Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going on a road trip?

What is the best way to explore a country? By car of course!!! Going on a road trip has really opened my eyes to wonderful things I've been missing.There are so many great things you can get out of travelling by car instead of taking the flight or the train.Yeah, you might take a longer time to reach you destination, but the experience you get from the road trip is simply precious.

Would you be able to explore small towns and great places that are not written on a traveller's guidebook if you were to take the flight or train? No, right?

So what are you waiting for? Plan for a road trip with your friends or family members and hit the road!!!
Well, before that you should get prepared a bit so that you get to enjoy the advantages of the open road and at the same time save money on your travelling expenses.

Last Friday, I went on a road trip with my friends, 14 of us to Ulm, a city located south of Germany in the region of Baden-Württemberg.Why? There was a futsal tournament and spring bbq on Saturday organised by MGSS (Malaysian German Student Society). Malaysian students from all over Germany came to celebrate the event there.More infos on the event would be explained on my next post.Till then, let me enlighten you all with tips to go on a road trip...Are you ready kids?

2 cars = 14 awesome people..We got a 5-seater and a 9-seater cars...teruja travel in a big group!!!

Before anything, let's check if we have everything prepared..

Essential things on a road trip are :

Titbits and fruits...especially potato chips...yum2

If you can bring alone homemade cookies, that would be awesome...Chocolate chip cookies yáll!

Make sure you have enough water bottles for everyone..Travelling can be very thirsting...

Travelling with a navigator system is essential when you're in a foreign country or a place where you're not familiar with.Just type in the address, look at the screen and listen to the voice to guide your way..as easy as that.

It's not that essential but when you're going on a convoy, it's pretty awesome to stay in contact with the other car using a walkie-talkie..You don't have to dial numbers everytime you wanna call you friend and the coverage can go up to more than 5 km...awesomeness!

A road trip would not be perfect without Karaoke cds..For me, this is essential..hehe..Burn some cds of your favourite songs before going on a road trip..You'll have fun singing along with your friends along the way to your destination

You should be able to find some R&Rs along the way.Stop by to get some rest, to buy a cup of coffee or to empty your bladder...hee..

You will also find mosque on the way to stop for praying or to relax before continuing your road trip..

Finding for a place to stay might be tricky if you're on a low budget.As students in Germany, we don't have much problem in finding a place to stay because there'll be Jugendherbergen (youth hostels) in most of the cities here.You can even get Bed & Breakfast at a low cost of about 20 euro per night.Wicked!

Jugendherberge Biberach was our choice to spend a night...

There were 9 guys and 2 girls..We booked a 6-bed room, a quad room, and a twin room.

We spent the night before going to bed at the lounge(pic above) eating kuaci, potato chips and gummi bears.We chatted and making fun of each other all night long...oh happy times...

Breakfast time!!! All you can eat breakfast buffet provided at the hostel....

The best part about going on a road trip...

The small towns you'll past by...the highways where you can go speeding your cars, and not forgetting the great views from your car along the way to your destination.

Before going back to our home sweet home, we took a road trip using the Bavarian Alps route.This is one of the most scenic routes in Germany.You'll get to experience breathtaking views of the Bavarian mountains with snow capped peaks, small houses in the middle of the field, cattle and horses..The views were amazing..

What an awe-inspiring journey!!!

Till the next post..Stay tune, tschüss und mach's gut!!!


namasayasitipanggilfizzieponokay said...

Hey! We had a quad room too lah! The beds above were empty, we slept underneath

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to fizz:
Owh really? hehe.sorry wrong info..gotta make a correction..

imah said...

hot yaw!

nice view.

err.. esp the green one ^^

achik ezam said...

cantiknya view!!!!!

sully86 said...

at least is something different..not a food post..ehehehe

Afir said...

longing for a road trip...
havent got time for a vacation ..ahhahah
nice view...

zuwaidah said...

Yeah, i love travelling by car within semenanjung malaysia especially country side.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to imah:
Hee...sangat kan..dalam keta x habis2 cakap wow..wow..

to achik:
IKR..nak gi lagi..tapi wait till you see the last post on this road trip..mesti ternganga skit..

to sully:
Haha..tapi still ada food kan...akan take a break from posting about food..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to afir:
plan a road trip on weekends pon ok..X sabar nak balik Malaysia and go on a road trip with my friends..

to zuwaidah:
Yeah..me too..

Tishya said...

me too love sceneric countryside road view...!!

btw da buat muffins!! hehs see here http://aishahaleyes.blogspot.com/2011/05/chocolate-muffin.html

Inche Vampire said...

pergi trip memang best! lagi2 dengan kengkwn and kamera! haha

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To tishya:
Great!!! sedap x?

to inche:
Haha..u tertinggal satu lagi..ngan makanan sedap2..hee

:: Azizah Alwi:: said...

Masha Allah.Such a beautiful panorama i ever seen.Tempat lain pun banyak jugakkan pemandangan yang cantik2 camni.wah..nice2.. :)

ayie said...

wow baru tunjuk perjalanan.. blom lagi dah sampai.. dah macam cite bersiri lak..hehe

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To Azizah:
Nak explore tempat lain plak..x sabar..best road trip sebab permandangan macam ni la..

to ayie:
Haha..tahu xpe..banyak gambar on the last post..yang second post pon baru nak pilih gambar..hee

.:rizaL:. said...

maybe we can plan a trip when u r in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

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sui nawi said...

what a fun experience,travelling in a big group :).lucky u Nabil

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to rizal:
That is not a bad idea...

to anonymous:
Salam aunty.I've never been to the factory outlets in Frankfurt but i've asked my friends who are staying close to frankfurt.Factory outlet for leather goods would be in Offenbach, located on the south-east side of frankfurt.If you have other questions to ask, you can just email me.

to sui nawi:
I'm pretty lucky indeed..alhamdullillah.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much nabil.Can you give me your email address.I have other questions regarding places to visit in Cologne.salam aunty shah alam.