Friday, May 24, 2013

What happened in Stuttgart?

Rentap!!! Yeah Rentap 2013...
That's the main reason why I went to Stuttgart with my friends last week. You can read more about rentap in my old post when it was held in NRW. Click here!

So yeah I did a road trip to Stuttgart together with Darwin, Lan and Adam. We arrived in Stuttgart early at about 11am. Even though we just had a long journey of 5 hours from Krefeld, we were not tired at all and went straight to Mercedes-Benz museum. I've recently posted about this. Click here..

After exploring the museum, we went to the bowling alley. Darwin, Anisah and I joined Rentap's bowling tournament. It was like last year when we played together under the name of OKK. Teruja dapat main sekali lagi kat rentap this time.

The pictures below will show the chronology of the events that took place in Stuttgart during rentap.. Enjoy! :)

Rentap Bowling Tournament

Anisah, Darwin and I (OKK)

With our awesome supporters : Rumitha, Adam and Lan

Finally I got the chance to meet Ku Ammar. 
Next post pasal trip I gi tempat dia plak.. :)

Dinner at Tiffany Thaistyle

The best place to enjoy asian food in Stuttgart!

Having a wonderful dinner...oh bulatnya..

Amagaaaddd...these are to die for...

Schlossplatz after sunset

 Fountain a.k.a Brunnen am Schlossplatz

The Mercury Pillar

 New Castle

 Oberer Schlossgarten


Opera House

Schlossplatz in the morning



Herzog Christoph von Württemberg. Bronze statue

Famous shopping street , Königstraße

Walter -Erich-Schaefer-Weg

Someone tried to be funny by putting soaps into the fountain.. :p



Oberer Schlossgarten

Meeting Hakim and Irfan



Rentap Closing Event

 Njam njam BBQ!

 Menjamu selera sambil2 penyampaian hadiah untuk tournament rentap..

Alhamdullillah we won first in the bowling tournament and I got best player that day. 
Tersepraised dan terujaaaa!

Till the next post
Tschüss und mach's gut!

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