Monday, January 21, 2013

When it snows in Krefeld...

It was -5 outside. Still bearable compared to -12 that I've experienced before this. My housemate, Adam was very enthusiastic on going out and experience the snow in Krefeld. He wrote a status on Facebook asking us out to enjoy the snow and the rest is history.

So yesterday evening at about 3.30pm we headed out to Stadtpark Fischeln in Krefeld. The park which has an area of about 130 hectares is one of the biggest parks in Krefeld. It provides a beautiful scenery especially during autumn.

So we thought of exploring the park, leaving footprints as we walk, making snow angels and taking some photos in the snow. :)

The view of Stadtpark Fischeln

Darwin and Adam

Hee muka teruja lebih pulok...

Nak jugak buat snow angel rapat2 kan...
Bromance pulak housemates I ni.. :p

Jadi ke buat snow angel tu Bang Beyl?

Howoe..Kat Krefeld x tebal sangat snow turun...
So still nampak rumput skit.. :p

Bestnye tengok budak2 main luge sled ni...nak jugakkk!

Jalan2 ternampak tempat best nak buat photoshoot kannn..

Haha inspirasi daripada "the big bang theory" letew..

Terkeluar terus kanak-kanak ribena..

Sorunk2 nak ada gambar lompat kan..

Lompat bintang dalam snow.. :)

Lompat adam lompat...

Alahai chomeyl ada lighthouse tertibe...

Bajet winter sonata jap...ngeh2...

Like a bawse..

Singing in the snow ke Darwin? :p

It's snowing outside!
Go out and play. Don't ignore your inner child! :)
Plan any kind of activities with your family members and friends...
You've gotta keep those winter blues far far away.. :P

Till the next post...
Tschüss und mach's gut


Seneorita Baharin said...

wahh...rindu nak bermain dgn schnee! total geil und super schoen! ich hab' vermisse alle in Deutschland...huhu.

Che Kay said...

Yang gambar ala Winter Sonata tu memang aku tak tahan gelak kejap. Kalau mata Nabil sepet mesti sebijik la kan~ hehe

Muhammad Al-Afiq said...

bestnyer weyh dapat main salji..teringin nak sentuh salji.. T___T


pelik..x sejuk ke baring kat salji? o.O?

sitiezahim said...

betul, time ni mmg selamba jadi kanak2..hehe..nasib baik akak ada askar 2 ketul tu leh kaber2 akak..hihihi

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to seneorita Baharin:
Hee main tu best..tapi sejuk tu yang x tahan..

to Che Kay:
Hahaha..x bleh blah..

to Muhammad Al-Afiq:
Datanglah sini.. :)

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Ida:
Kalau pakai baju betul xde la rasa sejuk bila baring..hehe..lagipun baring kejap2 je.. :)

to Kak Hajar:
Hahahaha...betul3..boleh kaber main ngan anak kan..hehe

bai baizura said...

wah manyak syiok :D nice pic

kelipkelipchumel said...

beshnyaaaaaa..sila la bergumbira riang memain salji itu...

arabesque said...

i was doing research for my berlin trip when I stumbled on your blog and since then, i have been silently reading your posts.

i''m learning something new about your posts each time.
even though,
i don't understand an inkling on some of your phrases. ^0^
( english pls. )
but still, your photos are enough to keep us inspired. ^0^
keep it up. ^-^

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to bai:
Hee thanks..

to kelipkelipchumel:
Boleh bergembira kejap2 je..sejuk tu x tahan..

to arabesque:
Haha..thanks for supporting this blog..I feel so honoured..I've checked out your blog.. You got some really great photos there..nice work. Sorry about the captions in Malay. It's just that some things are best said in my mother tongue.. :P

Anonymous said...

snoowww! one day hopefully..