Thursday, August 13, 2009

Malam Sehati Sejiwa

A miraculous a wonderful fairy tale,never been told before.The prince and princess finally found the guiding stars in each other,the moonlight that shines above them,silhouette against a dream of a beautiful tomorrow...two lovely doves that soar accompanying them in their journey of eternal sweet..

Two Hearts One Love

The Theme Of Our Romance

Two Lovely Wings On A Dove

Symbolizes our love that never ends...

18th July 2009 was a memorable night...full of happiness and joy...Families and friends from all over the world came by to make the wedding merrier and a success.All over the world la kan...haha..sedangkan Ayah James je kot from Holland...x kisah...nak gak..

Preparation for the wedding was hectic...What do you expect right?Its a duh-uh...but it was fun...Family get together,help each other,show their creativity in decorating wutsoeva,kuzens practice for the best performance forever and nabil gigih for the wedding of his poem plak..geela dah...

The wedding was held at The SUMMIT HOTEL,Subang Jaya...about 8 mins drive from my house..huhu..We,especially my parents and my bro were having a hard time choosing the right place for the wedding...Some of the factors need to be considered were the number of guests,location,budget,food,decorations bla bla bla..the list goes on and on...Finally my dad decided on conducting the wedding at the Summit Hotel...

Schedule of the day
10am: Was supposed to be the rehearsal and meeting of the wedding but it was postponed to 11++..Malaysian time kan..howoe

12.30pm: Checked into the hotel room...Total of about 14 rooms were rented...ramai la gak..relatives from Kedah,Genting Highlands,Holland,Ampang,Sentul,Gombak....und und und

2.00pm : The Kuzens practiced their performance...I had to practice for my poem recital...nervous banget..suara hilang plak..out of all the days..

3 till 6 : Hectic period for everyone...last minute decoration...make up...picture montage..performance....fuh fuh

7pm: Getting ready nervously...penting untuk buat rambut...last minute touch up....

8pm: Arrival of guests

8.40 pm : Moment of truth...the best part brother, Amin and I were chosen as bouncer to accompany the wedding couple to the Grand Ballroom..haha..agak kewl..macam citer Godfather la plak..
9.15 pm : Dinner was served

9.30pm : Performance by Nabeyl,The Kuzens and Adam...Poem recital,I'll be there - group singing and solo singing by adam.

Poem Recitation ngan muka semangat

The Kuzens performing I'll Be There whole-heartedly

11.00pm : The Wedding reception said buhbye...time to go back everybody...except for close family and friends

11.15pm : Photography session ( Family and close friends)

The Groom's Family

The Bride's Family

Adik beradik tercinta...chomeyl kan gambar ni..howoe

The Kuzens


One Big Happy Family

Semua cakap bukan cheese ke..

For those of you who would like to watch the video montage of the wedding, click here!

Sorry for the late post on the wedding...I was waiting for the pictures from the photographer...huhu...that's that i got all the pictures..puhleez enjoy..

The Kings and queens of the night

The Entourage gone wild

The Godfather and his sidekicks

Godfather's wife and her maids...haha..

Siblings...From Left: Amin,Danial,Nabil and Zalikha

The moment of truth....

Cake cutting ceremony

Ayah and Mak giving a special speech to the newly wed couple

The Kuzens lagi...humma2..

My closest friends....


Macham Iz Punye said...

bukan benda ni dah lama ke? busuuuuk busuuuuk *ceh padahal jeles.

cik intanurulfateha said...

.huu so sweet la gmbr the groom n bride tuhhh

chokio_nia said...

tinggi gle kek tuh..sume bg guest mkn ke??hoho

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to iz:
Kaw mmg owh jelez..baru dpt gambar lor..photographer baru bg...gitoe.

to intan:
Sweet kan.jealous..nak posing mcm tu gak..cari calon je dulu..hoho

to chokio:
Haha..tu dummy jer kot..bawah je kek....

Ahmad bin Ariffin said...

lawa giler gambar bride dgn groom tu..ada upah cameraman ke? hehe.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ahmad:
penting lor upah cameraman...xde camera canggih kot kalau nak ambik sendiri...tu la post lambat...tunggu gambar from photographer..

reez said...

ko plg ensem dlm adek beradek ko
kwn ko baju itam tu menarik
sedap ke sore ko?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To reez:
hoho..maloe..xde ar..i biasa je..being modest nie..buat2 x kenal plak baju hitam tu..x sedap pown sore..shexy serak2 kot..that nite la..time xder sore..

The Confession Of An Adventurer said...

bestla tgk gmbr2 tue.:P