Thursday, December 17, 2009

Know what you're wearing from A to Z..

What has made Nabeyl become so enthusiastic on writing about this post entitled "Know what you're wearing from A to Z".

Was it because of the plenty of free time he has at home doing nothing besides going online everyday...or because he is so into fashion that he thinks engineering should only come second...or because he is so mesmerized with the awesome specs on his new laptop that he couldn't get enough of them and would write lengthy post just to explore everything..or he doesn't want his blog to be focusing on just certain themes like college life, shopping, food and music but instead being an all-rounder blog, able to enlighten readers on any topics without any boundaries...Or he just being so humbly wants to share the knowledge that he has gained from reading a newspaper(Malaysian Today) article entitled "In the Name of Style".I think its a lil bit of this...a lil bit of that kind of thing.Humma2.

You're walking in a mall when suddenly something caught your attention.Omg a cute dress or Omg hawt stuff! or Omg I seriously need to have that in my closet or Omg omg omg *speechless*.What you've found may be sexy, hot, cool and fashionable but do you know what it is called?A ruching dress?A romper?A pair of jorts?A unitards?Uni...uni..what?

No worries.You're not too late to defend yourself from being called a fashion fool.Here's a fashion glossary to enlighten you all about what you're wearing from A to Z.For the explanations, some are of my own interpretation and some i got from the Wikipedia and also from the article that I read in Malaysian Today...To get better explanation on the different names of clothing, do google it up..Penat dah cari gambar...x larat nak cari various explanations..howoe.


A-line dress
A type of skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A.

Ascot cap or Cuffley cap
A hard men's cap similar to the flat cap, but distinguished by its hardness and rounded shape


Back Drape
Extra material attached either at the shoulder or the waist that flows over the back

Back Yoke
Fitted or shaped piece at the shoulder of clothing

Baggy Jeans
Oversized pair of jeans, associated with hip-hop style

Ball Gown
a full-skirted gown reaching at least to the ankles, made of luxurious fabric, delicately and exotically trimmed

Ballerina neckline
a wide, low oval-shaped neckline that is scooped out in the front and the back, and usually occurs with strapless or spaghetti strapped dresses, displaying the collarbone

Baseball cap
a type of soft cap with a long, stiff bill that may either be curved or flat

Beanies, typically made of wool felt, are brimless and either have a small embellished visor or, more commonly, no visor at all.

Beard cap
Beard Head helps to protect your head from the cold and keep your upper lip and chin pleasantly warm, much like a real beard would

Bell-bottom jeans
Pair of jeans that become wider from the knees downward.

Besom pocket
Pocket sewn inside a garment with access through a slip opening

Bike tards
A form-fitting, one-piece garment from top of the torso to the hem of the shorts

A long-sleeved sports jacket with lapels, worn as smart casual dress

Board shorts
Board shorts are designed to be quick-drying, and are generally made from smooth polyester or nylon material.They are well-adapted to their use in various active water sports

Boat neck
A Boat Neck, also called a bateau neck, refers to a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone

A three-quarter jacket with sleeves that either long, short or three quarter

Bomber cap
High quality wool blend winter hat with Sherpa lined ear flaps that snap under chin.

Box pleat
two folds of material sewn together to form a pleat

A skirt or dress distinguished by numerous pleats and crinkled fabric


Cap sleeve
short sleeve that sits on the shoulder to either form a stiff cap or to provide a minimal coverage

Capri pants(capris) are straight-cut pants a.k.a long shorts or three-quarters that usually worn in warm weather.They are designed to end mid-calf or just below the calf.

a type of sweater (or jumper) that ties, buttons or zips down the front

Cargo pants
Cargo pants are designed originally for tough, outdoor activities. They are baggy, permitting free movement, made of hard-wearing, quick-drying fabrics, with tough stitching, and have large belt loops and several additional patch pockets.

Cathedral Train or monarch train
A cascading train extending between 6 to 8 feet of a gown,for the most formal weddings.

Chapel train
It flows from 3 to 4 feet behind the gown

Column skirt or pencil skirt or straight skirt
Fuss-free straight cut with no flare or volume at the hem or waistline

A close-fitting undergarment, often reinforced by stays, worn to support and shape the waistline, hips, and breasts.Worn by both men and women but women are common wearers.

Cowl neck
Neckline with a piece of material attached to a garment at the neck which can be used as a hood or draped loosely in a swag from shoulder to shoulder at the front neckline or back.

