Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Shopping in Germany?

Not a chance!!! You'll not be able to do much on a Sunday in Germany.It's very quite here on Sundays.Most people would just lock themselves in their cosy house doing nothing but to laze around. But2..we're Malaysians.We don't just sit around and do nothing on a Sunday, right? Ok, maybe sometimes we do...But it's Sunday Shopping yáll.Sape suka buat last minit shopping kalau bukan Malaysians kan..Hari Ahad je kalau Mydin x penuh xde tempat parking x sah la.Hari Ahad je kalau gi Megamall x pusing2 tiga empat kali cari parking x sah la.Ke tu hari sabtu? Ke hari-hari...Sigh..Slalu je gi Megamall kena pusing2..howoe.

Okay back to the Shopping in Germany on a Sunday.So what can we do?
Nak Shopping..Nak Shopping!!!
Let's go to Roermond!!! Okay wait, before I continue explaining about Roermond, let me enlighten you all with the reason why in Germany the shops are not opened on Sundays. 

(Source from Wikipedia)
Sunday shopping refers to the ability of retailers to operate stores on Sunday, a day that Christian tradition typically recognizes as the Sabbath, a "day of rest". Rules governing shopping hours, such as Sunday shopping, vary around the world but some European nations continue to ban Sunday shopping.

If you really need to do groceries shopping on Sundays, the only alternative you can do is to shop at the airport or the central station.But you won't get much varieties of the stuff and the price would be damn expensive. yeah...

I've actually written a post on Shopping in Roermond. If you would like to read the post, click here. Roermond is very near to the border between Germany and Holland.In Holland, shops are opened even on Sundays. Best kan..Deswai Germans also love to go to Roermond on Sundays.Even though I was in Roermond, I felt like I was in Germany due to the number of people talking in German there.hee.Mediums of conversation at the shops are English, German and Dutch.You all pilih la nak cakap mana satu.

Semua teruja naik train heading to Roermond.
Pic above : Fizz, My mum and Darwin. Pic below : Zhaf, Rumitha, Zalikha and I

It's Roermond yáll..We're here!!!

Free ride on the Shop Bus to all shopping outlets in Roermond.Only available on Saturday and Sunday.

The shopping atmosphere at Roermond Designer Outlet.

We had our lunch at Chris Vis..Sedapppp

Fish & Chips...mhhhmmm

Ternampak tiga orang budak pompuan gelak2 makan benda ni.Terus teruja gi cari kedai jual Cotton Candy kan..Wee..Terus ambik Supersized Cotton Candy..

Can you imagine how big the cotton candy was? Tu baru ambik size Super belum Turbo lagi kan..hoho..

Tengok muka sorung2 menikmati Cotton Candy tu..Menjilat jari lagi..

X puas okay shopping satu hari kat sini.Tempat besar geela mata rambang terus.

Penat dah berjalan...howoe

Heading back home...Happy Shoppers!!!

So now you know where you can go shop till you drop on Sundays. Roermond!! Roermond!!
Till the next post, tschüss und mach's gut!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wonderful ways to spend a winter weekend!!!

WINTER.Most people would not dare to go out of the house at this time of the year.It's a terrifying season for some people.But instead of just hibernating at home, you should enjoy the winter season by doing something fun and exciting.There are plenty of cold-weather activities for everyone to enjoy.You just need to go out and explore what the winter season has to offer.Yeahhh...

I've explored three activities with my family and friends which might be an interest to all of you...Enjoy reading the rest of the post...

 Modelling bukan salah satu daripadanya ye..harap maklum.

We went to Essen to enjoy our winter weekend...

Open Air Ice Skating

It was our first time experiencing an open air ice skating..teruja sangat..dulu kat Malaysia main indoor kat Sunway Pyramid je..hee

Tengok muka teruja sorung2...Darwin, Zalikha and I went for ice skating.My mum was the photographer..thank you mak..

Rodelbahn - Toboggan ride but with float instead

It's not that expensive.1 Euro per ride. 3.50 for 4 rides.

Can you imagine how much fun we had? weeeee...dah?sila jealous skang.

We took a look at the House of Republic Austria.Interresant!!!

Dah penat semua posing sakan..

Kita cari makanan sedap untuk melapik perut ye..

 Roasted almond would normally be available during christmas time tapi tertibe ada plak.I remember Hanis enjoyed these very much when she was here..

It's more beautiful when you skate in the evening...

When the lights illuminate the dark skies...

Essen Hauptbahnhof

The lightings in Essen Central Station are really amazing.There is a study that has proven that by having these lightings, people would feel more secure and safe at the central station. It also prevents crimes from taking place.Bagus kan...

Grugapark - World of Lights

Introducing Grugapark, Essen.

I found out about this event online. Terus ajak semua join explore kan..

Some of the lighting exhibitions we got to see on that night.

They are pretty indeed.

The Grugapark is really big....penat gak la berjalan...tapi best..

So sweet...

In front of the art gallery..Price for a painting ranging from 300 to 400 euros..howoe

My mum and Sis with Rumitha.

Don't you just love the effects that the lights create?
If you think that's cool, wait till you see the next coming pictures.

Spot the camouflaging people...

The 3D effects are so cool..

These are some of the pictures we took during the "Parkleuchten" event.There are actually much more to be seen but some of the pictures didn't turn out good due to taking pictures during the night without a yeah...

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures...

Winter is a perfect time for family and friends to spend quality time together.Find the things that interest you, your family and friends and go for it.You'll have a wonderful winter weekend that you'll never forget.

Till the next post..Tschüss und mach's gut!!!