Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yo soy Nabil, el feo..

I am Nabil, the ugly one...Ich bin Nabil, der hässliche..

 Yo soy Betty, la fea...Sebab drama ni la I gigih blaja Spanish skang ok..hee

It's funny how I got the idea to write on this post...I wanted to dress up for the Halloween so badly but sadly I have no costume to wear..So I woke up this morning, feeling bored and kinda pathetic...thinking what I can do to make myself happy.I went digging through my closet to see what I can come out with..Wohoo..found this suit I brought along to Germany..It was the suit that I wore for my bro's wedding...Long sleeve white t-shirt...ties...erm...What else?Owh the freaking big weird glasses I got during Karneval early this year..Yeah...

I ended up trying on the clothes and did a bit of a cam-whoring session..howoe...My theme of the halloween this year is Double Personality Disorder. I put the pictures on my Tumblr and on Facebook...Got some comments on them..The comment that strike my mind on writing this post would be from Faizal which goes like this " kau ptt berlakon dowh nabil..wat versi lelaki my ugly nabil..haha"...It kinda make sense kan when you think of it..Who knows, one day I might try to do my own drama..." Saya Nabil, yang hodoh/ jelek/ buruk...Humma2..

So yeah..That'll be all for today...Have a great weekend everyone!!!Stay tune...
Tschuess, Adiós...Selamat Tinggal...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Eat - Bowling - Eat = ???

Yeah...Yesterday was awesome...The initial plan was just going to meet up our seniors, Syafiq and Nuzul in Dortmund.They want to give away their stuffs because they are going back to Malaysia soon.So they invited us to come over to look at the stuffs and choose which one we wanna take...Best kan...Darwin and I are so lucky to have such wonderful seniors...Alhamdullillah...

Activities of the day
1.15pm -
Arrived in Dortmund.

1.20pm -
We were warmly welcomed by Syafiq and Nuzul.It was lunch time.So we decided to have a bite to eat ( ke to eat like a horse).. I think the second one kot..Haha..We went to have our lunch at a Chinese Restaurant.ALL YOU  CAN EAT!!! Woh2...Isn't it FUN? hehe...

3.40pm -
Kira sekarang berapa lama kitorunk makan..haha..nampak sangat dah kenyang geela baru nak gerak kan...
Syafiq and Nuzul took us back to their house.It was raining that time and freezing getting a shelter would be a really good idea...

4.00pm -
Arrived at Syafiq and Nuzul's crib.It's time to do a check-list on the things we want to take..Hee...Banyak kot dorunk bagi..sangat bersyukur okay...Thank you so much u guys..Stuffs like tables,beds with mattresses, microwaves, television just to name a few...whoa kan..

5.00pm -
Syafiq served us his special Ricola Tea...It tasted a bit weird but it was nice and healthy..."Baik untuk demam and batuk" kata Syafiq. "Tapi lepas minum tekak jadi sejuk""Bukan ke minum teh untuk panaskan badan"kata Fizz."...." kata Nabil.

5.15pm -
We planned earlier to go for Bowling.The time was right..The feel was there..Off we went to the Bowling Centre..

6.00pm -
We took our shoes and bowling balls...First game ready to be started..Owh the cool thing about the bowling alley was that it is glow in the dark just like the one in Mid Valley Megamall..Rindu main boling kat Malaysia..

 Effect bergerak tu penting...

Haha..Gaya teruja lepas baling...

7.07pm -
Second game started...Rancak kot permainan..haha..I love the animations that were shown after we've thrown the ball..sangat chomeyl and interesting...

Bergossip ape ntah dorunk ni...

8.15pm -
Syafiq won the first game...and the second game as well..hoho..dah lama kot  x main..berkarat skit..xpe tetap bertahan no 2...Next time kita rematch ye Syafiq...Team Juniors lawan Team Seniors...

The Winner...Syapeek...

