie, ich denke oft darüber nach, was ich machen kann, um eine gute Beziehung mit meiner Familie aufrecht zu behalten.Ich unternehme viel mit meiner Familie.Zum Beispiel Kegeln gehen,ins Kino gehen oder beim Abendessen zusammen sitzen.Ich muss sagen, es gibt viele Schätze in der Welt, die wir entdecken können, aber unsere eigene Familie gibt es nur einmal.Deshalb müssen wir für sie liebervoll sorgen und sehr dankbar sein, eine Familie zu haben.Ich liebe meine Familie sehr.Das kann ich ohne Zweifel sagen.

Mein lieber Vater....(Ayah)

Meine liebe Mutter (Mak)

Mein Brueder (Abg Amin)

Abg Danial, Ayah und ich (nie time muda2)

Ayah und ich (Nie time tua2)

Zalikha(meine Schwester)

Mein Bruder und meine Schwägerin (zu sein)

Kak Min und ich (New member of the family)



1) Nabil

2) Nabeyl

3) Beyl

4) Aizat


1) 12 February - My birthday lor...penting banget...

2) 18 October..Parent's Anniversary ...kalau dorunk x kahwin xdela nabil aizat

3) Semua tarikh cuti....Nie sngt important

4) Tarikh perkahwinan Siti dan Datuk K.....Hari hati nabil pecah berderai...haha..konon je


1) Makan 1901 Texas Ted

2) Mencuba dgn gigih menyiapkan assignment App Maths

3) Download Lagu dan transfer ke dalam phone

4) Membaca blog dan terkena tag..


1) Think of the happy moments in my life

2) Bergayut ngan kengkawan....sngt happy...sedey bler byr bill jer

3) Go online...

4) Spend time with my family


1) Agz-Geng kesayangan ...paling...sngt..teramat

2) Kawan2 primary dan secondary

3) Family members who have passed away

4) Mak cik kat kedah yg selalu datang umah tok...


1) Laptop

2) Digital camera

3) New wallet

4) Baju yg chomeyl dan saiz sesuai...nie paling kegemaran...


1) Listening to music

2) Online,checking myspace,facebook, bla bla

3) Bergayut ngan kengkawan

4)Collecting tipoe sngt


1) Paris, France

2) Hawaii

3) Istanbul

4) Germany


1) Ice lemon tea

2) Neslo Ais

3) 7 up

4) ABC


1) IC dan Driving License

2) ATM Cards

3) Cash

4) Discount card potong rambut...


1) White

2) Black

3) Green Apple

4) Turqoise


1) Sunway Pyramid

2) One Utama

3) Centrepoint

4) erm....MID....Haha..nie Agz jer taw


1) Family Members

2) Agz

3) Bestfriends

4) Friends


1) Handphone

2) Cash

3) Laptop and internet connection

4) Pictures


1) Agz

2) Semua dalam Sehati Berdansa

3) Semua dalam Vielleicht sollte ich verknüpfen?

4) You..kamoe...Sie...Du..


1) Terpaksa

2) Sian kat yg mengeTag

3) Dah xde post baru selama 4 hari

4) Nak lari daripada App Maths assignment

Monday, April 13, 2009

Breakfast - German Movie Screening - Lunch - Window Shopping - Dinner

When string of activities come marching in a day...You'll get exhausted,kaputt & kepenatan tahap maksima at the end of the day..However the experiences that you gained throughout the 24 hours period are just priceless and satisfying.

Nie sebab ingat nak jumpa budak2 german bounded yg lain..
bukan gedik ye..harap maklum..

Collect original SPM certificate from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seafield(Bangga skit nama sekolah harapan selangor/negara).Unfortunately, we(Tyn,Aida and I) couldn't take our certs yet cuz the main office was closed..the whole school was closed actually...
Co-curriculum was canceled...except for Taekwondo,Ninjitsu,Cheerleading..bla bla bla.Geram kot penat2 dtg skolah x dpt ambik cert..Now i have to wait another week...sigh..

