Thursday, May 7, 2009

OUR CLUB SUMMER CAMP 2009 besh jer bler dgr Summer Camp...teruja skit arh...However,I have to admit that I was reluctant at first to participate in this camp due to the amount of money that i would have to fork out and the thought of doing something else during the date(My friends are coming back from their respective i thought of going out with them).Also I thought it would be a lame and boring summer camp..oh boy how i was wrong...Sangat Besh kot Summer Camp nie...I repeat Sangat Besh kot Summer Camp nie!!Haha...annoying dah.

Day 1
2.30 pm : Depart from KBU International College
3.30 pm : Summer Camp interaction
-Introduce oneself, say what u r expecting from this camp and sing a song..I sang a german song titled ich bin ich ( I am myself) with Rumitha...
5.30 pm : Teambuilding Activity
-Firstly we are numbered from 1 to 10.Same number goes to the same team.I was the number 10 and we sat in a group of 9 people.Suddenly they said "That is not your group.U'll receive ur file with a song title on it.Hum that song in order to find ur own team members..Haha..that was a boisterous moment for us..Such a chaos!!
6.30 pm : Dinner
7.15 pm : Prayer, free and leisure time
8.30 pm : Blind Nite
- For this activity,we have to be blindfolded and tag along in a team and move by following the leader's voice...kinda lame actually as we have to move like a duck,jump on one foot and protect a jelly from being squashed.But it was a challenge for us as it was raining heavily that time..All of us were soaked wet.Dah la pakai baju kot..haha..
9.15 pm : Splish Splash Splosh
-We went swimming in the man-made pool with fresh stream water coming down from the fresh,cool, icy,frosty,cold,freeze,chill was that!!!Gedik kan nak bagi semua synonyms.First time ever Nabeyl goes swimming in the middle of the night.Nikmat Terasa!!Although i was shivering for most of the time,the experience was incredible and definitely unforgettable.
11.30 pm : Supper
- We went down to the cafe located next to the swimming pool to have our supper.Ice Kacang and Special Beef Burger.Geela x makan ABC malam2...mmg kot..haha..Hang out at the cafe until its nearly 2 in the morning.We played cards,watched a movie and just simply chit-chatted,strengthening our friendship bond with each other...

In the bus sitting next to Rumitha...dia paksa sebab nak habiskan my food..Haha sabar Rumitha

just arrived...

With the banner " Summer Camp 2009"

Boria je semua...Tempat makan breakfast,lunch,tea time and dinner

Rombongan Cik Kiah

That's the toilet(Front)..My dorm(Back)-12 Person per room

Humming time...jingle bell...jingle bell

Free time...sitting by the pool

Rumitha kaw annoying nak pose sama gak kan...

Goh and I

Hazman(Dorm-mate...flying fox mate...obstacles-mate)

Blind Nite...

See that guy in white(same row with the girl) That's me!!

Swimming at nite...whoa...nikmat terasa...

Day 2
6.00 am : Prayer
7.30 am : Exercise and Aerobic
8.00 am : Breakfast
8.15 am : Jungle Trekking
-We went jungle trekking for almost 2 hours...It was seriously tiring but satisfying as we get to explore the whole jungle,from going up the hill,to going down the hill,from jumping on the rock,to balancing ourselves on a very big log...wah macam pantun plak..
11.30 am : Splish Splash Splosh once again.
12.30 pm : Lunch & Free time
2.00 pm : Wassup Aussie/Germany
-This is conducted by En Nor Fazry (Senior who furthered his studies in Australia and now is working with Petronas.Even though the senior focused more to those students going to Australia,the German-bounded students did manage to pick up some important information such as choices of studies and his working experience as an engineer.
3.30 pm : English Slot
We played charades,"Guess the idioms,sayings and proverb"..might sound boring..but it was kinda fun though..
4.30 pm : Hanging Bridge
5.30 pm : Free & Easy
6.30 pm : Dinner BBQ
7.15 pm : Maghrib Prayer
8.30 pm : A Night to Remember/Camp Fire fire tu tipoe la kan..xde api pown...A nite to remember seriously live up to its name...That night will etched in my mind forever and ever...A night to be cherished and treasured.All teams were given 1 hour to prepare their performance,be it acting,dancing,singing or wuteva as they like.My team came up with the idea of doing a "Malaysian Idol" kind of act...whereby we can act and at the same time sing and dance...haha..We have four participants( duo and single).The first contestant was Po Hui (She was really good in acting out as an obnoxious girl who thought she's the best dancer in the world but in reality she's not).2nd- A sweet performance,full of romantic moments by Aizat and Izat...they performed a song from high school musical..haha..classic.3rd-A performance by Zhafran and Haniff-They sang and danced along the song Jai Ho(OST Slumberdog Millionaire).Omg...seriously it was freaking funny...With the erotic face expression..jumping...pole dancing..rolling on the floor...haha...Last but not least...A funny performance by the one and only Nabeyl...Haha..I had to perform as a sissy guy singing a song by Katy Perry, hot and cold.I came into the room,strutting my catwalk,producing an alluring swagger.Haha..over kan..My lines were "Hye u guys...My name is Sally...S..I..L..L..Y...Opss..W.U.T.E.V.A lah"(Ngan tangan yg annoying cam nak kena penampar tersungkur jer)Haha..nie paling lawak kot..I danced like there's no tomorrow...I even seduced the judges and pulled them to dance with me..What a performance!!!After that,everyone called me Sally which is seriously annoying...but oh well.wut can i do.Everyone did their best that nite...I just can't stop laughing as i recall those great moments...hurm..Memories...

