About Me

Hi there! Who am I, you might ask? 
I am Nabil Aizat, an engineering student who is currently studying in Germany. I'm taking the course of Mechanical Engineering in Krefeld, a city in NRW ( North-Rhine-Westphalia). 

Even though I'm doing an engineering course, I'm really passionate about culinary arts especially making desserts. You can see from my blog that I love to explore new recipes and change them to cater my own taste.I bake whenever i feel happy and also whenever i feel sad.. :p ...I love travelling..The fact that I'm studying here in Europe makes me wanna travel more...Oh one more thing, I love gatherings. Meeting new people, making new friends, eating scrumptious food while everyone having fun with each other. Love it!

So you would see that my blog covers the recipes I've made, the places I've travelled to and the events I've experienced throughout my life. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog.