Sunday, February 22, 2009

When the three stooges meet up again....

Yay...another breakfast moment with my friends...The Three Stooges comprise of Samer, Izzah and Nabil.Bajet group yg lawak dan havoc je nak panggil diri sendiri The Three Stooges...Nabeyl sile deyam..During the high school year,we were inseparable....but now..things have change...Samer is doing Asasi at UM,Izzah is doing landscape architecture at UITM Perak and nabil...I'm doing matriculation and German language at KBU College Bandar Utama...So yeah...we just keep in touch with ym,msn,myspace..bla bla bla..

It has been ages since i met Samer for the last time..Haha..The same place plak tu...Makbul Usj 9 is definitely our Jejak Kasih port...sngt kot...The wonderful memories we have spent together etched in my mind.The breakfast at Makbul acted as a medium for us to get up-to-date with the latest gossips,studies and wutsoeva that may concern...Haha....

Izzah ate nothing else but roti canai just like yesterday...Samer took the same thing...Nabeyl..special skit arh...I had Nasi Kandar with honey chicken and salted egg...yummy..

Photoshoot Majalah Mamakku Rumahku...

Yes...Kamie bertiga...

Roti Canai kegemaran semua lapisan masyarakat

Messy tapi sedap...

Kaw Ingat Kaw Cantik(KIKC)...teringat Azura la pulak..

Bler dah terlebey try nak jadi chomeyl

Woh Woh

Gambar Kegeraman...Zoom in kat rambut Izzah...Jambul ke-speaker-an

Aper korang stripes nie...
x kol aku bagitaw theme kuda belangku lari gagah berani

eleh Izzah..sedangkan kaw yg semangat suruh ambik gambar

Told ya...muka Izzah semangat ambik gambar

Souvenirs from Turkey..Thanx Samer!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Breakfast at Raju...Ikan di laut..asam di darat..dalam periuk bikin muafakat...

Yes..title nak panjang jer kan...

Yay...Wanoy gibt heute aus....Wanoy's treat for breakfast this morning at Raju located somewhere in Petaling Jaya..

First and foremost..Thank you Wanoy for the sotong-ish breakfast..lip-smacking, mouth-watering and stomach-filling......seriously...haha...

We initially planned to have our breakfast at 9.30 ,but Wanoy changed the idea as she thought it was too early...i agreed...sngt kot..I slept at 3am yesterday and doubted that i would be able to wake up early the next yeah...We asked Aida, Tyn, and Izzah if they could join us for the most important meal of the day...Aida has a futsal tournament..Tyn has other plans...Izzah just can't confirmed a.s.a.p.....

Woke up at 9.30,glad that we changed the time...Haha...If not,then Wanoy would have to wait for me to get myself ready...yup...sngt annoying...

I asked Izzah again if she's available for the day...she said yes...Tahniah sngt..

Wanoy picked me up at 10.35 with Izzah sitting next to her...Yes...pemandu yaris telah tiba!!Wo hoe..

11pm-Arrived at Raju....First time...teruja...

2 Roti Canai, Thosai and one plate of "SOTONG GORENG REMPAH SEDAP" for three people were the food that we ordered....If only i knew that Wanoy would give us a treat,then i would have ordered burung puyuh, ikan masak merah, udang goreng tepung...bla bla bla....Haha..terlebey sudah...

Wanoy had to rush back to fetch mum and her brother from yeah...hope we will spend more time on the next outing...

Pictures time....

Nie gambar paling best....Pic of the day...

Sayang kamoe Wanoy...thanx for the treat!!!
Next time Izzah's treat plak...haha
Nabeyl tunggu dah kaya skit...

Izzah sker buat muka hidungku tetap menjadi pojaan hatimu...

Pose hilangkan ngantok....


Bendahari kepada semua manusia...

Izzah kalau dah tua...mmg terserlah gitoe..

Menjamah jom..sotong dah jadi kegemaran...aku jadi snow white kejap

Muruku Free....roti canai kecik yg masih panas..sotong berempah oren..

Muka sorunk2 dah kenyang..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seprais Seprais!!!

Kek Pujaan Hati

Ala2..Chomeyl nyer..

Thank You Wanoy...Vielen Dank!!!!Ich liebe dich!!!

Cake Tiramisu tu memang favourite kot....