 Team Juniors
 Team Seniors

9.00pm -
Dinner time...Nak pilih makan Kebab ke? Chinese ke? Lebanese ke? We decided on the Lebanese Restaurant. Cosy environment and good food lead to a good appetite...hee...We chatted and made fun of each other...Serious lawak kot...haha..

10.15pm -
We took a shortcut to the Hauptbahnhof..Such an interesting shortcut...If u wanna find out, u have to come to Dortmund yourself...Hint : U don't have to go far to Amsterdam to experience it....wink2

10.45pm -
We took the train from Dortmund Hauptbahnhof..We said goodbyes.....

We arrived at Krefeld Hauptbahnhof..Whoa...What a day...penat2 terus gi tido..

It was really great...We had lots and lots of fun..We got to know our seniors better and vice versa...It was a wonderful weekend..Would love to do it again...Hopefully anytime soon...

Till the next post...Tschuess und Adiós!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crazy World of Technology...

Have you ever wondered how the world has tremendously changed from the time petroglyph and symbols were carved into the walls of the cave until today, the era of globalisation and technology?

I'll become crazy if I continue to think how people have discovered and developed all these tech gadgets and other forms of technology until today..imagine zaman dulu2 guna batu je okie...tertibe ambik kaw ada laptop, smartphones, 4G, bla bla bla....Effing awesome..

So yeah..stop thinking and just enjoy what the world has to offer...the crazy world of technology...yeah.. be honest..I'm actually kinda  ketinggalan zaman in terms of technology advancement..But it's not too late kan...gigih kot skang nak catch up balik..

One thing leads to another...
1. Samsung Galaxy S
I got myself a Smartphone..wohoo2..yeah...Semua orang nak pakai iPhone and Blackberry kan.I pulak xnak jadi cam semua orang..So I went online, did some research on what phone would be on par with iPhone and Blackberry..walah..terus tertarik ngan Samsung Galaxy S...Setanding ngan iPhone 4 okay...iPhone cam best but too common..So I pown beli la Samsung Galaxy S..Sokong Asia kot..Korea, u made Asia proud...I'm happy with the choice I made...Totally in love with this totally..totally in love..humma2
2. Exploring the phone
I found out so many cool stuffs I can do with this phone.Typing with Swype sangat cool okay...Going online has never been this easy..wohoo...If u ask my close friends, they would know how bad I am with directions..Skang x dah ye..GPS membantu yáll. Android, Layar,Google Maps navigation, E-book,Google Talk,Vlingo just to name a few...I cam budak ketinggalan zaman yang jakun kan....hee


3. Android Markets and Samsung Apps
I macam slalu je dengar orang cakap android markets apps...Tertibe baru nak discover kan..Best geela main apps...Fav games would be Angry Birds and Wordfeud...addicted woh main games ni..Samsung Apps

4. Facebook touch....Twitter and now Tumblr.
Facebook boleh jadi makin gigih la kan dah bler2 bleh reply message and comments...Twitter account i created like 2 years x pernah guna..baru nak gigih balik..hee..and Tumblr. just started when my friend, Andrew Chan mentioned about it...So kalau rajin follow la...and my Tumblr profile is still new..still in the amateur state..insyaallah..more posts will come..


I'm sorry for the long pause since the last post.I'm kinda busy right now due to the study life yeah..nothing much interesting happened for the past few weeks..the coming weeks should be interesting..I hope..Stay tune yáll...

Tschüss und mach's gut...owh Adiós jugak...i blaja spanish plak skang..hee..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coffee is not that bad after all...

I don't know about you guys.. but since I was a kid, I've heard these warnings on drinking coffee...

"You're too young to start drinking coffee, it will stunt your growth."

"Don't drink coffee, it's not good for the brain."

"Coffee is only for adults, not small kids"

Owh you've got to be kidding me...Coffee doesn't stunt anyone's growth.Parents are just worried that drinking a lot of coffee can create anxious teens with too much energy.Susah nak jaga kan...hee..

The fact that coffee is not good for the brain is not entirely true...I'll explain more later on...stay tune..

