Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cheers and Auf Wiedersehen!!!

Another trip to KLIA, but this time it was with my family and relatives.Two departures in one night.They were leaving back to their respective country.First is my father's friend,Uncle Kerry who was leaving to New Zealand and second is my Uncle, Ayah James who was leaving to his country of residence, Netherland a.k.a Holland.

Both would have stopovers during their journey back home.Imagine this...Uncle Kerry would be transiting first at Bandar Seri Begawan,Brunei...following by Brisbane,Australia..then Auckland before taking the last flight to Wellington...Sigh..a total of more than 24 hours..Why would he go thru this stopovers,u might asked?It is because of the cheap rate he gets by doing so...huhu.I would do it too if the rate is unbelievably cheap.

He called me on Thursday saying that he had safely arrived in Wellington.I was surprised bcuz it seems like he had a much longer journey than he was supposed to..He said "Haha,wanna noe sumthing funny?...I misread my ticket so i got stranded at Brunei for 11 hours"...OMG...penat geela kot..akan terseksa kalau jadi camtu...

Ayah James,on the other hand,would be transiting at only place .That is from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt,Germany before taking a train to Rotterdam.

Ayah James was in Malaysia for almost 2 and a half months while Uncle Kerry was here for just a total of 10 days.He celebrated Raya with us in Taiping .At first we thought that it would be difficult to take care of him since we are not so sure what kind of food he eats and does not eat.But seriously it was not a problem at all cuz he is not fussy when it comes to choosing food.He eats whatever we serve him.Rendang,Ketupat,Nasi Ayam,Satay,Chapati...You name it!!

I have an Australian English oral test on I took the opportunity to practice my speaking skill with Uncle Kerry..He is so funny and friendly....he became clique with the whole family and also my relatives....We will miss him dearly...

Check In at counter K....K for Kerry Buckeridge

Yay..berjaya tukar muka blog lagi... while having my dinner at Food Garden,KLIA

"Sangat Sedap & Menyelerakan kan..."penting buat ngan tangan.

Keep in touch....

Finally,we managed to get a decent looking photo of this never-ending-avoiding-picture-taking guy.Haha..

Thanx Uncle Kerry for those wonderful gifts..

Amira and I at KLIA entrance

Perlula kan bergambar ngan camera sendiri.

Re-packing stuff into Ayah James bag..yerla..dah bawak roti canai,kopi,kuih raya nak bagi dia bawak balik as ole2...

Ayah James pulak check-in

Perasan lawa la pulak adikku ini

Ni bukan muka perasan hawt..harap maklum.

Ni muka teruja terlebey...sila maklum..

Ada gaya tourist tak...

Maloe2 kucing nak ambik gambar ni..semua org pandang kot..

My fav pic..tgk kaki skit arh..

Nak gak kaki camtu.. sweet gambar ni..

Haha..mitz xnak lagi besar ke kangkang kaki...

Group and ayah James' friends.

Rock on!!!!

Terlebey rock on...vibrate plak..

Sweet adik beradik ini..

Nak buat rock on jugak..x sempat..gambar dah kena snap..

Before he left, we hugged and I said " Schönen Gruß zu Hause"...He replied "Ja,danke..We'll meet again next year".."Insyaallah" I replied.


Rumitha Seva said...

4awww..cute lar both the uncles.. rajin i comment..lama dah tak visit ur blog.. missed a couple of posts.. tu je lar.. nanti bawak dvd tu ek..nak tgk..(",)

Ayahanda a.k.a Pak Su Man said...

Yes, it was indeed a memorable occasion to have 2 departures on the same nite.

Nabil anak ku, very interesting narration of both events, the pictures were well sequenced and the captions were witty and spot on!!

Love reading your blog...never a dull moment. Keep it up anak ku!!

Aku Bukan Superstar said...

love dis entry!!yeah.keep it up bro!

5h4z4 said...

wuuuu....from wellington ye, ahax...tetibe excited pule..

anyhow nabil, just dropping by to wish ya selamat hari raya..hope its still not too l8 tho =p~

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to rumitha:
Haha..finally,u commented on my blog again after ages of keeping quite..hoho...

to ayah:
Haha..u will always be the one giving the longest comments...thanx a lot..

to aku bukan superstar:
Thanx..i will..

to 5h4z4:
Haha...perlula excited org tu pown duduk sana..hehe..x terlmbat..raya sebulan kan..same goes to you

Nadira said...

haha kecomelan gmbr semua..
nabil aku tau kau memang nak sgt buat pole dancing kat situ kan, sabar je la. kaki itu penting

KaY FaiZaL said...

Testing testing. Cheq testing baca blog guna talipon. Hehe. Skali bukak blog hang, bercerenet kluaq gambaq. Hehe. Syoik la hangpa dpt hadiah. =)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to nadira:
You patut enlarge gambar kaki tu...hawt kot expression muka..haha.priceless..

to kay:
Wah hebat2...check blog guna phone..hehe..happy la gak dapat hadiah..imported plak..

Abir Abhar said...

muka blog yang baru!!

me too pernah ada two deaprtures on the same nite..
two of my very best frens...
so sad tau time tu

rj.zyra said...

Ive been a silent reader:)
I told myself, ' I have to leave a comment this time, ' sebab I actually saw you in KLIA on this day.

Nak tegur, tapi tak kenal. Haha it was so funny. I was at McD, and you walked in, and then you walked out. And then you walked in again ( entah kenapa :P ) nampak busy.

So I guess now I know how it feels like, to be reading another's blog, and when we actually get to meet (coincidentally), you get that instant feeling like you know them. When in actual fact, you don't. In this case, it was me :)

I always find it disturbing when people act like they know me jjust because they read my space, when they don't. I don't know about you though. Haha.

Your entries are interesting. Keep them up.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to abir:
Okie x gambar nie..hehe..yeah2..two departures..sabar jerla..

to rj:
Haha..maloe geela..u saw me being blur...i think i was looking for a place to sit at that moment..ramai and should have come up to me and say hi..teruja je jumpa a new friend..hehe..thanx.

crazy_labelle said...

kasut adik nabil mcm saya punye.. hehe...

d_LA said...

kita suka incik, terluah perasaan plak...ske skit rrr u n ur fwens n ur family nye pose..happy skit rrr !!!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to crazy_labelle:
Haha..xpe2..lawa kot kasut tu...

to d_la:
Haha..terblushing la pulak sebentar..
best kan tgk dorunk pose sakan..hehe..

Mohd said...

Bolehlah jadi duta KLIA hihihi (: .

ain_patieha said...

Flights of the choncords is one of the best thing ever happened in New Zealand. pretty sure ur uncle had chose the right gift ;)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mohd:
Haha..duta klia..maloe geela..

to ain: seriously best citer tu...hilarious...chomeyl loving every episode of the first season...

ain_patieha said...

funny gila kan! haha how bout 2nd season? hav u watched it yet? it's even funnier!!

MiLuViA said...

oh adik kamu berpakaian itu sangat menarik hati.

i like the red pants.

sy copy ur sister's photo and put on fb wall to show it t show my frend how gorgeous it is.

hope u dont mind.