Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bloggers Rendezvous 2012...

The time moved slowly, 
One year seemed to take forever 
I’ve been waiting eagerly 
The moment for us to gather 

Euphoria describes my feeling 
At the moment when we meet again 
As if like I was dreaming 
And be awaken once we shook hand 

We spoke, we smiled, we laughed together, 
Wonderful moments worth cherishing 
I hope our friendship lasts forever 
And gets stronger with the next gathering

Remember my post entitled Bloggers Rendezvous that I wrote a year ago? Alhamdullillah this year I got another chance to have a blogger get-together with my dear blogger friends. 4th August was an unforgettable  date as about 30 bloggers and friends gathered on this wonderful day to celebrate the 4th Blogger Gathering Iftar organised by Qarl and Amir Rayyan.

There were a lot of great activities that took place on that day. The event started with an exciting and hectic cake decoration competition. This was followed by a short iftar and solat maghrib. After continuing having our iftar,we enjoyed an ice-breaking session and then we had a short Tazkirah by a special guest, Omar who's one of the contestants from the famous tv show, Imam Muda 3. This great event is then continued with solat isyak and solat terawih. The highlight of the day would be the crazy and exciting games created by the one and only pojiepooh. To sum up, I would say that this Gathering Iftar event was a blast and that we had so much fun mingling around, getting to know and share our interests with one another. Teruja okay...

Okay enough with the poem and long essay, now it's time to enjoy the pictures!!!
A picture is worth a thousand words...So lots of pictures could worth millions of words right?

Pictures are courtesy of everyone who helped to take pictures that night especially Adam Arjuna and Fie Omar. Enjoyyyy...

Cake Decoration

Gotong-royong nak decorate kek masing-masing. 
We got two types of cakes, Red Velvet and Moist Chocolate Cake.

While they were doing that, I was in the kitchen melting chocolate to make chocolate ganache. :)

Suasana meriah sangat...riuh rendah dengan mengejar masa, berebut spatula la ape la..

Kami semua pemenang, tiada yang kalah...fair and square kannn.. ;)

Yang mana satu pilihan kalbu?


Makanannnnn....dap dap dap...

Makan jangan x makan...asyik camwhoring je..eh..

 Teruja sangat dapat jumpa these awesome people...I had a great time getting to know them.

With eazy, pojiepooh, syafiq and patik...

Fie Omar, Adie and I

Taaruf and Tazkirah

Sesi bertaaruf dan bertazkirah...

Adik manis pon nak join gak? :)

Dengan imam-imam muda kita, Omar and Im.



Oh rindunya lepak dengan korunk...hopefully we'll meet each other again soon...
Before ending this post, I would like to share a bit about the venue for this event. Get yourself enlightened!!!
This year's event was held at Ar-Rayyan Kids, Kelana Jaya. What is it, you might asked?
Ar-Rayyan Kids is a modern Islamic kid’s enrichment centre that provides high quality learning combined with Islamic teachings to promote a positive Muslim identity. There are a number of programs that your children get to enjoy here. Instead of just being exposed to basic teachings like maths and sciences, the children will be tought about islamic basic education subject.I think this is very good to help the children develop their islamic education understanding at an early age.

Check out their facebook page, Ar-Rayyan Kids and their website by clicking here.
This has got to be my favourite group pic of the day... :)

Ni plak my favourite close up pic..Hensem ke tidokkk? :P

Till the next post....
Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Eazy Izzuddin said...

nice meeting u guys ...
hope can do this more often hehe

Amir Rayyan said...

terbaik! thanks nabil! ;)

Fie Omar said...

Hai nabil!
Yay akhirnya kita gi gathering ni sama2.
Dapat kenal nabil behind the scene gak. Haha

Nabil, gathering tu 4 aug la. bukan 5. hehe.

Wow pic yang last tu. kemain!

Event ni sangat2 best & balance :)

Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan (A.F.A) said...

akhirnya jumpa gak ngn nabil si mamat yg hebat buat kek cookies segala...hehehe

bukankosong said...


Anonymous said...

emsem! tambah2 lagi pakai baju melayu.. :)

Nisa Kay said...

ohhh jangan risau, pic last tu semestinye paling hensem. ehh?
hehe ;p
moga bertemu lagi ya!

DanieL AdiE said...

Dear Nabil..The event was on the 4th..huhu..

Bdw, byk picture cantik2..

Mohon izin mahu mengambilnya ya..


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to eazy:
Insyaallah..bila2 free boleh je ajak.. :)

to Amir:
Thanks to you too Amir!

to Fie Omar:
Hehe..yeah tu la terkonfius sebentar..yela tulis awal2 pagi la katekan...

to Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan:
Haha..xde makne hebat..biasa2 je..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to bukan kosong:

to Sue:
Haha..thank..terblushing plak

to Nisa:
Alamak nisa kay puji la plak..maloe ni..

to Adie:
Haha..deswai tersalah plak..thanks...boleh je ambik adie..nak size yang besar skit x?

unknown said...

it must be fun rite, gather and sharing exp. competing cake deco looks super fun and all of the cakes seem to be delicious...

Nazrul Ashraff said...

haha. macam best! and mesti akan rasa malu kalau join sebab u guys are really great guys :)

mr.syazwan said...


but i miss ur cookies my dear.. huhu

nnt jumpa lg