Ur seprais mcm berkasih sayang plak...on valentine's day lagi...hehe..

Sayang kaw kekasih...U are awesome too...

PS: Aku cari kat germany jerla k...haha..skang focus2...konon je..

Wanoy, kaw je yg panggil aku pria bangge skit..Sayang Kamoe!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Froggish Birthday Surprise!!

A surprise can boost any type of celebration and turns it into something wonderful and memorable, twisting anyone's expectations in various occasions. A well-planned surprise party can leave a terrific impact in the honoree's life.

You can make your best friend think the whole world has been struck with amnesia and forgotten his or her birthday, until a bunch of his or her friends jump out of nowhere and shout, "Happy Birthday" while things are being thrown at him or her...

Humma2.That was the kind of surprise birthday party i received on the eve of my Birthday!!!Seriously unpredicted that things would get that "SUPERB"...I did have this suspicious thought that my college mates were hiding something behind my back.But they were very good in keeping it a secret and acted out as if nothing was going to happen.

We were at the Mamak stall on Tuesday when we discussed about my birthday celebration...They said "Nabil, we have lots of homework...can we just celebrate ur birthday on friday or during the weekends.I said "It's okie, banyak kot homework...chemistry physics german bla bla bla dgn nada sedey skit tp pandai berlakon buat muka biasa yg teruja tengah makan nasi ngan ayam goreng.

On Wednesday, the day before my birthday, nothing much happened, i got back from college,exhausted and went straight to the bed.At 9,we planned to have our chemistry group discussion at the lobby.I waited for them and went online at the same time.Few minutes before the clock strike 12 am, my friend Wee Han wished me Happie Birthday.Ting Tong,12 am, Aida called me to wish me Happie Birthday...few messages came in with birthday wishes...

Suddenly,Ina came to the lobby holding something behind her back...I was like "Ina ape benda kaw pegang tu" trying to get away from her...Ina replied "Air aku la...kaw gelabah sangat apesal".Haha...I recalled back the moment when Shun Ling got soaked with cold water,milo and carbonated drinks by the boys...Berhati-hati la konon kan.xnak jadi kat aku plak kan..I continued doing my homework when out of the blue, cold water rushed down my face...Ina kaw mmg nak kena...Omg...Then a whole bunch of my friends jump out from god knows where and flung FLOUR,OIL and more COLD WATER..I repeat FLOUR,OIL and COLD WATER..Oil tu paling la annoying kan...Geela ke haper..

Owh..the worst is yet to come...They passed this brown box to me saying it was my birthday if...I kept on asking them what is inside the box while shaking it whole-heartedly to guess the content within...I opened the box slightly but threw it on the floor as soon i saw something freaky freaky...

My friends : Nabil, penat2 kitorunk beli hadiah untuk kaw,kaw baling je...Ish2..Xnak, kitorunk ambik...

Nabil : Eh,xderlah weih..cakap la aper benda kat dalam...jangan2 lipas..

My friends: Bukak la...kaw nie..

Nabil : Ala..aku xtaw nak bukak ke x..macam takot je

My friends : Haih...biar aku bukak la(Ina)

Nabil : Eh jap2..aku bukak...aku bukak

OH MEIN GOTT!!!I opened the box and got the shock of my life...MR FROGGY!!!Arghh!!!KATAK!!! Keeping myself far enuff from MR FROGGY,I shouted "Jahat gler korunk..aku dah la geeli kat katak" Eiii....dalam hati pikir kesian gak kat MR FROGGY sebab mesti pening kepala kena goncang tadi...Haha

To make the story short and str8 to the photos....

My friends gave me a slice of secret recipe's Black Forest cake...they bought 3 regular Pizzas from Domino's and gave me a cute handmade birthday card with dried rose on it..sngt innovative.We had the birthday party in Shikin's room..The funny part was I had to sit on few sheets of newspaper to prevent my Flour-rie arse from dirty-ing Shikin's room...Baekla...We had tremendous FUN!!!Okie..dah teruja nak tunjuk gambar...malas nak cite panjang2..haha..sedangkan memang dah tulis panjang berjela ke haper entah...

Muka Teruja

Saat2 dihukum dgn tepung,minyak dan air sejuk...faizal teruja plak eh...

Haha...korunk nie over la....mata aku masuk tepung plak...

Favourite ke haper kan!!!

