Monday, September 2, 2013

Harap-harap ada sumur di ladang...

It's extremely hard saying goodbye to someone you've got yourself attached to : My parents, siblings, nieces, relatives and friends. As if like it's better to not coming back home at all and not having to deal with this mixed feeling of being apart again. But i won't regret coming back to my home sweet home, Malaysia. 

Even during a short period of time, I managed to do a lot of exciting and fun activities with my family and friends. I had a number of gatherings, ate a lot of food..i repeat a lot of food, went on road trips, meeting new friends, catching up with relatives, just to name a few. I wished the time would go slow so that I can enjoy each moment and not having to go back to reality this soon. 

But oh well! As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. All the activities, wonderful memories, joy and laughter would be etched in my mind forever.

Below are the pictures from family gathering/ nabil's farewell/ my dad's birthday celebration

Wajib la gambar makanan dulu kan.. :P

Geng Basuh Pinggan Mangkuk

Masterchef bahagian bbq...sedappp marinated lamb and chicken!

Thanks tolong gilir-gilir bbq..

Few hours before my flight to Germany...

Thanks Ika for this awesome farewell gift..terharu..

Goodbye shouldn't last forever.
It doesn't mean it's the end.
I'll miss you that's for sure
Until the day we meet again!


Hanan Izzati said...

the kids! comelnya..! and do take care there!

Anne Rihann said...

tgok food kat ats tu dah buat sy lapar! grrrrr~

syue wana said...

huuu..terliur ngn makanan tu

jom singgah blog saya..
tambah ilmu didada..