Monday, April 12, 2010

London, a place like no other....

Wohoo London..wohoo...London is seriously a place you guys have to seriously...It's a paradise for sightseeing lovers,heaven for shopaholics, and it gives the homie feeling to Malaysian student due to it's high number of Malaysian residents...

Central London is the best and worth visiting.The heart of London has a dense concentration of tourist attractions, landmarks, theatres, museums, and not forgetting the world's famous shopping areas like Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Covent Garden.

Lets have a look at the pictures taken while exploring the city of London.Pictures are courtesy of Nabeyl's and Azizi's camera.The trip in London will be explained through captions below the pictures.

The journey began here....7 homie boys...and total of 9 baggages..

Because we took the cheap fare flight, we had to plan on going to the airport early as we had to take regio train, then change to north-south train and finally change to a bus before reaching the airport..Skali salah timing 4 jam awal kot sampai..hehe..

Pak cik driver bus ni pown nak gak masuk gambar...

Howoe..we had to wait at the airport for 4 hours...kalau airport cam KLIA xpe gak..The Weeze Airport has one cafe, one snack shop and two computers for online usage...owh not forgetting a small playground for kids..sigh..

Ryan Air is like Malaysia's Air Asia / Firefly...Free seating and food and beverages are sold on the flight...less than one hour flight to London...wohoo..

Arrived in London at 9.15 pm..Then we had to take a bus to Golders Green..Journey of one and a half, we took the Northern line train to East Finchley where Zhafran's cousin is staying.We spent the night there.

Sesi mencari rumah..Huhu..that was tiring...Alhamdullillah we managed to find the house and had a peaceful rest.

We check in to the Malaysian Hall room as the place is nearer to the central city and it's better for us to move our luggages for the trip on the next day to Nottingham.

The food at Malaysian Hall Cafe is just awesome...yummy2...mana nak dapat makanan pedas camni kat Germany..

On the way to Malaysian Hall London

We took the underground train to Green Park where the Buckingham Palace and Royal Mews are situated.

Malaystate plak...teruja woh2.

Salah satu gambar layak jadi profile pic facebook..humma2

In front of the Buckingham Palace

Paling chomeyl tupai datang mintak makanan...alololo..

I’m kinda busy
K-kinda busy
K-kinda busy
Sorry, I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy...
busy exploring the city of London..yeah..

Memorial for the lost soldiers and women of world war 2

Pose in front of the Horse Guards

X ambik gambar dengan Queen's guard x sah la kan...

The Admiralty Arch

Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and London Eye

Layak skit for profile pic..huhu
Ber-background-kan London Eye

Makan kacang on the bridge...sedap kot kacang ni..tapi cepat muak skit la..

Check out time...muka teruja nak gi Notts


Came back to London again after having a great time in Nottingham...The trip to Nottingham will be in the next post..stay tuned yeah.

Check into the Clink Hostel 261..Shared room with 9 other guests..hoho..havoc kot..xpe satu malam je...

Lawa kan Tottenham Court Road...tempat ni favourite kot nak tukar train..

First thing we did after getting back to London is to go shopping..yeah babeyh...Like the motto from Topman..More Space More Fashion More Fun!!!

Took the famous double decker bus to London Bridge..Views from the bus are just fascinating...

Every time I think of London Bridge, the nursery rhyme London Bridge is falling down will be playing in my head...don't you have the same experience?

The actual London Bridge is this old bridge with lighting below...

Along the walkway from London Bridge to Tower Bridge...This place is called HMS Belfast.

This is what I'm talking about..wohoo..Tower Bridge hawtness okie...

We had Fish and Chips on our last day in London.

Tsk2...I miss you London...will definitely visit you anytime ke soon..okie bila ada masa dan duit yang mencukupi untuk shopping..hehe..

Till the next post..Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Fauzan Abdullah said...

jeles siut!!!

Hizami Li said...

oh my.
nabil, lama x update blog.
jealous gila!

ir.mizz farahin said...

aii nabil, suke sgt bce blog kamu...
selame nie jd silent reader jer..hehe
feel free visit my blog too:

Nurfarahin Mohd Radzi said...


Gildarius Aldaris said...

Wow! London seems really great. I really need to go there soon!

AkU said...

WoW..Amazing man..!!
aku yg nengok pics tu pown dah penat..ini kan lagi korang..

London Bridge = Fergie...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to fauzan:
Hehe..happy sudey..

to hizami:
Kan2..skali tiga post terus akan berderet...yg lagi dua post coming soon..

to ir.mizz farahin:
Thanx yeah...dah visit2..:D

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

tu nurfarahin:
Hehe..memahami kot..

to tony:
You should..really..count me in..hehe..I'll follow when I have enough money to go shopping.hehe

To Aku:
Haha..fergie kan..i oldskool kot..teringat lagu nyanyi time tadika pastu main pegang2 cute..haha.

Gildarius Aldaris said...

hahahaha.... sure! But let me save money as well k? :P

qiqi said...

u look so cute in the pic...;p
i know u really enjoy ur trips...
have fun;)

AkU said...

main pegang2 tangan..uishh..bahye..heheh.. for a kid dat young..lalala..~

Pak Su Man MAS said...

wah.... syiok tak kira no...!!
Banayk juga anak ku pi melawat sana-sini.

Pi sampai kat pusat bandaq..
Jalan-jalan sampai teketaq-ketaq -
Bila perut rasa lapaq...
Nabil teringat tak kat nasi kandaq.!!

So now focus back on your studies ya anak ku...hehe

Love from ayah & mak & your brothers & sis.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to qiqi:
Haha..slalu bagi i "blushing"..thanx2

to Aku:
Ala kecik2 bukan taw ape..pastu yg penting buat bentuk bridge..alolo..rindu zaman kanak2 ribena..

to ayah:
Rindu banget ngan makanan kat malaysia..nabil balik next year ayah kena bawak gi makan sedap2..hehe..kempunan dah ni..tunggu ada dua lagi post..malam ni or esok pagi kot publish..

~kuyam~ said...

ohoooo,best kot g London!
isk,tumpg ur happiness je lah kot nabil :D

Che Kay said...

aiyohh! sungguh seronot!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to kuyam:
Thanx yeah..take care.

to che kay:
haha..seronok banget kot.

athnfthn said...

yang ini lagi jealous !

anakpakmael said...

wonder.. wonderful place.. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

gadizgula said...

nabil, if u have free time blh x tlg suggest tmpt2 best to visit in london? i am planning to go there next year. i have zero info on what to do or where to go in london. lg bagus kalau blh letak sekali budget/costing..
u can email me

thanx a lot ;D

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to gadizgula:
I've sent an email to u..

shuhaila said...

boleh tau mcm mana nak booking stay kat malaysian hall tu?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Suhaila:
You kena gi kat website dia..ada registration and booking form..