Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak - Kengkawan, Friends, Freunde

Riang-Ria Raya kembali lagi,
Rakan & Taulan pulang ke halaman
Menyambut lebaran yang dinanti-nanti
Ziarah-menziarahi x bleh dilupakan.

Haha..bleh x cipta pantun semata-mata untuk post ni..
Yeay!!The time has come to talk about my experiences celebrating Raya with my wonderful friends...Moments to be cherished and treasured to the end of time...Especially those moments spent with my besties....

Raya this year was not as good as last two years...cuz in previous years,we managed to "ziarah-menziarahi" each and every one of the AGz houses..That was fun...It was like a visiting-chain that never ends..

But having said that,I think raya celebration this year will be a memorable one cuz not only i managed to get photos of the whole Agz but at the same time meeting new friends and experiencing new things...

Riang raya activities with friends:-

5th day of Raya

Iz invited us to her house for Raya celebration..Those present from Agz were only myself,Izzah,Aida n Tyn..We had Nasi Ayam and kuih raya...best2..Iz, thanx yeah...cordially invited lagi..

Aida & I

Tuan Rumah

Sedang menjamah kuih raya rumah Iz

Ye..iz kamu memang sedondon ngan sofa..

Gambar keluarga bahagia gitoe..

Mana Iz?Mana?Mana?

Sempat lagi try massaging chair smbl meditating

Iz, Izzah, Tyn and Aida

Ceh Iz rumah baru renovate...

Time makan nasi ayam

Suka gambar gigi lawa

Ada org comment kat facebook kata pasangan sejoli.."Maloe"

Cermin besar semua rumah perlu diambil gambar reflection yeah

From Iz's hse,we made our way to Ilmi's in Hicom Subang.Somewhere near Wanoy's 2nd hse.It's been ages since any of us saw Ilmi..The thing that surprised me the most was his face..Jealous kot..tertibe dia flawless..God puhleez let me go to Egypt now..hehe..Owh..Ilmi is doing medicine in yeah..maybe the weather factor there affects his appearance...nice to see u again Ilmi.Thanx for the invitation yeah.

Iz drive seyh...atas permintaan iz, gwe duduk la kat sebelah.

Hakim commented "Nabil smgt ambik gambar nak bawak gi Germany"..tsk2 mmg kot..akan merindui korunk..

Izzah..khas buat kaw..tatap la yeh...buat wallpaper laptop..haha melampau.

Gambar burst dalam umah Ilmi

Gambar burst luar Rumah Ilmi

Tertarik deboom kot kat kerusi ini

6th day of Raya

Samer's open hse..Here we come!!!I got the opportunity to meet up with old friends and also new friends...Got updated with each other's stories...It was the right time to catch up with their progress..Thank you Samer for the invitation...

Samer's open hse..

Me loike this pic..xtaw kenapa


One Malaysia...yeah..

Smile detection skit arh..

Samer, Amirrul and Nabil...

Samer terpengaruh yeah ngan expression gwe.. photo...teruja

Straight from Samer's hse,we went to Izzah's place.Beraya2...Makan soto kegemaran mak dia masak...yum2..Didn't spend a long time there cuz i have to rush for my 3rd,4th and 5th open houses.huhu..This was the day that i gained 2 kg in less than 24 hours...huhu...

Makan di rumah Izzah pula

Kan dah ckp...gambar dpn cermin penting banget.

7th Day of Raya

I got invited to my new friend's hse,Wan Amirrul.Believe it or not,he's my facebook friend.What a coincidence to meet up with him at Samer's place the day before.Howoe.Thanx yeah Amirrul..

Sufi,Nabil,Samer,Farhan and Amirrul..

Thanx you guys for making the raya this year a wonderful and unforgettable one...

Eid Mubarak - Keluarga, Family, Familie

Okie finally i have the time to post on my raya activities with my family..Friends..please wait..the next post is about u guys...

This year,my family and I celebrated Eid Mubarak in Taiping together with my relatives..As I no longer have grandparents from both sides of the family,we decided to spend our Raya celebration with family and relatives..Total of 5 families were there at my late grandmother's house which has now became my uncle's hse.The celebration was awesome.We had tremendous fun.

Riang Raya 2009 activities:-

Pre-Raya preparation -

Download Raya songs, cook Rendang & Ketupat..tiding up the house. packing kuih raya..Wut people would normally do for Raya celebration...howoe

Ketupat buat sendiri okay..bangga2..dapat pujian from my aunty..hehe

First day of Raya

- Went for the raya prayer with the whole family
- Had our Raya breakfast and beraya2 bersama keluarga tersayang...

An emotional moment...beraya ngan parents..might be my last time spending raya in Malaysia for the next 5 years..

Lepas balik smyg raya terus check Facebook..bleh plak kan..

Mitz(Amira) and I

Nad and I

Liyana and I

Alala..sape yg rajin skang..pompuan pemalas..hehe..

Afternoon - Made our way to Kedah to celebrate with my relatives in Kedah.Fyi, my parents originated from previously we would celebrate Raya in Kedah...berapa banyak Kedah duh..

On the way to Kedah..Tengok Final Destination 4 skit arh..

Evening - Still in Kedah.We managed to visit 3 houses.Spend quite some time at my aunty's hse at Jalan Pumpong,if im not mistaken bout the name of the street..huhu

At Nda Shi's hse

Khas untuk tatapan Tyn,ni la Zahleya and Hazhym..Chomeyl..nama pown gempak kan

Photoshoot ngan basikal2 antik at my uncle's hse..

Semua pown nak posing skit arh

Makan2 Raya at Nda Shi's hse again...makan spaghetti plak...

Camwhoring moment...

Midnite - Back in Taiping...Doze off..

Second day of Raya
Morning - Bukit Merah Laketown Themepark!!Here we come!!Haha....bleh x on 2nd day of raya gi mandi-manda kat Themepark...

Gambar ni x rasa chomeyl ke..

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

I got myself injured..huhu...buruk dah tangan...

Singgah kat Burmese Pool kejup before heading home

Evening - We had our Buffet at the Bukit Merah dad's treat..After that,we went to Tesco Taiping and Taiping Sentral

Guna Photobooth...Pose geela2...nak edit berjam2...haha..Uncle Kerry(My dad's friend from Nz) pown join sekaki.

Dorunk pown nak photoshoot gak..hehe

Night - Mercun and Bunga api time..huhu..Wir hatten viel Spass!!!Das muss ich sagen!

Izzah..kaw nak aku tukar pose kat blog kan..hehe..ambik kaw..

Third Day of Raya
Morning - Visited relatives staying in Taiping

Camwhoring on the way to Nani Yom's hse

Afternoon - Went to Taiping Tesco to buy some groceries but ended up buying new cameras...I repeat sis was so gedik nak gak beli DSLR..i just bought a normal digital camera which im like so in love with right now...

Evening - Drive back to Subang Jaya....Owh boy...Traffic chock a block....sigh..

Raya activities from the day onwards...will be explained thru pictures...thank you...

Lampu2 itu penting..

Trying the features on my new camera..hehe...perlula pose geela2...sayang keluarga ini..

Bunga Api time..Best kot bunyi mercun memecah suasana sunyi malam sepi...jiwang suday

Love the effect...

Don't forget to catch the next post on Eid Mubarak - Friends...till then...Tschuess!!!