Sunday, August 29, 2010


Krefeld? Who? What? Where?
Who - Nabil Aizat ... What - will be studying ... Where - in Krefeld!!!

Well, my Bachelor Degree course will start in September at the Hochschule Niederrhein (University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein)...I'm excited to start a new phase in my life that will lead me to the working world..woh2

Okay....Getting back to Krefeld...Where is Krefeld? Why did I choose Krefeld? What is so special about Krefeld?

Krefeld, also known as Crefeld until 1929, is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located southwest of the Ruhr area.Due to the silk production in the 18th and 19th century, it is also known as "velvet and silk city".The city which is divided into nine districts is the home to around 240,000 population.So, Krefeld is not really a big city..medium would be right...

Actually, I would like to study in NRW ( North Rhine-Westphalia), no matter what..I find NRW really interesting as it is located in the centre western part of Germany...It means that NRW is the neighbour of Netherlands and Belgium.It is also not that far from France.Even though there's nothing much in Krefeld, the cities surrounding it are really cool...Cities such as Cologne, Essen, Düsseldorf, Venlo( Holland) and etc...Some of you guys might have known that I have an uncle in Rotterdam, Netherlands.So, it's kinda good that we are staying near to each other.I can also celebrate Raya with my relatives this year.Yeay!

 Panoramic views of the cities in NRW

Why did I choose the Fachhochschule(Uni of Applied Sciences) in Krefeld?
I did some research on the Universities in NRW...I even went to see the universities myself.I have my own criteria.For me, i would like to study in a place that is not remote and small.It must not be a boring place.A place that I can imagine myself living there for the next 5 or 6 years.The most important thing is the status of the University.Hochschule Niederrhein is the second best university in NRW right after FH Aachen.Why I didn't choose FH Aachen.That's whole nother story..I kinda felt good when I chose to study in Krefeld.So yeah..
Random Facts about Krefeld
  • Krefeld has 15.5 percent foreigners..and 1/3 from that amount are Turks.
  • There are quite a number of Doener( Kebab) restaurant in Krefeld. Shockingly, there are 7 Kebab Restaurants in a row near the Central station, each one positioned near to the other...I've planned with Darwin to do an episode of  "Jalan-jalan makan Kebab".To test which one has the nicest meat and service..hee..
  • Krefeld's residents speak Hochdeutsch, the standard German taught to all people in Germany. However, the native dialect is a Low German variety, sometimes locally called "Krefelder Plattdeutsch," "Krieewelsch Platt," "Plattdeutsch,," or sometimes simply "Platt.
  • Krefeld used to have other names.Krefeld itself was first mentioned in 1105 under the name of Krinvelde.Then it was known as Crefeld. In 1929 Krefeld and Uerdingen merged to form Krefeld-Uerdingen.From 1940 onwards the name was shortened to Krefeld.
Here are some of the pictures of the tourist attraction in Krefeld

 Krefeld Hauptbahnhof ( Central Station )

The shopping-mall "Hansa-Haus", a well known landmark due to it's position.On the left side are the tram and bus station ,on the right side, through the "Neusser Tor" is the pedestrian zone along Neusser Str / Hochstr.

 Behnischhaus - was built between 2001 and 2002, designed by architects Behnisch.

 Train platform restaurant...kewl..teringat Victoria Station kat Malaysia..mahal woh makan dalam train..

 The Burg Linn is a water castle in Krefeld Linn, Nordrhein-Westfalen

 The recreational park Elfrather awesome view...

 Chemical industries at the port of Krefeld Linn

 Liberty Bridge on the Rhine port of Krefeld (Linn).This swing bridge was built in 1905.

 City halls and Administration building

 The views of Rhine in Uerdingen

Old City Walls..

 Water Towers

                 Master Ponzelar, the iconic figure in the time of "velvet and silk city"

There you go..the premier peek of what you can expect from Krefeld.I'm really excited to start a new lifestyle here in Krefeld.Wish me best of luck..Doakan kejayaan Nabil kat sini yeah...Insyaallah akan balik dengan ijazah...Amin...

