Sunday, September 6, 2009

Renaissance du Cenderawasih

Penting untuk bergambar ngan manusia2 hebat

Howoe..gempak x nama...Fusion gitoe...The title is actually the name of Zharin's design- "Muslimah" couture dress.I have to say, I seriously adore the detailing on this dress...sngt teruja kot tgk..You can tell that he really put an enormous effort to create the astonishing piece of dress.The MMS he sent me earlier showing the dress with only 50% progress had straight away caught my attention and I knew it will develop into a beautiful dress.I was eager to take a look at the finish creation.Now that I have...puas hati sngt..I'm very proud of you Lieber Zharin.

"Hawtness" the word that came up to my mind the moment i saw that beautifully-made dress being cat walked by Zharin's model,Sarah.Best2...serious keterujaan melampau..Outstanding kot...

I can still recall the first time I laid my eyes on his designs.He showed me his book of masterpiece...eceh...I knew it then that this guy has a high potential of succeeding in this fashion designing field.I believe in you...I know u'll go far...Alles Gute!!!Was du auch tust,werde ich immer unterstützen.

Zharin won third in the Busana Muslim competition.Bangga2..Happie geela kot.He got a total of RM3500( Rm3000 for winning third and Rm500 for the consolation prize).There are no losers in this competition conducted by Astro Oasis.Everyone got a consolation prize.Good huh?At least your hard work is paid off.

Don't forget to catch the Astro Marhaban show on Astro Oasis...Date is still yet to be get urself updated..haha..

Sorry bout the quality of the pictures...Camera phone je kot...huhu

Some of the dresses being modelled on the runway(out of 12 dresses)

Zharin and his proud family members

First prize winner (Zharin's lecturer)

Sila tatap detailing on the back of this dress..lawa geela

Bajet chomeyl ar buat camtu..

Photography session for the models and designers

I seriously love this dress..simple and nice..model pown lawa..huhu

Hisham,Zharin and sweet Sarah

Model lawa kena ambik gambar dua kali

Muka seposen sebab nervous org semua pandang...huhu

Finally semua masuk..yay


Matt said...

wow bangga gile dapat fren cm zharin.. lawa giler baju 2.. keep up d good work

KaY FaiZaL said...

waaah.....(mulut itu ternganga). Sungguh indah ciptaan manusia...Lebih best kan kalau dapat tatap di depan mata..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Matt:
Huhu...bangge kan...

to Kay: Tu lar...nanti tatap kat tv yer..ada pergerakan best picture quality not so good..huhu

mel. said...

loves it.
it has that queen amidala-ish style.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mel:
exactly.paling x tahan.detailing dia kot..okayh nabeyl braper kali kaw nak bgtaw kaw minat detailing baju ini..

[z@ck] said...

agak2 klu pki time raya ni..
org sumpah seranah x..

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to zack:
Haha..xde nye..vogue gitoe..hoho..pakai kahwin sesuai kot..raya terlampau plak kan

t a u f i k said...

teringat kt Antm.

zerronemo said...

danke lieber!!!
beads galore!

Shikin Hambali said...

how tall are you? compared to the models, you look quite heighty (ikut suke perkataan)... btw lovin some of the sleeves.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to zerronemo:
You're most welcome..Geela proud!! Hang memang terer!

to Shikin:
Kan2..ada sleeves yg lawa geela..i xde la tinggi mana..170cm kot..dah lama x ukur..