Breakfast at Geylang Kopitiam....Memang gerek...First time eating our breakfast at this cafe..actually Tyn and I wanted to have our breakfast at Ubi Kayu..but Aida said NO WAY!!cuz her parents were there...adoi...baru terpikir nanti bapak aida mesti belanja...haha..I had nasi lemak with daging dinding,tyn and aida took nasi lemak with sotong...owh not forgetting,i tried Gula Melaka ice drink.At first,it tasted like a normal tea with milk ...but after a while u'll get the taste of gula melaka...yummy kot..

Geylang si paku geylang...Geylang si rama-rama...

Gambar pura-pura baca menu mmg popular

Nie lagi sorunk pura2 baca menu

Nie pura-pura makan plak...haha..

Maaf aida...Nie balasan xnak makan kat ubi kayu...

Surf the net while i still have time before the next activity at 12.30.The next thing on the list was German movie screening.I even printed the map to Help University incase we got lost....haha..nabeyl mmg kalau bawak keta sentiasa better i sediakan payung sebelum hujan kan...

Went to Centrepoint Bandar Utama to pick up my friends...Waited for Shun Ling as she was on the way back from going out with Edwin and Chang win..When I was about to get out of the parking place..the road suddenly got jam-packed...omg...seriously i was like so freaking pissed off with this one driver...she knew she couldnt get through..gedik nak jalan jugak kan...because of her..we couldnt move out..sngt seyal.Arschloch...and it was already 1.30pm.Seufzen..

Woh..first time smpi Help University...jakun kejup..pastu x dah sebab biasa je tempat ni...

Made our way to Help University...yes..bangga we didn't get lost..haha..Big Thanks to the printed map and the google maps service on my phone..yay..Arrived there just right on time..about 10 mins before the show started...However i was kinda dissapointed...I thought the place would be crowded and all german bounded students from INTEC,UPM, and GMI would be there.That's why i dressed up a bit...Not only that few people came..the worst part is that the theater room was like so damn small and uncomfortable...But wut do u expect nabeyl...It's free..i mean for student who's taking german course..yer..

The movie shown titled Love in Thoughts (Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken).It's a really good film i must say...The story line is interesting.Enjoyed it alot...What was also eye-catching would be the uncensored scenes...haha...interesting...

Maaf gambar blur...Nie jer gambar semua skali..

Miss Ling Ling and me


Shikin und ich

Rumitha und ich

Let's take a peek at the short synopsis of this movie(Edited version from IMDb)
Günther and Paul want to live in full courses and without compromises - and they require same of the love. They are both a kind of school boys and best friends in 1927 Weimar Germany. Together with Günther's sister Hilde they spend the weekend in a summer house on the country, outside Berlin. Paul is fascinated by the girl and falls in love with her. And first it looks in such a way, that Pauls feelings are finally answered. But Hilde loves another guy. Secretly she meets with a young good-looking(nie tipoe-hans sngt burok) boy named Hans - Günther's former lover. Hans is a boy from a much lower class who works in the kitchen of a restaurant/dance club. In the garden of the house they celebrate a rushing celebration. When Hans pushes surprisingly to them, it sets a roller coaster travel of the feelings into course, which gets very soon out of control.Imagine this:Paul loves Hilde.Hilde loves Hans.Günther is Hilde's brother.He is still in love with Hans.Hans is bisexual btw.Hans loves both Günther and Hilde..but he is more towards Hilde..Elli loves Paul.Paul and Elli had sex but Paul is still in love with Hilde.Hans made out with Günther and Hilde at the same time.Nie menggelikan skit...Günther got jealous as Hans got carried away with Hilde.Earlier Paul and Günther had planned to commit suicide if they don't get the love they mean to deserve.They stand by the idea: If we are not loved, we take the ones we love with us...tu la citernyer...sedey gak...

Got back to Centrepoint Bandar Utama.Planned with the others to have our late lunch at Uptown Damansara..Sad to say, most of the hawker stalls were closed.So we made our way to Tesco Damansara...We had KFC....yes mengemoekan..tahu sngt..The girls went to buy something in Tesco.On the other hand,Darwin and I went to The Curve as Darwin wanted to buy earphone for his sony walkman..Darwin kaya ye...jealous..Nabeyl dah miskin...tsk2..

Darwin kalau makan mmg woh...

Nabeyl kalau mkn memang woh...

