Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dapat 4 tak bermaksud 4 flat ye rakan-rakan

The marking system in Germany is totally different than the one in Malaysia.In Malaysia,we use the 4-point GPA and CPGA grading scheme to calculate our marks at the tertiary education level. However, in Germany, a 6-point grading scale (GPA) is used instead.Not only that,the numbers also represent different meanings...

Malaysia's Grading System

The grading scheme follows the 4.00 grade point systems.

A+ 90-100 4.00 Exceptional
A 80-89 3.75 Excellent
B+ 76-79 3.50
B+ 72-75 3.25 Good
B- 68-71 3.00
C+ 65-67 2.75
C 60-64 2.50 Average
C- 56-59 2.00
D+ 50-55 1.50 Pass
D 40-49 1.00 Marginal Pass
F 0-39 0.00 Fail

Germany's Grading System

In German universities (besides the law schools) the 1 to 5 scale is used:
  • 1,0-1,3 sehr gut (very good: an outstanding achievement)
  • 1,7-2,3 gut (good: an achievement, which lies substantially above average requirements)
  • 2,7-3,3 befriedigend (satisfactory: an achievement, which corresponds to average requirements)
  • 3,7-4,0 ausreichend (sufficient: an achievement, which still meets the requirements)
  • 4,3-5,0 nicht ausreichend / nicht bestanden (not sufficient / failed: an achievement, which does not meet the requirements) that's it...the difference between German and Malaysia's academic grading system...Alhamdullillah I managed to get 2,3 for the Feststellungsprüfung (Final exam that determines whether I can get into a university or not) and will be heading to Krefeld to further my studies in Mechanical Engineering...insyaallah...


eqbalzack said...

congrate bro!

Paklung Tony said...

Your such a genius! I only have 3.3 haha

Fix said...

congratulations to you dude.. all the best.. :)

mimi saidi said...

oooo..laen la pulak

::dAuZsHaNLeY:: said...

oh, lain ye?
baru tau..=)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to eqbal:
Thanx abg Eqbal..

to Tony:
Danke war eine Überraschung für mich..hee

to Fix:
Thanx fix..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mimi:
Tu la..time dapat taw tu cam terkejut gak...

to dauzshanley:

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