Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mind-boggling Night !!! x..mind-boggling.Why is that so? What really happened on the last weekend???

 Muka Teruja

My oh my...It was definitely an unforgettable night...Full of enjoyment, excitement, indulgence, anxiety and gloom...and finally a sense of relief...

So...the day started with a meeting point in Köln Hauptbahnhof(Cologne Central Station).I made a plan with Fizz, my senior from Krefeld(a place where I probably will be studying in) to join me on an excursion to the fun fair held in Köln Messe Deutz.We were going to meet my house mates, Rumitha and Darwin there.Tony, my german friend, joined us on this wonderful day..It was really a wonderful day..The sun shines bright...the temperature was about 18 degrees..colourful flowers word...awwwwww...

Such a big happy family...

Gambar teruja sorang2..."ngeeee"

People I'll be hanging out with the most once I entered Uni...My senior fizz and my friend Tony.. new partner in crime

That's Tony...Popular with the saying "Selamat Siang.... Saya nama Tony.... Iya..... Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh????????!!

View of the fun fair from far

Go-Kart kat sini sngt best..pusing2 naek atas..pusing2 turun bawah..

Some of the rides at the fun fair..

Rumah hantu...x masuk pown sebab x best katanye..

The sweetest moment of the night...Hakeem won this lovely pillow with "I Love You" written on it..He gave it to Rumitha...ramai2 cakap awwww...

We ( the fantastic four in the pics) went to have our Dinner at Va piano, one of the best Italian restaurants in Cologne...

After the great Indulgence at Va piano..I was like so bloated with yummilicious Pasta and was getting ready to go home...And then suddenly out of the blue, Fizz realized that she had lost her purse...

Woh2..buat muka suspens skang...I was like..geela ramai penyeluk saku kat German ni...Darwin had just lost his wallet like four days ago...and now Fizz...Fizz was really at unease knowing the fact that she had just lost her wallet which contains her important cards - Mensa Card, Bank Card, Student Card, Semester Ticket, Insurance Card just to name a few...few ke..banyak kot..It was 11pm ++...the Fun Fair should be closed by that time.Even though we knew that, we took a chance and made our way to the Fun Fair again...Everything was dark except for few stalls..some of the workers were packing their stuff..we asked one of the guys there if we could enter the fun fair to look around for the missing thing...Thank god he allowed..Fizz remembered that she might have left her wallet at the bumper car stall...We went there but nobody was to be found..luckily we managed to find this friendly and very helpful guy, who was willing to call his boss just to ask whether he had found any missing purse...Alhamdullillah..the wallet was there and nothing has been touched...So unbelievable kan...I mean..If I were in her shoes, I would be like losing hope thinking that I lost my wallet at a fun fair..and in Germany plak..but the fact that we managed to find it back was really awesome..Kebaikan orang german...hurm..

Muka cliché orang hilang wallet memang camtu..teringat zaman I hilang wallet dulu..tsk2..

So that was it...the Mind-Boggling Night...the best phrase of the night by Tony.."It is never boring to hang out with you guys"...haha..adventurous kan...Till the next post..Tschüss und mach's gut!!!


Hizami Rahim said...

oh my.
sian kwn u boley hilang wallet.
byk brg pulak tu.

Abir Abhar said...

rumah hantu tu tak best ke, orang tu tak berani masuk?

Gildarius Aldaris said...

And still I just can repeat it:

"It's never boring to hang out with you guys!" :)

I really really really am also thankful that we found Fizz lost wallet....

You all can count on me, another quote from me: "I can be your most loyal caretaker"

And to everybody: A new video raised my popularity, but the "huuuuuh?!" will keep in everybodie's minds! :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to abir:
Haha..berani senior dah masuk cakap it's not worth it..dah la 4 euro..kalau convert dah pengsan depan tu xyah jumpa hantu pown..hehe

to hizami:
tapi dah jumpa balik..alhamdullillah sangat..

to tony:
Hehe..yeah tony..that is absolutely right..

. said...



1. flattered to be sub-featured, hehe
2. you so do not know how I am THANKFUL to you, tony and rumitha! (in no particular order)
3. debaran kehilangan purse masih terasa =D


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Fizz:
Haha..teruja okeyh dapat comment nih..first official plak..we are always there if u need our help fizz..u dont have to mention..debaran tu i sampai skang masih ada...jadi phobia dah..terus letak wallet kat depan..

D'lla said... sweet Rumitha ada org bg usual cutiey :)
pengajaran crowded place ada penyeluk saku..fuhh

Wee Han said...

tp, u looked like you had fun! :D

Gildarius Aldaris said...

D'lla, don't tell me u also know the videos? lol

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to D'lla:
Betul2..tempat2 macam ni la kena extra cautious...

to wee han:
I really did..huhu..best2..and tomorow ada excursion plak ngan my german group..nak gi hiking..

to tony:
hurm...kann sein..

D'lla said...

what a small world..
gildarius is tony..haha..
last time i followed his blog.but lost somewhere i found it back..haha..thanks nabil :)
mcm jejak kasih lak

Gildarius Aldaris said...

really?? What a small world indeed!