Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red Box Birthday Surprise!!!

Penting untuk posing depan red box

A splendid birthday surprise at RED BOX KL SOGO planned two weeks in advance especially for my beloved mom and the new member of the family,Kak Meen.My dad and Kak Mimi(kazen)had planned this event right after Abg Danial and Kak Meen's wedding.They took a package that included a big room(40 Pax), a birthday cake,free flow of food and drinks,and the use of karaoke appliances from 8 pm till 2am.6 HOURS!!MIND YOU 6 HOURS!!!6 Hours of Karaoke-ing with my kuzens and family members..Extraordinarily amazing...It was tremendous fun..Whenever it involves family,there is always fun and excitement..Das kann ich ohne Zweifel sagen!!!

Imagine how many songs we managed to sing in a period of 6 hours...Countless...There are few songs that really engraved in my mind..For example, Seiring dan Sejalan, Bunyi Gitar,Isabella,Macarena and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...Haha those were the songs that made everyone sang and dance together..omg sooo cute..seriously a moment to be cherished and treasured...The best part was when Abg Danial sang a song especially to Kak Meen.That was really touching...It was a surprise actually as abg Danial had never sang before...And what was more surprising is that he has a good voice...haha..agak chomeyl cam budak2..."boy" voice according to Kak Meen...So Sweet...

My dad was really happy because he managed to strengthen the family bond between our family and Kak Meen's family...Hopefully there'll be more of this family fun gathering thingy....yeah babeyh!!Looking forward to the next family outing...

Enjoy the pictures...

Kuzens turning crazy...

Background nak hawt je kan...

Birthday mum and Kak Meen

Karaoke jgn x karaoke

The guy who made it all dad...

Aunty Aini and Ayah James

Sab and I

Nad and I

From the right:
Nabil,Amin,Nad,Azeem and Agus Raqib

Abg Danial dedicating a song to Kak Meen

Kak Meen teruja je dgr abg danial nyanyi

Ibu2 pown join sakan menyanyi

Kak Sara and Abg Daniel

Abg Rizal and family

Farah and I

From left: Kak Meen,Agus Raqib,Azeem and Nabil

Kak Meen and Shah

Chomeyl kan tempat duduk nie

Motif posing..patah kaki...

Amira,Nad and Sab

Kanak-Kanak Riang


sarah al -idrus said...

wahhh syioknye... besar siot..

kery said...

Damnit..!! Im sooo jelous..!! Aku dah lme tak melalak gak,ape tah lagi dancing like hell...!!Lucky u...Im happy for u and that's good for u..
Argh, shit..aku balik je Malaysia, terus carik Red Box gak r...Hahahaha..Bley hilang stress dowh..

Abir Abhar said...

6 hours tuuu..
balik sure suara semua seksi2 je..

Anonymous said...

haha, great family,
kim slm bday pd ur mom oke.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to sarah:
Haha...syiok kan..mmg besar kot..siap ada bar lagi..

to kery:
Thanx kery...haha..kitorunk nyanyi and nari like there's no tomoroe..huhu..perlu sngt cari red box bler u balik sini..

to abir:
Melampau kan 6 hours..xpe..everyone got their chance to sngt..

to dobot:
thanx dobot...

Matt said...

suka nye tgk ur family hepi together hhehe...

nadira said...

nabil.yg penting sape ambik gmbr hebat2 itu! hahahahaa

t a u f i k said...

bestnya tengok2 cuci mata

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to matt:
Hehe..i pown sker..tertibe..

to nadira:
Yang penting sape posing dlm gambar2 hebat itu..haha...xde u pown penting gak..

to taufik:
Haha..cuci mata ke.

Anonymous said...

Meriah gambar betul hihi

zul said...

eh eh...nak tya.. kanak2 riang tu berapa umur memasing yek? ahak..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to afi:
Haha...meriah kan....tu la pasal..

to zul:
Palng tua 21 tapi cam budak2 gak...tua kat tahun je..fikiran cam kanak2 riang..

nadira said...

wei sedap hati panggil aku tua hahah!

Anonymous said...

bestttt nyerrr.. jeles jeles jeles nih!!


Ayahanda a.k.a Pak Su Man said...

Anak Ku Nabil.
Ayah is glad that everyone really enjoyed the family karaoke session... cos I enjoyed it too!!. Especially seeing everyone sharing a good common interest & as u have rightfully mentioned, strengthening the family bond & bridging the younger & older generation closer.... Yes, we shud have more of this!!
- Ayahanda

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to nadira:
Haha..maafin gwe...tertibe nak bercakap benar..haha..

to kak shima:
next time kak shima mai...kita gi karaoke k..hehe

to ayah:
Thanx ayah for making it happened...yeah definitely w should have more of this..can't wait for the next one...

Dena said...

Ok jealous gila pergi red box dgn whole family T_T

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to dena:
Hoo..jealous ke..ajak la ur family gak..mesti happening nyer

Hurt Biscuit said...

saya jealous juga
how much ur family spent overall?

Hurt Biscuit said...

how much ur family spent overall?i mean per pax.boleh saya tau?