Crew neck
Round neck with ribbed banding that hugs close to the base of the neck

Petticoats made stiff with horse-hair to shape the bell-like skirts of the early nineteenth century.This was then replaced with the bustle


Dolman or batwing sleeve
a long sleeve that is very wide at the top and narrow at the wrist.Batwing sleeve, a long sleeve with a deep armhole, tapering towards the wrist. Also known as a "magyar" sleeve.

double-breasted refers to a coat or jacket with wide, overlapping front flaps and two, parallel columns of buttons or snaps

Double-tee top
A layered style with one t-shirt over another

Draped bodice
An extra piece of fabric draped over the bustline


Empire waist
A high waistline that cuts horizontally across the body, just below the bust. This waistline gives a long, slender look and excellent fabric drape in the skirt. Allows for short, inconspicuous shaping darts.It also creates the illusion of height.


A fedora is a felt hat that is creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides

Fishtrail train
A train that is fitted around the hips and flares out from the knee to the hemline

Flannel shirt
Flannel is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness. It usually doesn't have a nap, and instead gains its softness through the loosely spun yarn it is woven from. Plaid is a traditional pattern for flannel shirts.

Flat-front pants
Straight-cut pants,usually seamless and san pockets

Frog buttons
Chinese buttons made of decorative cording or braiding


Wide-legged trousers or divided skirt that reaches mid-calf and paired with boots

protective gloves used as a form of armour or dress gloves that extends above the wrist


Halter top
Sleeveless bodice that's backless and with a high choke or wrap neck

Handkerchief style
The hem of a blouse or skirt that's jagged to create flowing points.

Hi-lo dress
Dress with hem that is long at the back and short in front.

A hoodie (or hoody), or a bunnyhug is an upper-body jacket with a hood. The characteristic design includes large frontal pockets, a hood, and a drawstring to adjust the hood opening.

Hook & eye closure
Fastening device comprising of a metal hook that catches over a bar or into a loop

Hot pants
Categorized as "short shorts", they commonly have an inseam length of two inches or less. These are short, tight shorts, usually made of cotton, nylon, or some other common material. They are meant to emphasize the buttocks and the legs


A jacket is a type of sleeved hip- or waist-length garment for the upper body

Jewel neck
Round, high neckline that rests at the base of the neck

Jean shorts, occasionally called "jorts", are a garment worn by women or men that covers the pelvic area, the buttocks, and the legs, stopping between the top of the thigh and the knee. They are simply shorts made from denim.


Kangaroo pocket
Pocket formed by sewing a piece of cloth over the clothing item leaving two open ends

Keyhole neck
these are similar to halter necklines, but the converging diagonal lines meet in front of the neck, forming a "keyhole". More generally, these feature a central hole, usually just below the collar bones. These necklines are seen infrequently.


Leg-of-mutton sleeve or gigot sleeve
a sleeve that is extremely wide over the upper arm and narrow from the elbow to the wrist

Low-loose jeans
Low-loose jeans, worn by both men and women, are jeans intended to sit low on, or below, the hips.They are loose and comfortable to be worn.


One-piece swimsuit

Mandarin collar
Short,stand up collar, adopted from the close-fitting Oriental collar

Skirt that is cut close to the body until it reaches the knees or just below and then ends in a glamorous flare.

"Mom" jeans
Mom jeans is a satirical term for a perceived fit of women's jeans considered very unflattering, usually with a high waist and generous cut in the stomach and leg.


Notched collar
Two-piece collar that can be only worn open


these are similar to boat necklines but are significantly lower, below the shoulders and collar bone.These necklines accentuate the shoulders and neck of the wearer.


Patchwork dress or pieced
A style designed by sewing a few pieces of material together to form the garment,quite like a quilt.

Peasant blouse
Romantic top accented with a low neckline, ruffles,or feminine, flowing material

Underskirt that is usually made with a ruffled,pleated or lace edge

Originally worn as an apron to protect dresses from dirt and stain, it was later used as a fashion garment and worn as a sleveless dress or over a blouse.

A placket refers both to a slit in clothing and to layers of fabric which may be used to conceal such a slit.It is used specifically to refer to the button down front of a jacket or blouse.

Point collar
Collar with pointed ends that is normally accesorized with a tie.

A poncho is a garment designed to keep the body warm, or if made from a watertight material, to keep dry during rain. It was created by the Peruvians and is now known in over 150 countries over the world.

Princess seams
Seam in the front or the back of a clothing item that gives a form-fitting shape

Puckered bodice
Often associated with tube tops, it lends a scrunchy look

Puff or pouf sleeve
a short, full sleeve gathered at the top and bottom, now most often seen on wedding and children's clothing

Push-up jeans
Spandex in the jeans that helps to lift and shape the derriere.


A romper suit is a one-piece garment worn by children and sometimes women. Somewhat similar to a coverall, it is loose fitting and usually has shorter legs that may be gathered at the end

Ruching dress
Pleated, fluted or gathered strip of fabric usually used for trimming


A sarong or sarung is a large tube or length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist and worn as a kilt by men and as a skirt by women.The fabric most often has woven plaid or checkered patterns, or may be brightly colored by means of batik or ikat dyeing. Many modern sarongs also have printed designs, often depicting animals or plants.

