Thursday, September 5, 2013

Riang Ria Raya 2013 - From A to Z....

Eid ul-Fitr 2013 is about to come to an end. The past one month was filled with wonderful moments, joy and laughter of family members and friends. I had a wonderful time celebrating raya with my loved ones. I went to a number of raya gatherings and ate a lot of Malaysian food that I ended up getting chubbier day by day. Oh well, what the heck right? Raya is just once a year.. So kenalah makan puas-puas. :P Kang balik Germany kempunan pulakk..

Raya is all about celebrating with your loved ones...By loved ones, i mean your family members, relatives and friends. I'm lucky because I got the opportunity to celebrate raya in Malaysia this year. There was a bit of a drama due to certain problems I had in Germany but alhamdullillah all of the problems got solved.

Raya is very special because you get to celebrate after the hardship that you've gone through for the past one month and by celebrating I mean you get to eat various delicious cuisine, munch on raya cookies that are to die for, meet up with relatives that you have not met for ages, and last but not least you get to make some noise with cool fireworks or to act childish playing with bunga api... love it!

Below are pictures showing the chronology of my riang ria raya events of 2013...Enjoy!!!

Gambar wajib on the first day of raya. 
Sadly Kak Meen and Mardhiyah couldn't join us.

Gelak besar je terus keluar muka tua I..howoe..

Ayie came over to celebrate raya with my family and I

With my dearest sister, Zalikha.

I went to Hanis's house of the first day of raya. That's the only day that she's free. Hee.. 
All the best to you, Hanis!

Angle dah bagus, baru boleh pose..

#berayabersamathekuzens.. :)

 The first family raya gathering at our house in Subang Jaya

Chomeyl ke tidokkk?! :p

 Okay ni memang confirm chomeylll!!!
My nieces, Mariah and Maisarah.

Freestyle group family picture on the 3rd day of raya

Beraya with my fav kuzens, Anas and Nadira

This is maybe less than 1/4 of the family members that I have.
Family I memang "kecik"..  :p

With my cousins from Sungai Petani.
From left : Daniel, Jason, Anas, Nabil, Adam and Azeem

Beraya at my aunty's house in PJ

Qarl and Kal datang beraya kat rumah

Beraya with bloggers : Syed Syafique, Karl Hummingbird, Pojiepooh, Adi Luqman, Qarl Haiqal and moi

Went to Khalellalensa's house..sedappp dia buat serawa durian.. :)

Half of AGz came to the house..
Macam gambar keluarga bahagia dah I tengok..

Riang Ria Raya with bloggers..

The Kedahans in the house!!! 
Family members from my father's side.

Got an invitation to Dato' Siti's open house through my Aunty.
Thank you so much for the opportunity... :)

Alhamdullillah dapat jumpa Dato' Siti in person.
Another tick on my "dream on" list.

Gigih ke Melaka untuk beraya di rumah Hizami Li.
From left : Sophie, Zalikha, Azri, Nabil and Hizami

Alang-alang di Melaka, sempat beraya dengan Abang Azizi di Anjung Tasik

Memori beraya dengan Melaka-ians di rumah Adie.. :)

Oh wie süß... 
Raya gathering at Ayah Non's house in Sentul

 Riang Ria Raya at Samer's house

Keluarga Bahagia 2.0
From left : Sufey, Samer, Nabil, Izzah, Muadz and Kakak Izzah

Went to Wan Amirul's house for raya. 
Meet Maslina and Naqi there.

Group picture taken at a Wedding Reception in Simpang Renggam

Tag along Pojie gi beraya rumah kawan2 Egypt...

Beraya di rumah Izzah pulak..

Bertahun-tahun x jumpa..besar2 panjang dah anak sedara I ni..

A small get-together/ farewell
Thanks Naz for the invitation

Sempat beraya with my bestie, Zharin before I came back to Germany

Family Gathering / Nabil's Farewell / Ayah's Birthday

Berjumpa sanak saudara dan juga rakan taulan
Ziarah menziarahi ada juga makan-makan
Minta maaf buat yang tak berkesempatan
Insyaallah kita jumpa tahun hadapan

 Till the next post... 
Tschüss und mach's gut!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Harap-harap ada sumur di ladang...

It's extremely hard saying goodbye to someone you've got yourself attached to : My parents, siblings, nieces, relatives and friends. As if like it's better to not coming back home at all and not having to deal with this mixed feeling of being apart again. But i won't regret coming back to my home sweet home, Malaysia. 

Even during a short period of time, I managed to do a lot of exciting and fun activities with my family and friends. I had a number of gatherings, ate a lot of food..i repeat a lot of food, went on road trips, meeting new friends, catching up with relatives, just to name a few. I wished the time would go slow so that I can enjoy each moment and not having to go back to reality this soon. 

But oh well! As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. All the activities, wonderful memories, joy and laughter would be etched in my mind forever.

Below are the pictures from family gathering/ nabil's farewell/ my dad's birthday celebration

Wajib la gambar makanan dulu kan.. :P

Geng Basuh Pinggan Mangkuk

Masterchef bahagian bbq...sedappp marinated lamb and chicken!

Thanks tolong gilir-gilir bbq..

Few hours before my flight to Germany...

Thanks Ika for this awesome farewell gift..terharu..

Goodbye shouldn't last forever.
It doesn't mean it's the end.
I'll miss you that's for sure
Until the day we meet again!