Saturday, June 9, 2012

Glück auf Zeche Zollverein!!!

Glück Auf! was the traditional way the German miners greet each other. The expression originally meant "the lode will open up" and was used by miners to wish others luck in finding rich mineral resources. Chomeyl plak cara greeting camni.. :P

Zeche Zollverein (Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex) used to be a famous coal mine in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.It has been listed in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since December 14, 2001.The building, being an architectural and technical masterpiece,earned a reputation as the “most beautiful coal mine in the world”. (Source from Wikipedia)

Last month I visited this historical site with my friends, Fizz and Tony.In my previous visit, I didn't enter the Ruhr Museum. But this time, we decided to explore the museum and see what it has to offer.As you all might have known, I'm not really the museum kind of guy. But I got persuaded by Fizz, so I thought why not..I might not get this chance again..

We spent more than 3 hours in this very "small" museum. There are so many things to be explored ranging from nature to the cultural history of the Ruhr region. There's a big collection of geology, archaeology, history and photography of the Ruhr region that you can discover here.

 Lets take a look at the pictures, shall we?

Taking the escalator or stairs 24 metres above the ground to the Ruhr Museum

 The map of the Zeche Zollverein

Model of the buildings with animations to give infos to the tourists

Entrance to the Ruhr Museum

Entering the Ruhr Museum..Nak masuk pon dah rasa cam ala-ala cam miners..

The interior of the pathway will leave you speechless...

From 24 metres, you've gotta go down until underground to excess the different levels of exhibitions
Where is the Ruhr region?


Speakers with various sound effects .. You just stand on each circle to hear its respective sound 

The maschine used by miners in the olden day...

Dried flowers and leaves from different parts of the Ruhr region...Cantik sangatttt!

Kalau dah cantik kena la posing ambik gambar kannn...

Some of the artifacts you'll find here

This is cool! It's actually part of the after effect of lighting that hit the ground at 30,000 degrees celcius. This was found accidentally by one of the miners. Sangat awesome!!!

A cute version of advent calender...The one they use to do countdown until Christmas..

 Tränenflaschen? Tubes of teardrops?

Ada egyptian artifact gak..

This was the machine used to print newspapers in the olden days..Coolio!

Fossils of ammonites from 65 million years ago...

Exhibition that shows different types of minerals from all over the world...

This is one of the minerals that I find very attractive and interesting...

Exhibition of artifacts from the world war 2

Model of balance steam machine


I want one of these! Chomeyl plak rasa kalau masak guna dapur ni..

Classic attendance recorder...naisss

Imagine watching movies at home sitting on this chair...terbaek!

Models of the buildings in Ruhr Region....Buat decoration dalam bilik tidur pon best ni..

On the way out...

Before going back, make sure you drop by at this souvenir shop...postcards cantik2..

And don't forget to sign the guest book...Haha..memang "kecik" sangatttt!

Sebelum balik kita posing2 dulu... 

Till the next post..
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Anonymous said...

cool! tapi diorang faham ke
----> "muzium ni kecik sangat. *tangan ke bahu mata pandang atas*" hahahaha

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to lola: translator kan ada.. :p

ainwaheeda said...

awesome giler! dulu pernah bgtau kat abah tak suka pergi muzium, lpas kna lecture trus ckp suka.. adoyai!

iKhRam said...

seronoknya dpt melihat keseniaan dan keindahan negara orang..

sitiezahim said...

apa maksudnya pepatah tu? huhuhu..dan yg berlengkar2 pusin2 tu macam siput aje..hehe

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ainwaheeda:
Hehe..actually bagus gi muzium ni..banyak benda boleh blaja..tapi kena gigih la..kalau x mengantuk je rasa..hehe

to ikhram:

to kak Hajar:
Haha..orang miners tu guna untuk wish good luck..hehe..tu adik-beradik siput zaman dulu2..hehe

sully86 said...

nabs: i love rocks.!! U rock!! I rock...everyone rocks!!

shera said...

Glück auf Nabil!
*ehh, boleh gune kew? hewhew :)

Paklung Tony said...

Nice post about our visit! Hope all goes well with you, Nabil.

BrilliantWriter said...

I am perfectly aware that there's a contest in you blog ;) Boleh je jawab dlm contest,tapi, saja nak bagi suggestion, maybe lepas ni boleh recommend any restaurants dekat sana yang sedaap and most importantly, Halal?

Thank you! :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to brilliantwriter:
I've actually written a post on the best food to eat when you're abroad. There are not many halal restaurants in the best alternative is to eat at Turkish restaurants..