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Krefeld? Who? What? Where?
Who - Nabil Aizat ... What - will be studying ... Where - in Krefeld!!!

Well, my Bachelor Degree course will start in September at the Hochschule Niederrhein (University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein)...I'm excited to start a new phase in my life that will lead me to the working world..woh2

Okay....Getting back to Krefeld...Where is Krefeld? Why did I choose Krefeld? What is so special about Krefeld?

Krefeld, also known as Crefeld until 1929, is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located southwest of the Ruhr area.Due to the silk production in the 18th and 19th century, it is also known as "velvet and silk city".The city which is divided into nine districts is the home to around 240,000 population.So, Krefeld is not really a big city..medium would be right...

Actually, I would like to study in NRW ( North Rhine-Westphalia), no matter what..I find NRW really interesting as it is located in the centre western part of Germany...It means that NRW is the neighbour of Netherlands and Belgium.It is also not that far from France.Even though there's nothing much in Krefeld, the cities surrounding it are really cool...Cities such as Cologne, Essen, Düsseldorf, Venlo( Holland) and etc...Some of you guys might have known that I have an uncle in Rotterdam, Netherlands.So, it's kinda good that we are staying near to each other.I can also celebrate Raya with my relatives this year.Yeay!

 Panoramic views of the cities in NRW

Why did I choose the Fachhochschule(Uni of Applied Sciences) in Krefeld?
I did some research on the Universities in NRW...I even went to see the universities myself.I have my own criteria.For me, i would like to study in a place that is not remote and small.It must not be a boring place.A place that I can imagine myself living there for the next 5 or 6 years.The most important thing is the status of the University.Hochschule Niederrhein is the second best university in NRW right after FH Aachen.Why I didn't choose FH Aachen.That's whole nother story..I kinda felt good when I chose to study in Krefeld.So yeah..
Random Facts about Krefeld
  • Krefeld has 15.5 percent foreigners..and 1/3 from that amount are Turks.
  • There are quite a number of Doener( Kebab) restaurant in Krefeld. Shockingly, there are 7 Kebab Restaurants in a row near the Central station, each one positioned near to the other...I've planned with Darwin to do an episode of  "Jalan-jalan makan Kebab".To test which one has the nicest meat and service..hee..
  • Krefeld's residents speak Hochdeutsch, the standard German taught to all people in Germany. However, the native dialect is a Low German variety, sometimes locally called "Krefelder Plattdeutsch," "Krieewelsch Platt," "Plattdeutsch,," or sometimes simply "Platt.
  • Krefeld used to have other names.Krefeld itself was first mentioned in 1105 under the name of Krinvelde.Then it was known as Crefeld. In 1929 Krefeld and Uerdingen merged to form Krefeld-Uerdingen.From 1940 onwards the name was shortened to Krefeld.
Here are some of the pictures of the tourist attraction in Krefeld

 Krefeld Hauptbahnhof ( Central Station )

The shopping-mall "Hansa-Haus", a well known landmark due to it's position.On the left side are the tram and bus station ,on the right side, through the "Neusser Tor" is the pedestrian zone along Neusser Str / Hochstr.

 Behnischhaus - was built between 2001 and 2002, designed by architects Behnisch.

 Train platform restaurant...kewl..teringat Victoria Station kat Malaysia..mahal woh makan dalam train..

 The Burg Linn is a water castle in Krefeld Linn, Nordrhein-Westfalen

 The recreational park Elfrather awesome view...

 Chemical industries at the port of Krefeld Linn

 Liberty Bridge on the Rhine port of Krefeld (Linn).This swing bridge was built in 1905.

 City halls and Administration building

 The views of Rhine in Uerdingen

Old City Walls..

 Water Towers

                 Master Ponzelar, the iconic figure in the time of "velvet and silk city"

There you go..the premier peek of what you can expect from Krefeld.I'm really excited to start a new lifestyle here in Krefeld.Wish me best of luck..Doakan kejayaan Nabil kat sini yeah...Insyaallah akan balik dengan ijazah...Amin...

Tschuess und mach's gut!!!


Che Kay said...

Viel Glück Nabil~~~

bitsANDpieces said...

wah adik nabil. germany seems like a great place to visit eh. maybe u should help me shopping for barang dapur. teka products murah tak kat sana? hehe

anyway, u seem to enjoy living dekat sane- i mean who doesnt! hehe..lbest of luck adik!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to che kay:

to bitsandpieces:
Hee..x survey lagi barang dapur..xtaw plak camne..hee..Enjoy tu skit2 je kot...skang nak start belajar balik..huhu..thanx kak..

Hizami Rahim said...

have fun nabil!
suka shirt tu.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Hizami:
Haha..thanx..beli kat Malaysia one week before I left...

nadia.yusof said...

good luck nabil.. long journey to go.. nak jalan2 di krefeld nanti boleh roger nabil kan? :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to nadia: prob..kalau free mmg bleh bawak jengjalan..hee

ezam said...

pergh cantik giler tempat dia...suke giler tengok bangunan2 lama kt situ...

all d best nabil....stadi semat n slamat berpuasa~

a k u P OJIE said...


bila la nak jejak kaki nie..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ezam:
Thanx ezam..same goes to you..

to akupojie:
Insyaallah one day sampai jugak..

Fatin Aliyya said...

all da best nabil!!!

cool lah pictures2 tue.:)

. said...

eyy cool
you know krefeld better than i do!
never knew ada restoran dalam train, where is that? you dah pergi?
how's pindah?
did u take the pictures by yourself?
kedai doner mana paling sedap? =D

Pak Su Man MAS said...

Wah...cantique no tempat tu...
InsyaAllah, kalau ada rezki, next year mak n ayah pi jumpa Nabil kat sana, tapi masa nabil cuti sem break taw...
I think u hv made a good choice, by doing research and visiting the University, and deciding your choice base on your criteria, you may not realise this, but u have just performed a PSDM process...
Ps: PSDM (Problem Solving & Decision Making). learn more about it, this process is in Kepner-Tregore analysis module. Good job!!

Anonymous said...
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Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to fatin aliyya:
Thanx fatin

to Fizz:
Wah banyak tul soalan..xla..gambar2 tu daripada source yang bleh dipercayai.hee..blum buat lagi segmen jalan2 makan kebab..pindah okie kot..tengah gigih kemas rumah..

to ayah:
Haha..thanx..insyaallah kalau ayah dengan semua mai, kita gi jalan2 satu krefeld..hehe..

kerangRebus said...

wah..jelesnye dia dpt g germen~~oldebez ye Nabil Aizat bin Abdul Rahman 0_0

Wan Munira said...

water castle in Krefeld Linn...
such a beautiful scenery, which reflects in the waterrr .. love itt :)

heee good luck .. on starting a neww lifeee there :D study rerajinn kayh <3

D'lla said...

hi Nabil :) seem nice place to work.. good luck.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to kerang rebus:
Thanx yeah..jgn jeles2..

to wan munira:
Hehe..cantik kan..i x gi tengok tempat tu time malam lagi...kena gi la..thanx..

to D'lla:
Thanx D'lla

Anonymous said...


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