Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A week in Rotterdam!

Woot woot Rotterdam! 
It's Christmas holiday again! I still remember the time when I went to Rotterdam during Christmas with my bestie, Hanis two years ago. This time I went to Rotterdam again with another bestie, Fizz. We got a ten-day holiday for Christmas and new year and no plans. So we decided to spent the holidays with my uncle and aunt in Rotterdam. Why not, right? Lovely family members, great hospitality, a cozy and homey place to stay and not forgetting awesome food..I repeat awesome food!

It was great to meet and spend quality time with my uncle and aunt again. We did quite a number of things in this period of one week.We went around the city of Rotterdam, Delft and Den Haag, did "jalan-jalan cari makan" episodes, visited the neighbouring country, Belgium, and so much more! Stay tuned to enjoy the pictures taken along this wonderful 7-day trip...

24th Dec
The trip started with a lunch at a javanese surinamese restaurant, Rilah. 
Soto sedappppp!

Peyeh a.k.a Rempeyek terbaekkk in Rotterdam..The best one I've ever tasted. 
It's crispy and thin and simply delicious!

After that we went around the city and window shopped at the shopping complex in Rotterdam 

Came home and we got served with delicious soup, special sausages and cheesy nuggets... Dap dap!

Oh the view of Rotterdam from Ayah James' crib

25th Dec

Ayah James took us to Maasvlakte, a new beach located in Rotterdam.
Before this it was a sandbank and in 2013 the place will be completed for commercial use. :)

The view of modern windmills at Maasvlak in Rotterdam

Rambut terpacak tu menandakan angin kuat ye..

Ingredients for a raclette dinner...
Everyone is their own masterchef for the night!

Aunty Jolanda prepared baked cheese potatoes and salad. They were delicioussss!

Om nom nom nom!

26th Dec
Good morning from Jintan and Jay Jay...oh i miss them..

On this day we went to Antwerpen, Belgium. You guys can read about the trip on my previous post.
Click here. :)

Ina, Azizi, Faizal and Nazmi came to visit us in Rotterdam on their way back to Germany from Amsterdam.
We had dinner together.

Ayah James prepared kari kepala ikan, Fizz and I prepared chicken kurma and fried noodles.

Group pic of us together...Jay Jay yang tolong ambik gambar.. :p

Before going to bed, Fizz and I had this. Hurmmm nikmatnye....

27th Dec

Fizz and I decided to explore the city on our own. 
Kesian ayah James dah bawak berjalan sakan..So bagi dia rehat pulak.. We took the Metro to Beurs, Rotterdam.
We went to the tourist information centre for better ideas on where to go and what to do

Tertibe ada dragon plak..There was a chinese light festival going on in yeah..

The skyline of the Rotterdam city from Rijnhaven

We had dinner together just like a one big happy family....
What's for dinner?

We had konijn a.k.a rabbit...Erg Smakelijk!!!

28th Dec

We visited Steamship SS Rotterdam which is a former cruise ship of Holland America Line

After that, Ayah James took us to a park with a group of deer. We brought bread along to feed them.

Hee chomeyl...

Feeding a deer...Njam Njam..

This is Kralingen. Jalan2 melihat keindahan alam...

Oh kat sini pon a rumah minangkabau..It's a restaurant actually...

Later, we made our way to a shopping complex in Rotterdam. Beautiful decoration I must say...

Teatime at Hema cafe...

That evening, Aunty Jolanda and Ayah James took us to a famous seafood restaurant named Simonis in Scheveningen. 

Muka excited nak makan fresh seafood!

Oh mai look at those...

Rambang mata nak pilih mana satu...

I ended up eating lobster topped with cheese, Fizz had kibbeling, Aunty Jolanda took fish & chips and Ayah James had prawns with chips. Amagaddd they are to die for...Seriously deliciousssss!

The night view of Rotterdam lovely...

29th Dec

It's a beautiful day in Scheveningen...Nice weather, lovely beach... :)

Directly after that, we made our way to Royal Delft, a great place to see the world famous royal delft porcelains...

The garden at Royal Delft

It was a Saturday. That means there's a Saturday market!
You can find a lot of things at the Saturday market. 
Fresh food, factory-sealed food, phone accesories, antiques just to name a few.

Oh you get to enjoy super warm stroopwafel here too...mhmmmmm...

Because it was our last night in Rotterdam, Fizz and I decided to cook something nice for Ayah James and Aunty Jolanda. We prepared Scampi pasta and salad with honey mustard dressing... :)

30th Dec

While having a wonderful breakfast with cucur udang and maggi soup, we had a long chat with Ayah James.
It was exciting to hear ayah James' experience on how he made his way to Europe long time ago. Such an interesting adventure...

After that, Ayah James took us to buy some things to bring back home to Germany. We bought stroopwafels, mackerel fish, biscuits, cheese nuggets and so much more. 

We started the journey by having soto for lunch and we ended the journey by having the same thing. 
Heeee kat Germany mana nak jumpa ni...So enjoy la puas2...

Our train departed at 4 pm...
Tot ziens Rotterdam...
We'll meet again soon...

Till the next post... 
Tschüss und mach's gut!


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Salam Anak ku Nabil.
Alhamdulillah you have Ayah James in Rotterdam to provide you with all those wonderful hospitality.... great food... and a great holiday....!!
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