Sunday, March 1, 2009

OMG lets learn...vol 2


It has been ages since the first time i published "OMG lets learn"....sorry...especially to those of you who are extremely eager to learn German...hehe..konon kan..
For those who have not read my first post on this HERE...
Sesape nak refreshkan mind korunk dialu-alukan...

Okie..this time I would like to teach you guys on the phrases that we can use when meeting people and how to ask simple questions in German...

But before anything,you should learn the essential phrases in German...

English Deutsch

Yes Ja (Pronounced as Yaa)
No Nein
Maybe Vielleicht
Thanks Danke!
Thank You very much! Danke schön/Danke sehr!
Excuse me Entschuldigung
Please Bitte
Pardon Wie bitte?
Help Hilfe
I don't understand Ich verstehe nicht
Do you speak English Sprechen Sie Englisch?
What does (this) mean? Was bedeutet (das)?
Could you please repeat that? Könnten Sie das bitte wiederholen?

Meeting People and Introducing Yourself

How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen?(Formal) / Wie geht es dir?(Informal)
I am very well Sehr gut, danke.
Not so good Nicht so gut
Just okay Es geht/So la la
I'm doing well/not doin well Es geht mir gut/Es geht mir schlecht!
Nice to meet you Freut mich, Sie kennenzulernen / Freut mich, Sie zu sehen
Pleased to meet you Sehr Angenehm
What is your name? Wie heißen Sie?
My name is Nabil Ich heiße Nabil/Mein Name ist Nabil
I am Nabil Ich bin Nabil
How old are you? Wie alt sind Sie?
I am 18 years old Ich bin 18 Jahre alt (Numbers will be taught in the next post inshaallah)
Where are you from? Woher kommen Sie?
I am from Malaysia Ich komme aus Malaysia
What is your telephone number? Wie ist Ihre Telefonnummer?
What is you email address? Wie ist Ihre E-mail-Adresse?

That should be enough for the day.....Viel Glück!(Good Luck)

Erst gehen,dann laufen(Before you run,you must learn to walk)

Till the next post....Bis bald!!!


RyZ4L said...

aghh..lidah i kelu membaca nye..
haha..terseliuh lidah..huhu!!
mesti sexy if Malaysia ppl speaks german...drroooll sekejap.
tibe je:p

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

To ryzal la sngt kan..kalau french lain ar..german kasar skit..x sexy...hawt jer..terlebey sudah..

emira said...

im malaysian.i speak im sexy la eh?hak3

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Emira: ke...jgn la..maloe la i tertibe plak...

emira said...

........(bin sprachlos)

Mya Zulkifli said...

ahaaha!!! non capisco! mi dispiace. LOL. french is hell sexayyy!

diLa said...

hahaha..*juri pemerhati..;p*

Shaira Amira said...

jerman jerman ni buat aku igt movie austin powers

nadiah norzemi said...

sehr gut!
bukak class to learn Deutsch.
such an interesting language actually.
viel gluck!

-frau nadiah-

cik erin said...

Ich heiße Eyzrine.
Ich bin 16 Jahre alt.

Freut mich, Sie zu sehen Nabil!

*hahah sgt berani-berani-ayam ok:D