Aerobic...the next activity was jungle trekking..sorry xde gambar..takot terambik benda lain plak..

After jungle trekking...exhausted...Kaputt

Gambar candid yg tua...

Gambar x kandid...tapi tetap tua

Wassup Aussie & Germany by Senior Nor Zafry

Game time...

Waiting to cross the Hanging Bridge

Serang!!!Kesian Mr Al...but wut the heck right..once in a lifetime..

Matilda and I

Sally...S.I.L.L.Y...W.U.T.E.V.A ngan tangan tu penting...omg..maloe gler letak gambar nie..

Day 3
6.00 am : Prayer
7.35 am : Breakfast
8.15 am : Obstacles & Forest Exploration
-We had to go up and down hills again to do the obstacles as the place is located inside the jungle...kinda cool...You would need to have lots of stamina to perform the obstacles.Some were easy while others were very challenging...
9.30 am : Flying Fox
Sangat best kot..but...the waiting line was like so freaking long...i think one pair required about 5 mins..imagine having more than 50 pairs..berjam2 la tunggu..
12.00 pm : Tea time
12.15 pm : Explorace
-What an experience!!!I was chosen to be the team leader..hehe..bangga skit...
-We had to run up and down,right to left...
-Drink tea containing salt and coconut,sew a shirt,
-Cook and decorate a murtabak and have to finish all of it,
-Eat 10 stalks of red chillies,the best part was we were provided with only one cup of mineral water per team.I repeat per team of 7 participants...omg..i ate two chillies though..haha..berjasa..
-Analyze and solve codes and clues
-Blindfolded and having to put our hand into a pandora box containing god knows wut to get the next clue...yucky stuff!!!
-Jump into the swimming pool to look for balloons containing the last clue...
-You're a winner...Yay..we got third out of 10 teams..okay la kan..Alhamdullillah..
To celebrate,the whole team jumped into the swimming pool..that was tremendous fun!!!
2.15 pm : Lunch
3.00 pm : Prize giving ceremony
3.30 pm : Return back to KBU

Obstacles...gaya gymnast skit arh..

While waiting for our turn to do the flying fox

Bajet chomeyl je kan..tengah tahan gelak sebenarnyer...semua tgk bler nak cam-whore skit..

Lama kan nak tunggu..jom bercam-whore kejup

Maaf gambar ini terpaksa dicensored atas sebab2 tertentu..Muka tahap tua maksima..

Cooking time during the explorace..tu la rommate saya...Zhafran a.k.a Collela

Eating time...gelojoh je muka nak menang..

Team Jingle Bell- No 3...

3rd prize

Thanx to Imran,our own photographer, for those cool pictures he took...


mel. said...

hi cik sally!

sumpah xble blah!
i can imagined kut! haha.

seems u had a lot of fun ey.


a t i q a h said...

S A L L Y shexy

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mel:
Haha...aperkah..saper dier..x kenal..ceh bajet ada double personality jer kan..

to Atiqah:
Sally wuteva shexy skit arh...u buat trademark i popular la atiqah..maloe plak..

mud said...

s a l l y serious best
gmbaq-gmbaq poun best
yg paling best

w u t e v e r

Makaroni said...

T_T... sobsobssss...
terharu giler ko crdtkan gambar tuh kepada aku....
tpi asl letak gambar aku?
malu giler ko tau?

Abir Abhar said...

hi silly sally...

nampak mcm best giler..

kau scholar petronas ke?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to mud:
haha...smpi bler la korunk nak panggil aku sally kan...adoi..wuteva tu mmg penting..Skali lagi..W.U.T.E.V.A...

to makaroni:
Eh cun pergh gambar last i am rockstar betul plak..rambut kaw buat aku jeles jer..thanx again for the pictures..really appreciate your hardwork..

to abir:
Haha..dah sorunk terinfluence ngan budak2 college gwe.mmg best gler..hehe..x.under jpa scholarship..

Hanis Zalikha said...


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to hanis:
haha tu ar..daring la sngt..nyesal pown ada buat camtu..skang semua dah sker panggil sally..adoi.

zerronemo said...

sally meets dominos

Shikin Hambali said...

wahahaha sally? adoi~ mesti mlm burung hantu ke apekejadah tu ade cite hantu yang sangat best kan?

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to zerronemo:
Kuang hajak no....mung nih!

to shikin:
Unfortunately this camp xde burung hantu...untuk bagi kitorunk relax from the stress of Ausmat program kitorunk buat aktiviti biasa je..hehe..

RyZ4L said...

Bagus la Kalo u happy~~
Camp cmnie pon at 1st i think it was boring..when u start to get to know ppl and all that..things turn out just pretty gewd!!:D

Anonymous said...

hahaah...mmg kau meletops nabil oi!!kelas sgt acting!
Trus tercampak!

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

to Ryz4l:
Sngt betul katamu itu...hehe...

to Mr Al:
Wah...baca gak my blog..hehe..maloe dah...konon je terer berlakon kan..skang nyesal dah babak sally tu...adoi..