Friday, March 6, 2009

Green misadventure of an unorthodox jog

Title nak gempak je kan...It is actually an inspiration from Zharin,as i was out of ideas on what to write for the title myself..the story line..hoho...lagilah kan..

Zharin initially planned to come back on thursday,but unfortunately there was no more bus available...Kesian..So he had to gamble on the next day to get a bus back here.Me, on the other hand,was studying all night to prepare myself for a chemistry exam I have to take on the next morning..konon burn the midnight oil la kan.

Got back from College at 11.30,went straight to the lobby to get together with my friends to finish our editing on the English documentary assignment.Boring...After the Friday prayer,my dad came to pick me up.Got home at about 4.Went straight online to chat with Zharin...We have planned earlier to meet up and catch a movie...but there was a change in plan as Zharin had an early curfew....Seconds-minutes-hours passed by, still we haven't decided where we wanted to meet up.

Suddenly, Zharin came up with this BRILLIANT idea to go jogging at Tasik Shah Alam.I immediately said YES..Haha..I am suffering from the "OMG,I'm getting fat" yeah..
Its actually a good thing that I'm gaining some weight but belly fat tidaklah sechomeyl yg disangka...howoe...Morever, the two of us have not been jogging for quite some time.So, idea itu sngtla bernas..

Exhausted with panda-tired eye bags due to not getting enuff sleep, I made my way enthusiastically to Shah Alam to pick
up Zharin .Yay..x sesat..Sangat Bangge..

I semangat geela pakai baju hijau...konon nature kan..jogging with a green shirt on...sngt sehat kot...Turn out to be, Zharin was thinking of the same theme...GREEN...hoho...lawak..boria kejup..

Instead of going to Tasik Shah Alam,we just passed by that place and decided to go somewhere else in exchange, SACC MALL.As if like we're gonna jog in the mall kan...We changed the venue because that place was packed with people and Zharin was wearing a pair of boardshorts, maloe la konon kan...Macam SACC MALL tu SIKIT SNGT org kan....

We did what teenagers do best...LOITERING and LINGERING...Owh and Zharin was finding ankle boots for his model...very interesting...Sadly he didn't find any...So xper...Cam whoring was our next big thing on the list "Mari bergembira di SACC MALL"...Enjoy the photos!

Terasa tinggi sebentar..

Optical illusion...or was it just him being lithe's not me..I am yu..He is hour plak..

Boxing vs Eye-poking...

Aper peace2 nie...Meow...


Bila Larut Malam...tarakucha...tarakucha


Bler dah terer posing...

Bapa saya bukan bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang buat rombongan pergi London itu.
Barangkali lelaki di dalam poster ini...

Lelaki x dikenali...howoe


RyZ4L said...

haha...nice :D

PHEEZ said...

hehehe terer giler kawan u pose tu..hehehe anyway baju u teww i ada..simpan dlm closet i heheheh

u p jogging ker??? awat pakai jeans??? heheh sempat balik umh ekk?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to ryzal

to pheez
haha..ada gak..chomeyl kot kaler tu..x gi jogging...i ada physic power..dah taw xkan gi pki la jeans terus..konon kan..

Macham Iz Punye said...

mana lah gay gay semua tak terpanggil nak bergay dgn kau. banner blog DAH LAH WEH.

heretic preacher said...

wey korang gi lepak kat information booth la... senang aku nak tanye jalan lagi nanti muahahaha

zerronemo said...

why posted gamba kat elevator tuh!!
nabil it was ur fault kte x pegi jog.
sape suh pakai jeans!
i dont care bout wearing those shorts...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To heretic preacher:
gedik kan...bukan orang shah alam pown..zharin tu budak shah

to zerronemo:
eh gambar kat elevator paling menarik..eleh xnak ngaku it's ur fault..konon je..i sker kot pakai jeans..tutup aurat..humma2

HanHan said...

hahahaa your pictures are hilarious!!! And since when going to jog require you to go to a mall.. ???? hahahahhhaah!!!!

Nice to see you having so much fun, Nabyl!

Anyway, break a leg(good luck) with your exams! :D

Take care!

TSYA'Z (~_^) said...

haha cumel suar member awk
sweet gitu...hehe