Friday, September 18, 2009

Meine liebe Wanoy

Our first ever picture together...nostalgia sngt!!!

Syazwani binti Pauzi a.k.a Wanoy, an extremely wonderful girl that will be dearly missed.

I'll miss Wanoy's tagline "Chill lar" and her awkward but interesting poses that she'll give whenever we're doing photo shoots (camwhoring moments to be exact).

We knew each other through a close friend and starting from that moment we became clique to one another and till today we are close friends....I am extremely happy to have a company like Wanoy...she is very understanding..approachable,generous and a caring person...Even though she's goin thru a hard time,she'll act cool and calm as if like nothing is wrong so that no one worries about her...

I can still remember how hilarious it was our first encounter with each other...Maloe2 kucing kot.She was controlling "Ayu" and I was showing off my ke-machoness-an...macho ke?haha..But the moment we got to know each other, we realized that we share lot of things in common and I think that's why we became close to each other.

She is a friend,a close one,my shopping partner,my personal fashion stylist,my date,someone who i've made a pact to get married to if any of us is still single when we reached 25.Hoho,my darling dear wanoy...It was always fun to be with you..The moments we've spent together will be etched in my mind forever,cherished and treasured till the end of time...

I know i've not been a good adviser to you..but i am pretty much a good listener.I think..hehe..Whenever u miss my "Sabar la weih" advise-phrase...just gimme a call...thru skype if possible..its cheaper..huhu

We have planned to meet up with each other once im in Europe next year...Insyaallah...We'll go to Disneyland,Paris,Amsterdam,Rotterdam..bla bla bla..hehe..konon banyak duit kan nak buat Europe tour.

Last but not least,I would like to say all the best in the things u do...Was du auch tust,werde ich immer unterstützen.Whatever you do,I'll always support u..I would like to apologize for the short moments that we've spent together..we are so close but yet so far....I wish that we could have spent more quality time with each other...huhu...tsk2...I am sorry for the things that i've done all this while which may have offended or hurt ur feelings...truly sorry...

Thank you so much Wanoy for the Happy and Sad moments we've spent together...Thanx for being a lovely friend,someone who i can trust and be comfortable with...I'll will surely miss u...That's for sure...I hope that you'll have a great time in smart...I noe u can do it...Good Luck in the future...Im looking forward to see you next year..God's willing..

Kawla satu-satunya yg penah panggil aku pria terhebat..
howoe...sayang kaw wanoy..
I'll remember your motivation,good advice
and the compliments u've given me always..thanx..

Id pic aku on ur this pix...sedondong gitoe

Id pic kaw on my phone..

A weird pose from wanoy...gonna miss that terribly..

Muka nak humma2 je

Date ngan wanoy at Kenny Roger's

Wanoy & I- Kanak2 Riang gigih sngt

Muka tua nabeyl menunjukkan aku dah tua dan berumur 19..hehe..thanx wanoy for everything

First time Agz together in a pix...teruja sngt

Riang Raya 2007 at Hanis' hse.

Zaman2 sekolah dahulu

Huhu..happie je time nie..

Izzah,Wanoy and I

Suci je tiga2...

Outing at Sunway Pyramid

Photoshoot at Tasik Subang Jaya...

Ghostly Nabeyl at wanoy's hse.

Peace Y'all!!!


~♥ cik intan® said...

.ehem2 ;p

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to cik intan:
Ape ehem2...kawan baek la..xde maknenye

iyllienaz said...

haha..hope kamu dan dia single until ur age 25..Amin..

ikanbilis said...

wah best nye day out with friends!

salam aidilfitri bro~

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to iyllienaz:
Hehe..kalau ada jodoh ye lar..eceh..

to ikanbilis:
Thanx..hehe..tu gambar2 lama kot..
Salam Aidifitri to you too

kuchairies said...

hmmm.. lama tak outing camnih.. slamat hari raya nabeyl!

Anonymous said...

nak tgk gambar hanis time skola..hahahaaha

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to kucharies:
Same goes to you

to anonymous:
Kena mintak tuan nyer badan la...da pindah skolah pas form 3...gambar pown x byk..hehe...takot dia marah

Anonymous said...

awhh. kau punya paling best. sebab sertakan gambar dari muda.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to fathinn:
hehe..thanx yeah

Ayahanda a.k.a Pak Su Man said...

Anak ku Nabil...
I have seen u grow up with your friends, and they are really wonderful friends indeed... as the saying goes, "a friend in-need is a friend in-deed"....

To 'Wanoy', keep up the spirit, and like Nabil mentioned,'Study smart not hard". May Allah provide you His guidance, and give you the strength & the will to sail through your educational endeavor in a foreign land, & may success be with you!! Ameen....

likha said...

ur first pic is cumel..hehe..

D'lla said...

upzz skit post menarik nih.oo slalu dikelilingi bunga2..eceece..patutla byk memahami,good2..