7.Went back to Subang Jaya,home sweet home.My dad told me that my relatives from Kedah came by...So we went out for dinner at Anjung Merah.Owh serious penat.Exhausted.Sehr Muede.I didn't get enuff sleep the day before...sigh..Mata Panda menjelma...

8. Went online once again...before dozing off...

Teruja sngt..sekian terima kasih...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beware of the wicked Banana

Haha...just for laughs...The message that i want to convey is very important though...Everyone especially girls so be careful at all times...We would never know what can happen in a sec...There is quite a number of rape cases happening here in Malaysia...It's terrifying!!!So..please beware...

I want to update my blog badly.i have lot of things to tell u guys....unfortunately i don't have time to write a enjoy this short post of mine.

For readers who have been wandering why i wrote this post...sile dengar..I wasn't a victim of flasher...or rape or wuteva that has connection with it...I was taken aback by the rape cases in malaysia...I went to my hostel this morning...i met Syireen who was about to go to Sunway i offered her a ride..since sunway is on the way to subang jaya..She told me about the rape cases in Casa Subang...where some of her friends(Jpa scholars) are staying...There has been few rape cases reported at that place...It bothers me to know the fact that anyone can get raped the moment he or she step out of her house..or even terrifying to be raped in our own yeah...Casa Subang people sila beware....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

All eyes were on A)Nabeyl B)Tyn C)Wanoy

Haha...the correct answer is Tyn...actually all eyes were on her gladiator sandals..hawt la tu kan..konon agak la kot..once Tyn got down from the car...I was like wah...lawa sandal gladiator...

Ayy Gee Zee (AGz) - wrong pronunciation actually

Pejam celik pejam celik.One year has passed,twelve fleeting months, fifty-two weeks...I think the last time i met Tyn was like last year during Hari Raya celebration...omg...aperkah..dua2 duduk dekat tp x sempat jumpa..howoe..rindu seems like yesterday we met each other..x sedey rindu kaw jugak...

The actual plan was to go and catch a movie at Sunway Pyramid...But the cinema was chock-a-block of people...woh2..nak queue pown ambik sejam kot..So we went shopping instead...I was looking for a new wallet as my old one got ________.Sila isi tempat kosong dgn perkataan yang sesuai.Setiap satu jawapan yang betul akan mendapat 1 nabeyl sila deyam skang.

We went from one shop to another looking for the most practical,eye-catching,affordable and hawtness wallet...I am a little bit choosy when it comes to shopping....I just can't make up my mind without my shopping buddies...I need their opinion on almost benar..Unfortunately as expected,I didn't find the wallet i wanted yeah..

Tyn on the other hand,was looking for her anniversary present...Wanoy...teman shopping dgn gigih..As we stroll along from shop to shop, people were gawking at us as if they've never seen two girls and a guy walking together...

Speculated reasons:
-Nabil a.k.a Casanova walking in between two girls
-Kereta Api x sampai ke destinasi- Ni dah check berkali2 okeyh...
-Kamie bertiga terlalu hawt together(Okie ni perasan lebey tp harap sngt betul)
-Stain kat baju lepas makan Carl's Junior beef chilli fries(Thanx Wanoy)
-Kamie bertiga dianggap artist sebab time tu ada show Bintang,Camelia jadi jury plak...lawa kot dia.(Ni saja nak suruh aku ikut jejak langkah Nabil Raja Lawak dan Nabil Mentor)Howoe...

Turned out to be
Kasut Tyn yg gladiator tu lah yg menarik perhatian remaja2,ibu2,bapak2...dan x lupa juga salegirls kat Padini Concept Store..tuh paling kot..

Baru nak perasan jadi artist terkenal..haha..

Memories of the day:
-Rib Cage Tony Romas....
-Ke-pekak-an Nabil as an effect from doing his chem exp on the day before...terus jadi bengong dan pekak...skit la..
-Main trolley giant
-Lompat2 di udara
-Photography session

Suka gambar nie.

Saja mengemoekan muka yg mmg dah gemoe

Tua kan muka sorunk2

Wanoy und ich

Bler the childish side of u memberontak

Kanak2 ribena sngt seronok kot..

Berterbangan di udara