Wah gitoe....tahukah anda tepung baik untuk hilangkan jerawat...

Injit injit semut sape sakit naek atas

Bintang tu paling menyerlah yer..

Yeay2...dpt hadiah

Nie tgh test sound system

Chomeyl x kitorunk....

Geli-geli dong...haha...

Rumitha and I

Shikin and I

Haha....Imran memang owh...teruja lebey...

Eleh Ina maloe2 nak suap plak...

Semua take turns untuk suap menyuap

Masih teruja disuap

Focus kat muka puhleez...dah gemoe makan byk sngt cake

Gedik kan letak gambar pizza....

Gedik skit arh

nie paling gedik nak letak tiga2

Gambar last selalu yg bajet chomeyl...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Rule #1-people who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any 1 questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

Rule #2-tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. these people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by and continue this game by sending it to other people.So, let the game begins ^_^

1. Who tagged you?

2. Do you like tags?
It depends on the questions actually..Kalau sangat best...bleh je..

3. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Peace without war in all parts of the world...Wah..macam jawapan Miss Universe plak kan..

4. What is your current mood?

5. What will you do if your crush says he/she adores you too?
Omg...sangat pernah terjadi...I will hide myself behind a mini van with my face maloe tersipoe-sipoe.

6. Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
Been there...done that...

7. Which will you prefer, loving someone or being loved by someone?
If i am desperate,loving someone...If i am desperate,being loved by someone...aperkah kan...sendiri pown x paham..

8. What is your favourite food?
Lamb Chop paling sedap kot...

9. If the person you dislike is right in front of you, what will you do?
I will stare at the person in his or her eyes so that he or she will be the one to look away...kejam x...main lawan2 mata pown besh!!

10. What do you pray each day for your loved one?
To always be in good health,protected from all negative influences and achieve success in all the things he or she does.

11. What catch your attention at best?
High beat songs that can make you dance like there's no tomorrow.

12. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
Muka tua paling...Having fun and living my life to the fullest

13. What are the reason that could make you so tensed up?
Excessive loads of homework and no time to have fun...

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

15. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
Single and rich duh-uh..

16. Who would you like to see the moment you wake up?
The person I heart the most...

17. What's the character must have in your partner?
Sehati sejiwa

18. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you like to pick?
The one that i can really relate to...

19. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that someone has done?
Forgive and forget is the way it should be done.

20. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
Single....without commitments...

21. chocolate or vanilla?

22. Who are the 5 person that you wuld like to tag?

Monday, February 9, 2009

February Babies...

Zum Geburstag Viel Gueck!!!

The month of February is the most "POKAI" month of the year....Why, you might ask?
During this month i have to fork out a lot of money to buy birthday presents for those February babies(family and also friends)...Hoo woe...

The Chronology of Birthdays in February



1st Feb

3rd Feb

- Liyana

- Afifah

4th Feb

- Arlena

5th Feb

- Abg danial

- Shun Ling

- Derwina

8th Feb

-Nda Shi



10th Feb


11th Feb


12th Feb

-Herr Nabeyl

-Tjit Jian

14th Feb

-Frau Pfeiffer

16th Feb

19th Feb

26th Feb
- Nda Liza
- Azura

Owh on the 8th of February, I went to PD to celebrate my aunt's birthday.Total of 7 families were there to commemorate the treasured moment in one's life,Birthday!!!

Yes...we had the celebration in a Bungalow house rented by Abg Jan and his siblings,i presumed.We had bbq chicken wings and lamb chops,fried mee hoon,sausages,Kueh Mueh...and not forgetting the BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!Baskin Robbins plak...

Im not gonna write much...enjoy the photos...Hab Spaß!

Birthday girl cutting her cake

The Baskin Robbins cake i told u about

Dry ice kat sebelah cake adalah hiasan semata-mata

Menjamah jom...kan....bahasa..

Gambar paling disayangi kot...

Nabeyl,Nad and Sab

Kanak-kanak ribena...

Kitorunk sebenarnyer tengah bersedia nak pole dancing

Sab tertibe jadi hantu plak kan...

Maaf atas keterlampauan keterujaan kamie...

Insaf dah skit...x teruja sngt..

Swing Swing

Nie bila dah sangap xtaw nak ambik gambar laen

Ala...misya chomeyl banget...

Gambar last post sentiasa nak bajet chomeyl...