Tschuess und mach's gut!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tunak tunak Tun Tunak tunak Tun Tunak tunak KURTA TA TA

Tertiba je teringat lagu Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi kan...Punjabi King of Pop kot...Sape boleh lupa kan...yeah.

Sadly, I'll not be talking about this king of pop who created the phenomena of Banghra songs in this post. Instead, I'll be talking about the KURTA TA TA that you can see being worn by Daler and the children in the picture above....What is a Kurta actually?

Let me enlighten you all with a bit of information on Kurta...(Source : Wikipedia)
A kurta, کُرتا also known as kurti  is a traditional item of clothing worn in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. It is a loose shirt falling either just above or somewhere below the knees of the wearer, and is worn by both men and women. Kurtas are worn both as casual everyday wear and as formal dress. They were traditionally worn with loose-fitting paijama (kurta-paijama), loose-fitting salwars, tight-fitting churidars, or wrapped-around dhotis.But with the fashion evolution in today's world, kurta is also worn with a pair jeans.Cool huh? Ye adik2...kurta pon bleh jadi fashion statement okay...In fact, Kurta was an element of hippie fashion in the 60s and 70s, and is now popular again in today's fashion world...

Some of the types of Kurta available in Malaysia to be grabbed...

Kurta Johor

Kurta with Collar

Kurta Dobby

To get more information on the Kurtas and how to get them, click on this facebook account or send to this email address or the easiest way to get clearer information on this matter is by talking directly to the person in you can also call this number Danial - 016 6098880. Personal delivery is available to those staying in Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Sunway and Kelana Jaya.Other areas will be sent through post laju and will arrive in about one or two days.

So para pembaca : Bapak-bapak, ibu-ibu semua yang ada di sini ( Uncle2, Aunty2, Sedara-mara, sepupu-sepapat, cucu cicit dan yang seangkatan dengannya) yang tertarik dengan Kurta ni or tertarik nak bagi kat family members yang lain, order la ye...sementara stok masih ada...Raya is just around the corner...Hee..x sabar...Lepas ni bleh la pakai kurta menari guling2 turun bukit...yeah...

Tschüss und mach's gut

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mission Malik Noor gagal...

Haha..nasib baik gagal kan..kalau x xtaw ar nabil...

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a young boy who suddenly said to himself "kalau hari-hari keja camni..jadi malik noor la aku dalam 2 bulan"...yeah...

The daily routine during practical - waking up at 4.50 am in the morning just to catch the bus at 5.24am in order to be at the company before 6am, starting work at 6am,ended at 2.45pm...went to sleep at 10pm....and the routine went on for the past 2 months...

If you think the work was easy cuz i'm just doing my practical..You're totally WRONG...the work was really tough...It's not just about observing how things are being done, take notes, help a little bit here and there and write a report...It's not.I repeat.It's not..

Kalau dah balik kerja tiap2 hari macam setengah mati aperkah kan...yeah..tapi cabaran hidup terpaksa ditempuhi jua..wah skema je ayat.I'm really glad that everything is over now...Im free...I'm like a bird...I wanna fly away..whoosh..yeah..sound system penting..

Malangnya kegigihan mengangkat besi berat nak mampos, almari berat skit lagi nak mampos, meja berat dah mampos terus tidak menjayakan misi Malik Noor budak tersebut..hmphh..lagi kurus ada la kot...
Although the work was excruciating and really demanding, we (Muádz and I) managed to fulfil the needs of our caretaker and did a great job i must say. Paling teruja bila big boss sendiri cakap kan...woh2...They were really satisfied and happy with our work and even apologized for the work that we were not even supposed to do like moving the whole office into a new one..Imagine the amount of  "Gajah" tables and "Beruang"  cupboards that we had to carry...howoe.

And for that we got a token of appreciation...wohoo..dapat duit raya skit..hee..penat lelah bekerja terbalas jugak...I was having mixed feelings when i left the company...I was really happy that the routine was finally over but kinda sad cuz i had to leave many great friends that i've made during the time i was there..The one that I would remember always would be Martin..He was like a father to us...owh...the saddest moment was when i saw tears in his eyes when we said goodbye...tsk2... are limited due to the strictness of taking pics in the company..ambik gambar ni pown curi2.hee..

 Antara kerja2 yang kitorunk buat di POHL...dah expert cat rumah ye...

 Projek2 kecil yang hangat2 tahi ayam...Ingat dah bleh relax buat projek2 kecil..sekali..hmphh gak...
POHL's big project...we contributed more than 70% on this piece of work...from the first day the project started till the end when the big boss was satisfied with the outcome...Dah jadi expert buat LAMINATOR...woh2..nama nak gempak je..

The LAMINATOR dudes...baekla..sangat lame..

Alhamdullillah...i managed to go through the past 2 months without having any major injuries...calar sini..calar sana..kulit terkeluar..terkena selumbar, terkepit jari, sakit mata masuk habuk besi ke hape entah, sakit kaki berdiri 6-8 hours per day, sakit belakang, pening kepala tiap2 hari lepas balik kerja dah menjadi lumrah hidup kot...sabar jerla...hee...

Mach's gut und Tschüss!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan di perantauan...

 Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all fellow Muslims especially to my family members and friends..
Alhamdullillah.Ramadhan, the holiest of months in the Islamic calendar is just around the corner.This will be my first time fasting abroad...without my family..tsk2...

Oh well...this is one of the challenges living abroad...You can do it !!! Humma2.

Cabaran2 Nabil memyambut bulan Ramadhan di comparison to Malaysia
  1. Longer fasting period...Subuh at 3.50 am and Maghrib at 9.00 pm...Total hours : 17 approx
  2. Bangun Sahur sendiri...sendiri kot...erm...bleh ke??
  3. 3 days fasting while doing practical...Practical bukan observe,buat skit2 dan tulis buku je ye..practical kat sini macam kerja setengah mati balik rumah pening kepala nak pengsan terus..yeah..nasib baik last week..hee
  4. Menahan mulut agak susah memandangkan terpaksa buat practical bersama budak-budak annoying tahap gaban yang cari nahas je tiap2 hari...fuh...
  5. NO BAZAAR RAMADHAN!!! Owh ni paling la kan...sedey...sedey..nak murtabak...ayam percik..tau fu fa gula merah...kuih pelita...roti jala...cendol...dah cukop2...
  6. Masakan mak di bulan Ramadhan...Time ni la mak rajin nak masak macam2 kan...laksa nyonya, mee kari, nasi tomato, gulai ketam dan macam2 lagi...sigh....sabar jerla...
  7. Busy preparing for my studies and looking for a house...Kena pindah barang and ulang-alik from Cologne to Krefeld...penat kot..
  8. Jejak Rasul yang x pernah miss tiap2 tahun...actually boleh je tengok online..but 7 pm in Malaysia is 1pm in Germany...slalu lepas habis tengok jejak rasul terus masuk waktu berbuka...sekarang ni kena tunggu 8 jam lagi..tsk2...
  9. Berbuka Puasa dan bersahur at more sahur in A&W dan Mcd..hee..gedik x...No more berbuka puasa outside...cuz restaurant kat sini tutup awal..8 or 9 pm dah tutup...
  10. Abnormal sleeping time...Breaking fast at 9.00pm...isyak at 11pm...sleep at 11.30pm...wake up at 2.30am ( Kalau rajin nak masak untuk sahur)..subuh at 3.40am...then continue sleeping...yeah..
Whatever it is....I'm happy to have the opportunity to experience fasting abroad...experience tu penting ye rakan2....Setiap kali Ramadhan menjelma...lagu ni mesti dalam ingatan...wah2..

Hayatilah lagu dan lirik Harapan Ramadhan

That's all for today...Salam...Tschuess und mach's gut!!!