Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eternal Love...

I didn't know i have this talent of writing a poem in me until I had to write a poem myself as demanded by my English teacher for one of the EALD requirements this 2nd sem...After finished brainstorming myself..waa la..A masterpiece is created.konon kan.I sent the poem through email to my beloved dad for further revision.He substituted some words with extravagant poetic words.Thanx ayah...My dad started writing his own poem at a young age.So he has his own collection of poems...sngt poetic kot dia...flowery and metaphorical words are his expertise.I've always wondered whether I inherit the poetic gene from my least a little,I was hoping...Now I've proven to myself...Im glad that i am able to make him feel proud of myself..wah.
Poem nie jiwang skit...beware...tahap kejiwangan anda akan meningkat lepas baca ni..

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy Father's Day to ayah and also to all fathers in this whole wide world...Without you,I will not be who i am today.Thank you dad...

Enjoy the poem..written by Nabil Aizat with the assist from his father...

Carved with a fountain pen
Tender words sealed with a lovely kiss
A bouquet of roses, gently in my hand
Flowers of love, you can never resist

I must confess to you my dear
That it was instantly right from the start
The special moments we’ve spent together
Creating a special bond between you and my heart

Serenade your love to me darling
Tell me that it is true
Your answer will keep me waiting
Forever, I’m always here for you

I would give you everything that I possess
This heart, this skin and all the rest
The earth, moon, stars and the sky
I wouldn’t have to wonder why

Everyday I dream of you
As the cloudy sky turns deep blue
Your eternal beauty leaves me speechless
Without you, I’m trap in loneliness

Of all the beauties I’ve ever met
You’re the one I will never forget
And if I die before you do
In the heavenly garden I’ll wait for you

This solemn love story
Is like the waves of the sea beating…
Against the beach….never ending

Wish me luck.I definitely need it.I have to present this in front of the class next week..takot2...tangan mesti parkinson terus kan...huhu...


RyZ4L said...

with a help from ayah.
thanks ayah!
suke membaca nye.

sendra said...

klu bagi aku,
aku alter jadi lirik terus..
pastu aku gedik2 compose jd lagu..
nway,good job!!

k.A said...

ko ada talent la
gud job!

Hanis Zalikha said...

pantun doh. aku piker syair tadi. takpe still hebat. weh kau disable lah word verification untuk comment nih. annoying gila.

chipsmore said...

waaa...anda berbakat ;)

nadia xavier said...

yo nabil
the kid who laughed at me drg educamp
i was browsing through some blog
then camner tah
hopped in into yours
oh well.
whr r u nw?

(ariff shah's fren)


Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum...selamat berjaya...jgn 'parkinson' + sore hilang sudah..hehehe..pepon 'caiyok'

azwa said...

u're good nabil,touch deep


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To ryz4l:
Haha..thanx..bagus2..dah terjiwang blom?

to Sendra:
Thanx...Wah kaw melampau kot....mcm layak je jadi lagu kan...

to k.A

to Hanis Zalikha:
Haha...poem bnyk jenis kan...mung nih...thanx weih..akan cuba untuk disable..

to chipsmore:
Thanx chipsmore

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to nadia:
eh did i laugh at u?haha..x doing matriculation and german language at KBU...x dapat petronas scholarship...dpt jpa...huhu..u?

to infocomei:
Thanx2...parkinson tu cam semua org dah taw kalau i pgg kertas mmg kena hafal baru x parkinson sngt.hehe

to azwa:
Thanx banget..hehe..

pak su man said...

Well done Anak Ku!! The inspiration, the feelings, the thoughts & the words were wholeheartedly yours.

I enjoy reading it over & over again, & I'm sure you will recite it well...

Remember to bridge your mind & heart...'feel' every words that come out... !!

And thanks a trillion for the Fathers' Day wish.
- Ayah

zerronemo said...

i konw who its for dear baby.

KaY FaiZaL said...

wah.....nganga kejap

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To ayah:
U're most welcome ayah..

To zerronemo:

To Kay:
Haha...jgn nganga besar2 nanti lalat masuk..

syahidahariff said...

i love ur poem nabil :)
gud luck yah :)

Babaroga said...

wah nabil.nanti wenn ich einen Freund habe, nak gune poem ni bg kat die!! hehehe.

i love poems like crazy. i dont know why. hehehe.

reez said...

In the heavenly garden I’ll wait for you.
i dun think u'll go to heaven lah

nice one beyl!

haniey said...

dah ade gaya macam shakespeare sket2...

nadia xavier said...

i rejected petronas(geophy)
accepted mara(medic)

i think those who dpt jpa cant get petronas jugak kot.
cant be greedy ;p!!

yea u did.;p
when i salah masuk bilik
turns out my group entered the hall u guys were in
felt like a bunch of pathetic losers.haha

nadia xavier said...

btw link me or whatever

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to syahidah:
Thanx..haha..sedap ke..

to babaroga:
Haha..bleh jer...i plak terseksa kot nak buat poem...nie pown kena perah otak sebab dah terpaksa...hehe

to Reez:
wah mulot...melampau plak...

to haniey:
Haha..shakespeare ke..xde gaya amateur je...

to nadia:
Kewl...where r u going after this?haha..sorry bout that...lawak skit la kot..

nadia xavier said...

am going for india medic
sounds pretty boring
but thts wht they offered me(truly,beggars cnt be choosers)

adie said...

bagus! bagus! bagus! jiwang gak ni hahah, gud luck

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to adie:
Haha..agak jiwang kan..tu la pasal..

Mervin til'Leon Lindaeus said...

Omigosh.... seriously... that was beautiful! Write some more? I wanna read la.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mervin: kinda surprised...i can't write that good dear took me nearly 2 days to write dat..i wasn't born to be a poet..hehe..not like you...flowery essays...bombastic words...huhu

Mervin til'Leon Lindaeus said...

alamak. you still remember my ciri2? Wahahhah. I'm soooooo touched.

Oh, Nabeyl!!!!!! *runs and hugs*

XD Pfft!!!!! No, no... NEVER!!!!!

But either way, i don care la. 2 days is just 2 days. WRITE SUMMOR, GODDAMIT!

Afzainizam said...

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Afzainizam said...

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