Monday, August 22, 2011

Fettuccine or Spaghetti?

It'll be a lot easier if you only have to choose between these two types of pasta..But do you know that there are hundred types of pasta today? More that 600 pasta shapes worldwide!!! It is said that new ones are made in Italy annually. Cool huh?

I had my Iftar with my friends at UNO last Friday. I was asked to choose between Fettuccine & Spaghetti...
That question gave me the idea to write about this post.Oh well actually i wanted to write about types of pasta few months ago..tapi cam x semangat plak...deswaiiii...

Here are some of the well-known Tipi di Pasta...

Spaghetti : It's one of the oldest and the most popular type of pasta today..This long, thin,
                   round strands of  pasta is delicious to be eaten with bolognese sauce.

Fettuccine : Derived from fettucce (string) has a flat shape and wide.It can be green, black
                    or yellow depending on the ingredients used.

Farfalle : The name means butterfly in Italian so does it's shape.There are some serrations
                present on each side. This is ideal for main courses like salad and is served with 
                creamy sauce.

Vermicelli : It is a short, round, thin pasta strands - thinner form of spaghetti. It can be 
                    served with meat and seafood.

Conchiglioni : Seashell-shaped pasta. It is perfect for salads, soups, delicious cream or
                        sumptuous tomato sauces as the shape is good for catching dribbly sauces.

Fusilli : It has a shape like spiral. It can be cooked with cream tomato sauce and peas.
             It is great for catching cream and vegetable sauces

Cannelloni : It has a shape like a pipe. One can cook it with meat and cheese.

Linguine : Narrow, long flat pasta that means little tongues in Italian. 

Macaroni : This is very popular like spaghetti. It has curve pipe shape and can be 
                     cooked for baked dishes and for soups

Lasagne : Lasagna is one sheet of flat pasta whereas lasagne refers to several such
                 sheets.They are ripple-edged strips, about 2-1/4-inches wide and 10-inches long.

Spätzle : Derived from a German word, spaetzle are very small noodles (or dumplings)
               that are rolled or squeezed through a colander. 

Tortellini : A small stuffed pasta that looks like little hats. It is usually stuffed with a mixture
                  of cheese, meat and vegetables

Campanelle : Flattened bell-shaped pasta with a frilly edge on one end

Penne rigate : Diagonally cut, tubular-shaped pasta with ridged surface

Caccavelle : This big boy pasta is currently the world's largest pasta shape. One 
                      caccavella' measures approximately 11cm across at its widest point.

Ravioli : Arguably the most well-known type of stuffed pasta, ravioli (plural) are
                usually square with slightly ruffled edges.They are normally filled with 
                meat or spinach.

Iftar at Pizza Uno, Taipan

From Left : Tyn, Nabil, Marlisa and Iz

Tambah Aida lagi sorung..hee


 Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Pojiepooh Abdullah said...

ehh ehh banyak jenis dan bentuk rupanya ek.. yela kite nih orang kampung, selera melesia yang dok kenal dok sebut spaghetti dan makaroni jela.. banyak jenis rupanya yer.. tatau plak lasagna tuh family dia jugak..
thanks for sharing :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To pojiepooh:
No problem..masa i kat sana, kena choose between 9 types of pasta...lagi pening..xtaw mana satu nak pilih..howoe

ayie said...

banyaknyee jenis.. dia ni ikut negara ke atau ikut negeri sbb lain lain jenis ni?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ayie:
Originally from Italy kot..tengok jenis pasta mana yang negara tlain import...rasanya kalau nak try semua jenis kena gi italy jerla.. :)

jackieKOH said...

nak lasagnaaaaaaa.. hjaha.. asyik tgok org masak kat tv je..xpernah rasa

donad said...

Spätzle tu dah macam maruku dah nabil :P

izz idraqie huznie said...

byk upanya fmly pasta bila nk masak nih..hehe:)

Judiene said...

I've got to go to UNO!

FaiZaH Fyn said...

banyak jenis rupanya..selama ni tau makan je haha :p

sully86 said...

nabil: where is the cheese?

Jαnnαhツ said...

wa, macam2 nama. macam2 rupa. yang mcm rama2 tu cantik. em, rase2 spaghetti ni asal dari china. tukang masak itali gi menuntut ilmu dari orang cina cara buat mee. bila dia balik itali dia invent spaghetti. if i'm not mistaken la. anyway, nak lasagna satu!

PeRspEkTif aKU said...

1st time tahu kerabat pasta secara detail..selama ni dgr kt masterchef bajet tawu jek..hee..well pe kate bg hint pe yang best(haha yg kamu oder tu la)..n rasanya bagaimana..kire cam prefer la..easier for kitorg nak try na masak(aindaikata)..

DanieL AdiE said...


sgt best..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to jackie:
Seriously? kena try..sedap geela lasagne..

to donad:
Haha..kat germany i prefer macaroni lagi..

to izz:
Hee...kat sana je rajin masak pasta...dah balik nak makanan melayu je..western skit2..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to judiene:
Well UNO is just ok..u should try Garden in Sunway..the cabonara there is nicer...

to Faizah:
Haha..i masa kat germany baru terexposed dengan macam2 jenis pasta ni..

to sully:

imz@cik yan said...

i penah wat kuiz about nama2 pasta mmg pening..
last2..tulis je yang penting ada LI-2 di belakang
(kala pasta berbentuk reben-- ribbonli (bukan nama sebenar,pfft)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Jannah:
Yes you're right...i pon ada baca on the history of pasta...interesting..

to perspektif aku:
Haha..nak bagi tips ke? I pon pernah makan few types je..spaghetti, fettuccine, farfalle, fusilli, lasagna, macaroni, tortellini, penne and terbanyak plak...paling i suka macaroni and tortellini..

to Daniel:
Haha...sekali sekala kena tukar angin skit..try benda baru..baru rasa kenikmatan..eceh.

Mariam Ariffin said...

I love tortellini the most!

sully86 said...


eezance said...

Both! so delicious.. :D

Aku By Pojie said...

wah terliur aku..

lasagne tu sedap tak??? huhuhu

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mariam:
Tortellini with cheese filling is freaking awesome..

to sully:
Eh nape plak? i don't get what u mean..

to eezance: of pasta huh?

to Aku By Pojie:
Lasagna tu x dapat kalahkan the one my aunty buat..hee

Notnabil ;) said...

Nice post :)