Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Imagination gone wild - Ancient versus Modern Architecture

Yeah babeyh...Behold the arrival of a new version of the post "Imagination gone wild"...Haha..melampau x...i noe rite.

My German lecturer asked us to check out this art exhibition being held in KBU that display the chronology of Ancient art until the modern edifice.

The exhibition provides us with an insight into the history of architecture in the Western and Eastern world, from prehistoric megaliths to modernist skyscrapers.Bear in mind that architecture is a fluid art. Architectural styles do not start and stop at precise times,it keeps on evolving,becoming much better with regards to its structure,design and building strength.

The best part about this exhibition is that the buildings are being put on view in a three dimensional effect.It is amazing when you imagine the hard work and precious time the students have put in making the exhibition more lively.

850 BC to 476 AD From the rise of ancient Greece until the fall of the Roman empire, great buildings were constructed according to precise rules.

Sibuk gak nak buat muka "Nabeyl" kan...

3,050 BC to 900 BC In ancient Egypt, powerful rulers constructed monumental pyramids, temples, and shrines.

Chronology of Asian Architecture

373 to 500 AD. European architecture moved from the rectangular basilica forms to the classically inspired Byzantine style.

500 to 1200 AD As Rome spread across Europe, heavier, stocky Romanesque architecture with rounded arches emerged.

1400 to 1600 AD A return to classical ideas ushered an "age of "awakening" in Italy, France, and England.This is the rise of the Renaissance Architecture

1730 to 1925 AD A renewed interest in ideas of Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio inspired a return of classical shapes in Europe, Great Britain and the United States.

1900 to Present. The century has seen dramatic changes and astonishing diversity. Twentieth century trends include Art Moderne and the Bauhaus school coined by Walter Gropius, Deconstructivism, Formalism, Modernism, Structuralism, and Postmodernism.

Brilliant Architects that design amazing buildings...

Some examples of the modern-design houses..

Sekali tgk cam keretapi pown ada...

Triangle house

I love the roof of this house...so kewl..

This house is kinda illogic as it is built under water with build-in swimming pool inside...but we might never know...maybe someday this house will become a reality..

This is another bizzare looking house...


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