Scoop neck
these have a curved U shape, with the arms of the U hanging on the shoulders. The depth of the U can vary, ranging from demure styles to plunging.

Shawl collar
One-piece collar tuned down to form a continuous line around the back of the neck to the front

A sheath dress is a type of dress designed to tightly fit the body. It is often made of a very light and thin material like cotton or silk, and rarely contains any flourishes

Shirred waist
Decorative gathering of material created by drawing up the material along two or more prallel line of stitching.

A shrug is a cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves, typically knitted. Generally, a shrug covers less of the body than a vest would, but it is more tailored than a shawl. Shrugs are typically worn as the outermost layer of an outfit, with a full shirt or tank top beneath.

Pants with a sweater-like attachment around the waist

Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening that can be anywhere from 9" to 20" leg opening depending on size. Other names for this style include drainpipes, stovepipes, cigarette pants, pencil pants, skinny pants or skinnies

Shorts with a front covering to resemble a skirt

Slim-fit pants
Explanation about the same as skinny jeans but slim fit pants are not as tight as skinnies.

Spaghetti strap
A spaghetti strap (also called noodle strap) is a very thin shoulder strap used in clothing, such as camisoles, cocktail dresses, and evening gowns, so-named for its resemblance to the thin pasta strings called spaghetti

Square neck
these are characterized by three linear edges, the bottom edge meeting the side edges at right angles. The bottom edge cuts across the figure horizontally and the side edges pass over the shoulders. A special case of this is the slot neckline, in which the side edges are very close (roughly the width of the collar-bone points), forming a narrow slot.

Straight legs
Trousers legs cut in an equal width from waist to ankle

Sweater vest
A sweater vest/sleveless sweater a.k.a Langdon in the Northeastern United States) is an item of knitwear that is similar to a sweater, but without sleeves.

A sweater/jumper/pullover is a garment intended to cover the torso and arms. They are usually worn over a shirt, blouse, T-shirt, or other top. Sweaters tend to be made from wool; however, they can be made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or some combination thereof.

Sweatshirts are normally worn during a workout because of its material, that allows perspiration and quick drying.

Sweep train
Short train that barely sweep the floor

Sweetheart neckline
these have a curved bottom edge that is concave down and usually doubly scalloped to resemble the top half of a heart. The side edges often converge on the neck, similar to halter necklines. Sweetheart necklines accentuate the bosom.


Tank top
Sleeveless top with wide armholes

Two piece of bathing suit with the upper portion resembling a tank top

Tea length
A dress hemmed to end at the shin

Tie-cinched waist
An outfit,where the waist is pulled tight around the body with a tie.

Trapeze top
Tank top with flared bottom

A trench coat or trenchcoat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton drill or poplin, wool gabardine, or in some cases leather: it generally has a removable insulated lining; and it is usually knee-length or longer.

Tulle skirt
Sheer, puffed skirt usually made of stiffened silk, rayon or nylon net

A tunic is any of several types of clothing for the body, of various lengths reaching from the shoulders to somewhere between the hips and the ankles

these are high close-fitting collars that wrap around the neck itself

A ballet tutu is a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance, often with attached bodice. It might be single layer, hanging down, or multiple layers starched and strutting out. It tends to add a floating motion when ballerinas dance in them.


A unitard is a skin-tight one-piece garment with long legs and sometimes long sleeves.


An open yoke that forms a "V"shape midway down the bodice

Formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulders that meet on the chest creating a V shape. The depth of the V can vary, ranging from demure styles to plunging.The V may also be truncated by a small bottom edge, forming a trapezoid.


Walk shorts
Walk shorts have recently attained status as New Zealand kiwiana. Walk shorts were polyester dress shorts popular amongst New Zealand's male public servants from the 1970s, and almost became an unofficial public service uniform teamed with knee socks, sandals, and a woollen cardigan.

Wedding-band collar
Collar with a yoke that is either open or of sheer net with an ornate band.The band fits snugly on the neck giving a choker effect.

Wide leg
Pants or jeans cut extra full through the legs

Wing collar
Collar of white tuxedo shirts.Commonly worn with a bow tie

Wrap top or surplice top
Bodice created by the cross-wrapping of material.


Fitted or shaped piece at the top of a skirt or at the shoulder


Pattern usually created by sewing to create a design of alternating sharp turns and angles

Woh2...take that...100+ styles in the fashion world...Gigih kan.This is officially the post with the most pictures in it...tahniah Nabeyl...The most important thing is that you guys have gained something from reading this post.I hope so..Till next time..Tschuess und mach's gut!!!


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