Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have you read TODAY's newspaper?

TODAY as in Malaysian Today newspaper...not today's newspaper..haha..
Front page news!!!
"OH NO" Mum's On Facebook Too..but in my case...Dad's On Facebook too...and Blogspot...and Myspace...and Multiply..and...Flickr...i kinda lost track of how many websites he has registered himself into..

Caution: Parents on Facebook!!!'s kinda funny when your parents are also into this kind of stuff...bizarre...but interesting..i mean it's kinda fun to have a cool Dad who is tech-savvy,enthusiastic to learn and get himself busy with new things.Rather than him just sitting at home doing nothing, better he occupies his free time doing something beneficial,right.....Moreover,you'll get to keep in touch with ur family members easier with the help from facebook.Menarik sangat...

However, problems will arise when your family suddenly commented on your latest personality quiz result that says " Tempat yang sesuai untuk anda berasmaradana..the result was
-Anda suka membuat kejutan pada pasangan anda, maka.... Tempat Yang Sesuai Untuk Anda Berasmaradana bersama pasangan anda adalah di Atas Sofa.. mungkin semasa sedang menonton TV hehehe ...

The quiz i took...hoho...lawak....

I love to take quizzes...they are just for fun btw...I bet my parents would understand...just that sometimes i would freak out if suddenly my dad commented on the quizzes i took,mind you "Intriguing,Exciting,Interesting quizzes"...Haha...Don't really care though...I noe some might get panic on the prospect of parents "invading" their social network and privacy....Well,i would agree to that..haha..Our anxiety about parents and relatives adding us as friends would be understandable.The easiest way to get out of this is to ignore our parent's and relatives' request,but but if we ignore their request,it would only incite their suspicion that we have something to hide...hurm...So now...i've learn my mistake...never publish applications that would freak out my family members.konon kan...

The upfront news inside is much more interesting...They mention that facebook might be fun but be careful not to be an entirely "open book" or you could face the music via a painful reality check.Some of us might not realize that when we press the allow button to install an application,we are actually allowing the developers to have access to all our personal data and might use the information for personal gain...howoe..

Personal datas such as:
1. name
2. profile pics
3. gender
4. birthday
5. hometown location
6. current location
7. email address
8. activities and interest
9. relationship status and interests
10. summer plans
11. Your user network affiliations
12. education and work history
13. political views

Haha...bnyk gak kan...I noe most people would answer " SO WHAT? ".i would so what...i'm still a rockstar...i got my rock moves..and i don't need you..owh carried away..

But it is a big deal though,realizing that u have handed over ur particulars which might seem unimportant but this trivial information may get u into trouble as a victim of identity theft...scary huh?

But..but..i love face-booking...It is an exciting way for most of us to stay in touch with our old see the changes in their life..from having flawless face to ehem2 face(haha x sedar diri nak ckp org..dia pown 2 kali 5)...from studying in graduating with a bachelor degree...from the time your friends were still wearing their school uniform to the time they wear anything they can find in the yeah...facebook does have its a lot of them...
The best part about facebook is that we can directly chat with our friends...this is totally awesome when you compare it to friendster and kudos to facebook!!!

Back to the identity theft again.To protect urself from this issue,u can try to put the setting on ur facebook to private.This will restrict certain people,strangers, from accessing ur profile, or other details about you such as pictures,videos,applications just to name a few.

Thanx...that'll be all for today...till next time on "Have you read TODAY's newspaper"...I am Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman....reporting from TV Humma2...


KaY FaiZaL said...

hahaha memang lawak masa pak hang komen! nak gelak guling2 bila aku baca. tak sangka no pak hang pon aktif online! hihi ok la tu pantau anak2.

p/s: ish tapi tak syok juga. tak leh nak merapu sakan. huhu

KaY FaiZaL said...

tambah lagi satu, HIDUP MUKABUKU! i like!

mel. said...

it would be weird for me if my parents reads any of my internet profiles.

but in ur case, gile x le blah.

Shikin Hambali said...

hahah same here man... but generally for everyone, if you find that what your posting might be offensive to the family who are in your friends list, you can block them out, or anyone in that matter. there are amAAAAzingly many options and ways of blocking a person or a particular group (that btw you could create groups/seggregations from your friends list) from being able of viewing it/them. hahahha aku tau la da buat mah... WEYH byk nye aku bebel!
good post dude.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to kay:
Kan2...nak gak guling2...terover sudey..Facebook rawks!!

to mel:
I noe rite...

to shikin:
Thanx for the tips...mmg sngt experienced ye kamoe.

athnfthn said...

hahaha, comel je uncle rahman. tapi part yang tech-savvy ni mula-mula macam suka lah kan tengok mak aku pandai main myspace,friendster semua. tapi dah lama-lama macam annoyed juga. *tak dapat terima mak lagi cool haha* ya Allah kau kena baca blog diaaa. kalah aku.(sorry mi, kalau umi tersinggung)

illmie rozlan said...

haha...aku pun menghadapi benda sama...sampai segan silu nk membuat quiz yg pelik2...haha

RyZ4L said...

slambe sudah!
my dad opis on9 24-7..
luckily die x gune pon..
pekerja die je..
haha..f/book rawk jugak :D
mspes n fster dah bersarang kot~

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to tyn:
Haha...kan2...kang terlebey tech-savvy pown bahaya...nak add blog mak kaw...

to illmie:
Kan...tersipoe-sipoe maloe plak..

to ryz4l:
Haha...lawak..nasib u dad x guna..kalau x...hehe..facebook mmg rawks kot

mud said...

kalau parents aku buat account
aku delete terus profile aku

hng tak pa la parents sportin
maunya depa beletiaq kt aku dlm facebook tu, malu la sayah

Jack said...

i hv a facebook profile belongs to a mom. and she is mom of a fren of mine. it is quite fun actually to find some "adult" really enjoy this kind of stuff... and guess what.. age is just a number~~~

shazone said...

Wah kinda afraid when 0ur parent invading in 0ur social network. Plus all da ridiculous quizzes result

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mud:
haha...extreme tul nak terus delete profile...nasib bapak understanding..gitoe lor..

to jack:
exactly..age is just a number...seriously it's fun to see my dad actually enjoy facebooking and all the other networking websites..At least he's using his free time wisely,right..

to Shazone:
I was kinda afraid at kot..those crazy quizzes...some should just stay as it is..and not be published...bahaya...haha

syahidahariff said...

if my parents ade facebook maybe i akan sangat berjaga-jaga kot :)
you know lah lagi2 kat fb tu skang mcm2 quizes..result kadang2 bukan2..quizes tu once dah buat satu macam nak buat lagi kan..hehe (:

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to syahidahariff:
haha..kan..agak la bahaya...quizzes tu mmg addictive...

pak su man said...

Thanks anak2 ku for the open-heart- surgery comments. I am more of a friend to anak ku Nabeyl.Dont worry ler, I will not censor anything, becos those are facts of life topics...and I am glad that you are candid with the contents in your blog. To me, have fun with words n quizzs n harm done. I am the new breed of parents...muahaha..!! Anak ku Nabeyl, u have grown up to be matured, responsible and fun...I am glad that I can share your platform of tots as well as interest. I may from time to time guide u with my comments but the contents will always remain yours. I have always enjoyed reading your blogs, and will continuer to do so...hikhikhik...hehehehe...

Jack said...

see..the content is urs...dun't b afraid of ur post cause he will guide u from time to time... just try to avoid sensitive matters.... u should post something for fathers day as token of appreciation ;)