Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Last days in Korea..

Okay, this will be the last post of the trips in Korea. It's finally coming to an end.
Howoe, all good things must come to an end kan?

Bajet menghitung hari letew...

During our last days in Korea, we managed to cover two exciting places which are the Gyeongbokgung palace and the KBS headquarters in Seoul. It was a great experience before ending our trip as we get to explore the places at our own pace and at the same time having fun photo shooting and fooling around especially with the  gadgets at KBS headquarters. Boleh la bajet bermaharajelela hidup seperti maharaja or bajet jadi tv presenter jap.. :p

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Korea

The name Gyeongbok means "Greatly Blessed by Heaven" and Gung means "Palace". The palace was originally established in 1934. However, it was later seriously damaged and abandoned for almost three centuries, I repeat three centuries until it got reconstructed in 1867. Today, we get to enjoy about 40% of the original palace buildings.

It was raining on the day when we visited this palace. So we spent more than half of the time there exploring the indoor museum and indulging a cup of cappuccino at the museum's cafe. :) But it was still interesting. You should visit the museum when you're here cuz you get to know more about the history of the palace. The outdoor buildings won't provide you with any descriptions so yeah..Kat luar nanti kita ambik2 gambar je..

Posing with the wallpaper of the indoor museum.

The map of the Gyeongbokgung palace

One of the attractions in the museum

It was still raining outside so we drop by at the Cafe for a cup of cappuccino.. :)

Oh and there was a classic car dapat la cuci mata kejap..

It was still drizzling..oh well..

Redah je pakai raincoat siap...

The interior of the temple at the Gyeongbokgung palace

I love the details on this building..colour dia pon sangat harmony...

Don't worry...I'll protect the princess with my invisible sword..Howoe..

Eh terfocus dinding plak...

There's a legend that if you go through this gate, you would never get old forever...xyah pakai botox, buat operation ke tidokkk...

Korea Broadcasting System (KBS)

KBS is the biggest South Korean television network. Founded in 1927, this network has a variety of channels namely KBS 1TV, KBS 2TV, KBS PRIME, KBS DRAMA, KBS JOY so on and so forth.
Oh and the famous channel from KBS that I think Malaysians are familar with would be KBS World. If you find that my cousin looks familiar, maybe you've seen her in a special program by KBS World entitled "World Date with Kim Beom". She was chosen to represent Malaysia in that show. :)

KBS building at Yeouido-dong, Seoul

Here you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones.. :)

Ada tempat bersantai jugak...
So pekerja dorunk kalau penat2 boleh makan angin jap kat sini..

So cuteee...These are the characters from KBS Kids...

In front of the main KBS building

Inside of the building, with the camera used for shooting..

Alahai chomeyl ada rombongan budak2 tadika datang sini..

I pon xnak kalah nak bajet chomeyl gak..

Nad. you cam dah kerja sini je pakai baju biru siap..hahaha

It's the blue room..haha sedap hati panggil blue room..
Anyways this is how they shoot for weather news or any special hosting programmes..

Tengok budak2 ni alahai chomeyl nyer masuk tv..

Eh nad pon nak gak..
Because she was wearing a dark blue t-shirt, so her top became invisible in the television due to the blue background. So kalau xnak jadi invisible jangan pakai dark blue clothing ye...

Amboi3...You run I run...Let's chase the sun..ehh..

Alo tomei tomei..rasa cam nak bawak balik je..

Bila lagi kan nak dapat chance camni..

Fefeeling tv presenter jap...

Rasa-rasa tv presenters ada x camwhoring moment camni.. ngeh2..

I think these are the faces of the presenters from KBS..

Eh Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby...

Eh 2 Days 1 Night stars pon ada...

It's time to fly back to Malaysia...huhu...

I had a wonderful time in Korea. I was there for about 8 days and managed to cover a number of interesting sightseeing places there. Some of the places that I'd love to visit again would be the shopping areas in Myeongdong, Namsan Tower, Jeju Island and Nami Island. These places create sweet memories and exciting experiences. I would definitely suggest them to you guys who are planning to go to Korea. I hope you guys enjoy my posts on this Korean trip and get some ideas on what to do and where to go when you're here.

Till the next post...
Daume ddo bayo!!!


sully86 said...

nabs: interesting. I like the blue room. Reminds me of the avatar movie

Anonymous said...

sgt2x interesting esp kat area istana tu ..terus t'igt cite2x history korea yg tgok kat tv..btw..if pg lg..nk ikot!!!! hehe

Zamri said...

Best nyer Nabil gi Korea. Sure syiok habis...!
Nway, 2 days 1 Night mmg terbaek... =)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Sully:
Haha..peminat setia avatar la ni..

to nazureen:
Haha..i xtaw la bila tahun plak nak gi..tunggu gi masa honeymoon

Anisa Anuar said...

bestnyeeeeee....okay...nnt nak pergi..

Anonymous said...

nabeyl..can you provide your budget there?including the entrance fees and etc. if u x remember it's okay =)

sitiezahim said...

bes bes...palace kt korea dgn china sepesen je..hehe

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Zamri:
Haha i x ikut pon series tu.. :p

to Anisa:
Haha plan trip betul2..boleh cover banyak tempat..

to anonymous:
I rasa better if u email i..lagi senang i nak reply..comment kang panjang sangat.. :p

to kak Hajar:
Haha adik-beradik dorunk tu..

Anonymous said...

nabeyl: kalo honeymoon,xnk ikot r...kang ad kn cincang dgn wifey u..haha

Jobless Girl said...

Korea is a nice place.

mizlynaibrahim said...

hye Nabil,im ur silent reader(not anymore)its could really cool if u make entry bout costing(air tix,package,food and drinks and all gedubuk gedebak cost)bcoz i really really love go there after Mecca ofcoz(i wish by next year).

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mizlynaibrahim:
Hee i was overbudget plak masa tu..haha..i think better kalau u email i..sebab nak tulis blog post pon i rasa cam x cukup bahan..hehe

mizlynaibrahim said...

do email thank you so much..=)

WanMuni said...

who wanna come to korea, contact me! i'll be your guide hehe *tompang iklan sebentar*