Monday, December 19, 2011

What's up Hannover?

Another great event organised by MGSS was held in Hannover last weekend. Hannover Open 2011 was opened to all Malaysians studying in Europe especially Germany and the best part of this event is that the accommodation, food and travelling costs are fully sponsored by JPA. Yeay!!! Kata orang, kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan..entah sesuai ke tidak peribahasa ni.. ;p

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The main activities during Hannover Open 2011are futsal tournament for guys and bowling tournament for girls.The highlight of the day would be the Dinner Gathering with JPA officers and other Malaysians that came to enliven the event.Macam kitorunk ni yang datang untuk support NRW team and alang2 tu dapat makan makanan sedap2.. :p

Pictures following the chronology of the events

Hannover Road Trip
8 of us in a Ford Transit.Hakim - Driver. Fizz - Co-driver. Passengers - Peja, Kak Laili, Anisah, Fuad, Darwin and I.
Yang penting kalau road trip kena ada makanan, minuman and cd karaoke!!

The night before the road trip, Kak Laili and Peja gigih buat bihun goreng cina and mee goreng mamak..I pulak gigih buat cinnamon cookies.. :)

Futsal Hannover Open 2011

Total of 9 teams
Hannover Muda A
Hannover Muda B
FC Podol Memodol
Albstadt ebingen fc
Pisang FC

Kak Laili, Fizz and I are Co Supporters...Supporter paling hebat Peja la kan..suara kuat xyah pakai speaker dah.. :p

Meriah je bila jumpa batch kbu balik...Rindu weh menyakat dan disakat korunk...

Aksi2 atas padang Futsal...

Supporters NRW memang gigih...gol ke x gol ke happening je suasana...

Muka kepenatan sorunk2...X menang this time xpe, next time ada lagi...insyaallah..

Azhan, Fuad, Ibrahim and I

From left : Darwin, Gabriel, Adam, Wanoy, Hakim, Peja, Kak Laili and Fizz. Other players from NRW are Imran, Bryan, Tze Shern, and Quan Wei.
Dinner Gathering at Sam Nok

Sam Nok is actually not a restaurant but a furniture shop.MGSS committee asked the help from Indonesian students in Hannover to find a place and to do the catering for that night.They found a nice spot at Sam Nok and the dinner was splendid.

From an empty space to a beautifully decorated dinner

Mouth-watering food...Satay as appetizer, main dish Nasi Lemak with sambal petai udang, rendang daging and ayam berempah.Minuman free flow ye.Mintak je nak jus ke, cola ke, sprite ke, coffee ke dll.Ketayap and kuih Bom(onde-onde) menjadi dessert for that night.

Muka puas hati kenyang nom nom nom..

Prize giving ceremony...
Congratulations to all the winners..

Performances that liven up the dinner gathering..

Riyaz and his futsal team won the first price..we're so proud of you!!! 
Berbaloi kaw datang jauh2 kan.. :)

Anisah made us proud when she and Aina won first place in the Bowling Tournament. Hidup NRW!!!

Photoshoot moments..Kedai dah lawa, ape lagi kan...buat photoshoot lah..

Jugendherberge Hannover

The view from outside of the Hostel...Cantik gak hostel ni walaupun sedikit pedalaman tempat dia..

Guest Card, keys and sweet...motif bagi sweet xtaw nape..

The quad room.

Leisure time kita main ping pong ye..

Alolololo...bajet chomeyl letew..

 All you can eat breakfast buffet...
After breakfast, we went around the city of Hannover....

 To be continued in the next post...


~Nur Zulaiha~ said...

n2 stu dlm smua~~ seronok tgk =D

ayie said...

bila la nak tgok nabil main bola :P

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Nur Zulaiha:

to ayie:
Haha..I kan reporter..camne nak main bola..nanti xde sape nak report.. :p

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

lelaki dan bola =,="

anyway bolat enjoy tgok ^^

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to cekbolat:

sully86 said...

nabs: I don't play futsal/football. Can i join the girls for bowling?

mr.syazwan said...

betul kata ayie bila nak tgk??


erh pimpong reti ke??


FaiZaH Fyn said...

ala..Nabil tak main rupanya

hamzah ian said...

taktau nak kata apa.. perghhhh

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sully:
Dia tulis GDO kan..girls day out je yer..

to wan:
Ping pong x reti sangat..futsal jadi defender bleh la..tapi malu ar nak main kalau semua hebat2..

to faizah:
reporter xle main..nanti kena pecat.. :P

sully86 said...

nabs: ahhahahaha are u getting them all for your own *winks*