Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Servus Augsburg!!!

Augsburg? Sounds familiar? You might have heard about the city Augsburg where the tale of Hansel & Gretel took place. Augsburg was the first city that I arrived at before starting my tour around Bavaria. The whole time I was in Bavaria, I stayed at my friend's house in Augsburg. It's a very nice city with a variety of great places to offer. As Ammar's place is in the city centre, the shopping spots are just within walking distance and getting around to other tourist attractions was not a big problem.

Pictures are courtesy of Ammar and my Samsung Ex1.. :) Enjoy!

Augsburger Rathaus ( Augsburg Town Hall )

Breakfast at Ku Ammar's Wohnung
Oh rindu dapat makan breakfast best2 camni...

The Fuggerei
This is the oldest social settlement in the world. Jakob Fugger founded this place in 1521 and until today the annual rent for an apartment is still the nominal value of one Rhine guilder (0.88 euros). The famous resident of the Fuggerei was Franz Mozart, the great-grandfather of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The house from Franz Mozart

Tinggalkan kenangan..

Euphoria jump!

Musa, Nabeyl and Fauzan

This time with Ammar and Fauzan

Kräutergarten Augsburg (Herbs Garden)

Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden)
A beautiful botanical garden that contains a large Japanese garden, a medicinal plant garden, rose garden and a crop garden. Over 3100 species can be found here ranging from herbs to ferns to beautiful flowers.

Cafe Element

Augsburg Cathedral

It was such a fun experience being in Augsburg and to explore the city with a good friend of mine, Ammar and his friends. I had a tremendous time and would definitely come again if I get the chance. A million thanks to Ammar and Aiman for their hospitality and warm welcome. 

Till the next post
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Teena Tna said...

The house looks like a 'green house'

Anonymous said...

wow nasi lemak!

the trees sticking on the wall, it's really nice..dan sangat bersih ^^

zizidiazora said...

menarik sekali tempatnye..penuh kehijauan dan mendamaikan...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to teena:
Cantik kan..i love how it looks..

to wan ahmad:
Hee kat sini pon ada nasi lemak.. :p

to zizidiazora:
Sejuk mata memandang..

munamuni said...

SUBHANALLAH, cantiknya bumi Allah.. bestnye nabil gi sane :)

Seman Mj said...

the jumping part looks ohsemm

mia sha said...

blog ni buat sy pon berada di it.tak sabar tggu ur next post travel

mia sha said...

wahhh bestnya..gambaq tu menjadikn sy rasa di sana jugak....

Nabil Aizat said...

to munamuni:
Alhamdullillah dapat jejak kaki ke sini..memang cantik

to seman:
haha thanks..

to mia sha:
thanks mia..glad u like it..