Monday, May 27, 2013

I mog di, München!!!

Yeay another tick on my "Places to visit in Germany" list.
I've been wanting to go to München a.k.a Munich for quite sometime and finally I got the chance to visit the largest city in Bavaria last week. Munich is one of the must visit cities in Germany along with Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Heidelberg. I'm pretty excited cuz I've covered all five well-known cities in Germany. However, it's not gonna stop there. There are a lot of other cities in Germany waiting to be explored.. :)

The journey to Munich started from Augsburg, the city where I was staying during my holidays last week. Ammar and I took a train to Munich which took us about 45 minutes to reach the central station.

Tips: Buy a Bayern-ticket when you're travelling in a group in Bavaria. It covers the whole region. The price for one person is 22 euros but if you travel with a friend or more friends, you only need to add 4 euros more per person. So the more people travelling with you, the lesser each of you have to pay.

I traveled with Ammar so I was kinda lucky to have someone who knows a lot about Munich. But don't worry if you're travelling alone cuz the self-guided tour from Trip Advisor really helps to plan your tour efficiently. We actually used this guided-tour to plan our journey better so that we wouldn't miss any highlights of Munich.

Tips : From the central station, take a train to Karlsplatz. You can also walk from the central station. It'll take you about 8 minutes.

Let's take a look at the pictures that we took in Munich. Pictures credit to Ammar and my samsung ex1. :)

Also known as Stachus is a central square in Munich.

One of the oldest streets in Munich and is famous among tourists as it connects Karlsplatz and Marienplatz

 Cathedral of Our Dear Lady. Kalau rajin boleh naik tower and get a nice view of Munich.

 Neues Rathaus
The new town hall is the highlight at Marienplatz. You can go inside the Town Hall, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the magnificent details of the building.

 Altes Rathaus
 Old Town Hall in Munich


Munich's largest market consisting about 140 stalls selling goods ranging from fruits and vegetables to meat and cheese.

Hard Rock Cafe and Hofbrauhaus
Hofbrauhaus is Munich's well-known beer hall and also one of the oldest.

Englischer Garten
English Garden is one of the world's largest urban parks.There are a lot of activities you can enjoy here such as picnicking, canoeing, cycling and so much more.

Chinesischer Turm 
Chinese Tour, the second largest beer garden in Munich.

 Okay xnak "kecik" lagi ke Pretzel ni..

Schloss und Park Nymphenburg

Stay tuned for more posts on my trip in Bavaria
Till then
Tschüss und mach's gut!


Teena Tna said...

I wish i can go there on one fine day, very interesting place to visit & feel jelous to see all of your pic..haha

Paklung Tony said...

Schick, ich hatte etwas langeweile wo ich in München war.... Aber schön, dass es dir gefällt :)

Lang nichts mehr von dir gehört. Viel Spass im Urlaub!


sitiezahim said...

tak jumpa laili ke nabil? hehehe

Nabil Aizat said...

to Teena:

to Tony:
Dankeschoen Tony..

to Kak Sitie:
Hehe x sempat jumpa pulak..sebab pergi sekejap je..

Adib Ali said...

"I mog di" is bayerisch for ich mag dich?

Nabil Aizat said...

to adib:
Exactly..that's the dialect in bayern..