Coffee is only for adults and not for kids is also another myth that we can bust...There is  an interesting recent finding from Brazil, according to Dr. DePaulis in Coffee: The New Health Food? that suggests that children who drink coffee with milk “are less likely to have depression than other children." It might not be good for children to drink coffee in a great quantity due to the amount of caffeine inside it.You have to keep in mind that kids may be getting caffein from other sources, such as soft drinks.So sila control ye...

The most important thing is to keep 

Did you know?
  • Ethiopian ancestors of today's Oromo people were the first to discover and recognize the energizing effect of the coffee bean plant
  • Coffee is the world’s most popular stimulant: 4 out of 5 Americans drink it, consuming more than 400 million cups a day.
  • Caffeine was discovered by a German chemist, Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, in 1820 when he was advised by a German composer/poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to research on the coffee bean that he suspected was an antidote to atropine.
  • Coffee is the seed of a cherry from the tree genus Coffea, a tree yielding about 1kg (2lb) of coffee per year.
  • 1,200 different chemical components are in coffee.  More than half of these components make up the distinguished flavor of coffee.
  • Coffee is a zero-calorie beverage (when taken black, without sugar or cream)
  • There are actually two types of coffee consumed today: coffee made from Arabica coffee beans and coffee made from robusta coffee beans.
  • The beverage was known as qahwa - a term formerly applied to wine - and ultimately, to Europeans, as "The Wine of Islam.It was popular with the Sufis who drink the brew to help them stay awake during the night to Zikir.

 The Health Effects of Coffee

  • Concentration - Coffee can strengthen the level of concentration.The content of caffeine can increase the alertness, improves short-term memory and the best part is that it activates parts of the prefrontal lobe, known as the anterior cingulate and the anterior cingulate gyrus which are involved in 'executive memory', attention, concentration, planning and monitoring.
  • Mood - Drinking coffee can boost the mood of a person.It all depends on the hormones that are affected by the caffeine.
  1. Adrenosine - Caffeine inhibits the absorption of adenosine, which calms the body.
  2. Adrenaline - Caffeine injects adrenaline into your system, giving a temporary boost.Excited tertibe la jawabnye...
  3. Dopamine and Serotonin - Dopamine and Serotonin levels are increased in the body, making you feel good after taking it.
  • Muscles - Coffee can increase the strength and power of our muscles. It can also reduce the pain of muscle soreness.
  • Heart - Coffee can make the heart stronger and protects it against heart diseases.Coffee stimulates the action of the heart muscle.So, it can reduce the risk of abnormal heart rhythm (Arrhythmia).
  • Digestion - Creates a laxative effect, stimulating the wave-like movements of the gastrointestinal tract to empty its contents. It can be helpful to constipation sufferers. It helps in digestion by] increasing the acid level in one’s stomach thus promoting protein digestion.
  • Stamina - Caffeine can lengthen the stamina power from around 30 to 120 minutes.This is especially for the endurance sport like running, cycling, swimming and paddling.
  • Disease prevention - Medical studies have associated regular coffee intake with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.Caffeine is a safe and readily available drug and its ability to stabilise the blood brain barrier means it could have an important part to play in therapies against neurological disorders. Caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee a day can help protect the brain against cholesterol.The latest study shows that java(Coffee) junkies are significantly less likely to develop head and neck cancer - and the more coffee consumed, the lower the risk.
Coffee and Cosmetic
  • Hair - Caffeine can induce hair growth, make it black,shine and beautiful.
  • Cellulite - Goodbye cellulite!!! Coffee massage can really help in reducing the amount of cellulite.Rubbing cellulite cream containing coffee may help to break up the cellulite cells and make them dry up and leave your body.
  • Facial - caffeine has been indicted to the skincare hall of fame. Facial cream containing coffee helps to make your skin glows and smooth just like a baby's touch...Owh it reduces wrinkles too...
So now you know...Drinking coffee has really good advantages to your health.But2 the most important thing to keep in mind is to drink coffee moderately.Enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee!!!

Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.  ~Terri Guillemets