Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nur Noch Kurz Die Welt Retten...

This is one of my favourite German songs ever...The song somehow suits my feeling of getting ready to go back to Malaysia...Below are two verses of the song with English translation that I'd like to share with you all. :) Enjoy!

Ich wär so gern dabei gewesen
I would like to have been there,
doch ich hab viel zu viel zu tun
but I have much too much to do,
lass uns später weiter reden.
let's talk about that later.
Da draußen brauchen sie mich jetzt
Out there they need me now,
die Situation wird unterschätzt
the situation is underestimated
Und vielleicht hängt unser Leben davon ab.
and maybe our life depends on it.
Ich weiß es ist dir ernst
I know you're serious,
du kannst mich hier grad nicht entbehren
to an extent you can’t do without me here
nur keine Angst, ich bleib nicht all zu lange fern.
just don't be afraid, I won't stay away too long.

Muss nur noch kurz die Welt retten,
Just have to save the world quickly,
danach flieg ich zu dir.
then I’ll fly to you.
Noch 148 Mails checken
Still have 148 e-mails to check 
wer weiß was mir dann noch passiert
Who knows what happens to me then
denn es passiert so viel
because it happens a lot.
Muss nur noch kurz die Welt retten
Just have to save the world quickly
und gleich danach bin ich wieder bei dir.
and right after that I'm with you again.


I'm coming home soon, coming home soon...


sully86 said...

nabs:ada nice german artist tak and album?

Paklung Tony said...

It is also one of my favorite German songs!

Have a great journey, I am already looking forward to the next stories you are going to share :)