Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cakkk, I'm home!!!

If I told you I’m back,
Would you hold it against me?

Hee please don’t get mad or upset that I didn’t inform you guys in advance about me coming back to Malaysia. I couldn't confirm my ticket earlier due to some problems that I had back then in Germany. I'm actually still in shock that despite having problems, I could still made it on time to come back to my home sweet home, Malaysia. Below is an impromptu poem that I've written about the story behind my seprais comeback..Enjoyyy!

Cakkkk, I’m home!
Are you sepraised?
Cuz I am too
Never thought I’m coming back
But my parents said “please do”

Cakkk, I’m home!
Ayah asked if I’m planning to go back
He said he would pay for the expenses
I was excited and slightly taken aback
In hope to see my family members

Cakkk, I’m home!
Mak was totally clueless
No idea of what’s going on
I was the one being mischievous
Planning a surprise to my hometown

Cakkk, I’m home!
One by one problems arise
The sight of Malaysia began to fade
Slowly deeply my heart cries
Might not go back, I’m afraid

Cakkk, I’m home!
In despair, I waited and prayed
Felt like giving up on going back
The flight tickets have all been paid
I was about to have an anxiety attack

Cakkk, I’m home!
The question “Going back or not?”
Till last minute, I was still unsure
Last Friday, an appointment I got
Then all my problems became clear

Cakkk, I’m home
We can only plan, but Allah will decide
Whatever happened it’s already written
I’m happy that everything’s alright
I became immediately enhearten

And the rest is history..well the rest was actually quite hectic cuz I had only few days to prepare before coming back home. So I had to run here and there looking for gifts and chocolates for my family...
Alhamdullillah I'm home..

Gambar dalam tandas kapal terbang ni wajib ye....

Till the next post..
Tschüss und mach's gut!