Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's do the Haka Dance!!!

You know when I wake up every morning and looking at this piece of cloth hanging on one of the shelves in my bedroom, my mouth would be automatically mumbling these phrases which I don't really understand, written on the rag-look-a-like thingy.I do find it great cause somehow it motivates and gives me the spirit to live my life to the fullest.woh2.Not forgetting that it also increases my self-esteem..yeah babeyh.

I bought this printed piece of cloth when I was in New Zealand about 5 years ago.Memories2..

Terasa nak menari Haka la plak kan...I love the way the Maori people use their dance culture to motivate and prepare themselves to go against their enemies. But2 don't get mislead..Haka is not a war dance.Haka dances are performed for various reasons: for amusement, as a hearty welcome to distinguished guests, or to acknowledge great achievements or occasions( Source from Wikipedia).

To be frank, I didn't know what to write at first on this i simply play "I spot with my little eye...something beginning with the letter"and walllah...the inspiration came to me and it goes a post on Haka Dance....humma2..


Ringa pakia!

Slap the hands against the thighs!

Uma tiraha!

Puff out the chest.

Turi whatia!

Bend the knees!

Hope whai ake!

Let the hip follow!

Waewae takahia kia kino!

Stamp the feet as hard as you can!

Ka mate, ka mate

'I die, I die,
Ka ora' Ka ora'

'I live, 'I live,
Ka mate, ka mate

'I die, 'I die
Ka ora Ka ora "

'I live, 'I live,
Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru

This is the fierce, powerful man

Nāna i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā

...Who caused the sun to shine again for me

Upane... Upane

Up the ladder, Up the ladder

Upane Kaupane"

Up to the top

Whiti te rā,!

The sun shines!



So that should be it..the Haka Dance..Till the next post...Owh the next post will be about Karneval in Cologne..Seriously I can hardly wait for the day to arrive...Thursday woh2..Keep in tune yeah...Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


HIZAMI said...

suka gak tengok.
but dunno how to do it.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to hizami:
Haha...agak la kan..menarik kot cara dorunk buat..i did once kat bomba camp..semangat kot.

-ms.mitz- said...

muker nak best je kan..
rindu same mung.!

shandye. said...

klu ada gambar nko buat haka tu kan lg cool? hehe...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ms mitz:
Huhu..dah genap sebulan abg nabil kat sini..tsk2.rindu kamoe juga..

to shandye:
Haha..kalau dapat cari cawat untuk haka dance baru bleh post kasi gempak..hehe

Anonymous said...

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Syariful Bahri said...

sehr schoen :))

Rumitha Seva (",) said...

lol... so much of free time kan.. hey i'm commenting.. belanja esok..:P neway ur pic (d first one)...hmmm...hmmm.. lol...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Young'uns!:
Thanx for the offer..When I have time and a good article to write about,I'll definitely send to u guys...

to Syariful:

to rumitha:
Hmphh..kalau setiap comment kena blanja pokai ar weih..hawt kan expression aku..bukan slalu posing camtu..hehe

Rumitha Seva (",) said...

hawt ke? hehe.. yelah2 hot.. sgt.. esok belanja lunch and dinner k? ;)

Anonymous said...

gmba 1st comel and chubby sedkit..haha..woh,x sabar karnival(wink2)-likha

Hanafedora said...

is ur bridging course in Koeln? Put the pictures of the huge dom please. I really want to see the dom again. :) I love koeln so much when I worked there.

Good luck nabil. :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to rumitha:
Belanja aku tie rumitha..hehe..gatal kan..

to ika:
yeah2..karneval esok..nanti kena make up semua..jadi geela2..kumpul sweets..hehe..x sabar.

to Hana:
Huhu..i baru masuk skali kolner dom..lawa gak kat dalam..nanti akan post gambar dom ye..insyaallah..

Rumitha Seva (",) said...

gatal banget.. kau memang..:P dah beli ke wei? lol.. semangat uh.. m excited!!! hopefully it'll be fun..

Faramin said...

teringat time pgi training,the trainer ask each group to do their own haka,but our group pegi but haka style malay traditional dance..buat malu je kena gelak.

Anonymous said...

abg nabil nie dah la entry pnjg tulis bi pastu terselit bhsa jerman.

terpaksa spend setengah jam bc satu entry.;D

athnfthn said...

nabil nabil nabil. kenapa aku tak boleh nak reach kau? aku dah send sms to your 014 number semalam lepastu setelah tiada response aku pun cuba call petang tadi tapi tak boleh. kau dah tukar number ke ? anyway happy birthday nabil! have a great one. :)